Sunday, 28 September 2014


YES ! That's right ! Today I am trapped and am only able to write this using Paul's iPad ! Why ? Because number two daughter Lindsey she with the degree in Art wanted to paint a portrait in oil!

Paul immediately said he needed to go cut down some roses! The traitor! Mind you I have managed to leave him sitting as her model when she wanted to do some drawings, so I suppose it's only fair that it's my turn!

I was hoping that she'd paint me without a few of the pounds that have decided over the year to sit on my face and also about thirty years younger ! But NO she wants me NOW ! Crinkles wrinkles saggy chops and all! Did I raise this ungrateful child? She takes after her dad! Well really she takes after me ! I as her mother claim all talent and skills and any bad bits belong to her father.

So I am-trapped here while she paints me, I had the clever idea of looking down, so that I could read or use this iPad while she works or I would have started moaning and complaining after the first ten minutes!

I have been unable to return the call from the national portrait galley in London! Plus her Majesty been contantly ringing with advice!! Where would I find an ermine cloak this late in the day!!

So despite my need to do a blog,tidy up and various other things I am being a good mother and sitting here, I am also not allowed to talk to her ! She's concentrating! So not even any conversation!! I wonder if she can paint me with a phone to my ear??
This iPad weights a tun when you have to hold it with one hand while typing!!

Paul's also vanished into the deepest part of the garden to clear some space in the raised border for his grasses! So no chance of a chat there! Just me ,the radio and a daughter that keeps sighing! I do understand it must be very hard to capture the beauty of such a face on canvas but hey! Someone's got to try!!

Have just read this to Paul who popped back and was given the LOOK by the artist.and after I had earlier Been discussing space for her ,with Paul , to have a studio area in the gazebo when we have filled it in!

Well it,s only about Four weeks until the Chat n Snap! Where has the time gone! Are we ready with the display.  Of course............not! That will all start becoming a mad rush over the next few weeks it appears that we like to have a close deadline in this family!!

I had considered trying to re root Ashlyn while sitting here but the would involve to much movement so that's having to wait another day.
At least there is a nice breeze coming through the French doors to the kitchen where we are working!

I get to have a break in about another hour! Before sitting again this afternoon!

So let's talk Sasha! After all this is a Sasha blog! What's going on? Why are all these lovely Sasha's appearing for sale? So tempting! It can be hard to resist ! But you just have to! I see some of the late seventies dolls appearing but despite the cheap prices I do not buy as it's not a bargain if you did not need it or it's not in the group you are collecting! Thank goodness I have moved on from buying because it was such a cheap for sasha price.
Unfortunately I cannot say the same for props! But hey I have to have some vice! Plans are coming along for reroofing  the workshop but first we need to get the CnS out the way , then one nice dry weekend and we will remove the old roof completely and replace it wood  boards and felt.
Then we will be able to clear out my side and I can start moving some of the bigger items down there ready for next year when it starts to warm up and I can set up the different areas to use for my posts.
Then I will be able to get out all the items I have gathered over the past few years for this purpose.

Well I think I'll finish here my hands starting to ache from holding this iPad and no doubt you are all thinking don't she go on!!

Will put a photo on later to make up for it, that's if I managed to escape......



  1. Rather thinking that you have the better deal today than me as I'm in the garage trying to find and sort out some things for the annual table top sale next Saturday!

    Not doing at all well as came across some of my old school reports (when the teachers told it as it was and in what actual position you came in each exam .....without all this positive thinking that has to be nowadays!!!) slightly crestfallen to say the least ! Rather like a yo-yo, being up in the top five for some subjects but in the bottom five for others!

    Then to top it all I discovered some old photos of me in my twenties and early thirties and immediately noticed....well couldn't fail not too.... (especially in the ones that an 'older' favourite boyfriend took) how much thinner I used to be.... not to mention the 'fuller' lips and how much more plentiful and thicker my hair was!!!

    On a brighter note I did come across two Sasha leaflets nos 3 and 5 and an additional suppliment no 18.... though smelling a little of garage storage!

    I too, have been wondering where all these Frido dolls are coming from! Even more maddening when I'm meant to be downsizing the numbers and NOT even looking and certainly NOT buying. It's just NOT fair! Why have they waited until now!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished oil portrait which I'm hoping will be the promised later photo!

    1. I would have easily swapped with you Kendal! Sitting still is very hard unless there's a good book or computer in front of me!!
      How lovely to have discovered some old treasured reports and photo's. I love looking at old photo's , it so strange how you forget the memory until a photo prompts you.

      The painting will take a while longer yet and then I will have to get permission to show it from the artist!!

  2. I hope you're not modelling in the nude, not with those French windows open and all....wouldn't like you to catch your death sitting there for hours on end, displaying all your wares! ;) I'm sure that the portrait will be beautiful though and I'm also sure that Lindsey will put apples and things in just the right places to spare your blushes!
    And if she does add wrinkles....well you can always touch them up yourself with a couple of flesh coloured marker pens afterwards, I'm sure she'll not mind! ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Although I have the body of a cherub! I am not one to flaunt my wares for any old person to see! I could not afford the claims for compensation !! And alas I feel it would be more pumpkins than apples that would be needed to spare my blushes and not because I have been well endowered up top!!!!
      I will ignore any wrinkles she may add I would not dare change anything, these artists can be very volatile !1
      Hugs Dee xx

    2. LOL, well I suppose pumpkins are quite 'seasonal' at the moment! ;)

  3. Dee, what a great Mom you are to model for your daughter. I would love to see your portrait some day. Lindsey must be very talented :) xxx

    1. It's what we Mum's do!! You get to see it in a few weeks if the artists and the artists model agree! :)xxx