Sunday, 22 March 2015


Gingham's Lovely
Gingham's Cool
Gingham's hip
and worn to school!

We love Gingham
Red, Navy and Blue
Yellow, lilac, Green
and Purple too!

Not just us
Sasha M did too
But she always stuck
to just plain blue!

So in the Village
Soon to be
Girls in Gingham
One, two three!

Here's the start
They'll be more to come
We're just waiting on
The funds from Mum !

Darcy is wearing the Plum/purple

Darcy is joined by Ginny , who is wearing the Grey.Both in Jj shoes

Martha's arrived and she's wearing the lilac also with Jean Jensen shoes.

Now Caitlin joins wearing the Emerald Green and Rosie Bloom sandals .

Now Ashley is in the centre in yellow with leather boots by Lisa Hartley, Ashley always looks good in yellow.

Now Paige as swapped with Ashley, Paige is wearing Apple Green with green suede boots by Lisa H.

Another look at the red heads in their Gingham dresses.

Ashley's back to add that zing of yellow to the mix.

I love these colours and I think they look very spring like with the greens for the new shoots, the lilac and plum for the crocus and the yellow for the Daffodil's with the grey for those  days that still fight to keep winter in charge.

Paige and Ashley are wearing boots with their dresses to show that the days can still be cold and chilly even though Spring is fighting her way in.

A closer look at the girls.

If I remove the backdrop , you can see Sapphire is still waiting for her dress.

Martha and Darcy wearing the lilac and plum .

Caitlin joins them while waiting for things to get moving.

Paige decides to sit with Edward while mum sorts things out!.

Back at the end of last year I decided that I would ask Ginny of  A passion for Sasha, if she would make me some dresses in different colours of her gingham fabric as I wanted to dress all the girls in gingham for this years Village Trend. So starting last month Ginny's been making me a couple of dresses from the range of colours I requested.
Naturally there are still quite a few to come, Red, Navy, Pink, Turquoise to name but a few, so hopefully by mid summer all the girls will be wearing Gingham! I may even buy an Orange one.......I may not.....
I still need to decide how to finish off the look but lots of time left for that!

Have a lovely Sunday



  1. You all look great, girls!

    1. Thanks Jen, I do like Gingham and Colour :)xx

  2. Gosh! Yet another 'well-kept-secret-behind-the-scenes-happening' taking place at the Sasha Village!
    Loved the opening poem. Was only thinking the other day about the recent lack of my favourite blogpost stories and poems here. Were you eves-dropping into my thoughts then?

    (I'm thinking that you might like to alter the word 'always' to 'mainly' as Sasha Morgenthaler did use other coloured Ginghams such as red, brown, two colours which immediately spring to mind!

    1. Well we cannot tell everything or there would be no surprises!! :)
      I think I will say it's Poetic Licence and leave as is for the poem. We have such a lovely range of coloured gingham's now and by now everyone should know that I do love Colour ! so felt this would be a great trend for this year in the Village.:)

  3. ... watch out or the boys will be demanding gingham shirts and/or shorts!

  4. I am also a big fan of gingham...but a BIGGER fan of DENIM!
    Girls all look fab in their new frocks have done them proud!!

    1. Denim is good but Gingham comes in more colours :)

    2. Not so....don't forget COLOURED DENIM ..:)

    3. Simples! Light blue, mid blue, stonewashed blue , dark blue and black do NOT a colour range make!! :) They is all BLUE!! :)

    4. I own several pairs of coloured jeans ...pale pink, lilac, red, jade ....jeans are no longer just BLUE ....:)

  5. I love gingham and checks too, they always look so bright and fresh looking and are prefect for spring. I have some ginghams here and only a couple of days ago I made a gingham shirt for Teddy.....although it is actually his new school uniform at the International Kindergarten he'll be starting very soon.....sadly he wasn't able to get into the Spanish version of the Mossy School, which is the Ignacio Bear school, it was already full......
    So maybe little Teddy is already On Trend for the village, maybe that'll cheer him up after not being able to get into his first choice of kindergarten.

    1. Checks is good too! :) Sounds like Teddy id on trend already with his gingham shirt for his nursery school. Such a shame he missed out on the Spanish Ignacio bear school but I am sure his new school will be lovely :)xxx

  6. Lovely and fresh looking is gingham :) you look great girls x

    1. Thanks Louise , luckily the girls all love gingham too! :)x

  7. Gingham's a lovely, classic pattern! <3 Tee-hee, I had a dress just like that when I was a toddler. It was even Sasha-blue. :) Your girls look beautiful, and very ready for spring!