Friday, 13 March 2015


Now I don't know if you know this but I LOVE the 1968 Sasha and Gregor dolls :) Obviously in the beginning of my slip down the Sasha slope into the poor house and doll obsession , I was unaware of what was what and it's only over the years from then till now, that I have gained some tiny knowledge and also worked out what dolls appeal to me.

The one's I love may be ones that someone else would not give house room to and that's what is so fascinating about these dolls, we all look at them through our different eyes and see different likes or dislikes.

So some people will find the NP's the ultimate goal for their collection and for others it may be the Studio doll. Don't get me wrong if the right one of either of these , Np or Studio , came along and I fell in love and had the money I would snap her up quicker than the blink of an eye! But unless I fell across said doll in a charity shop, car boot  or listed incorrectly on ebay as a BIN it now and got in first before someone else that's about the only way one's turning up here any time soon !

Anyway for me just as the Red haired No Navels are the ultimate Gotz Sasha, The 1968  Sasha's and Gregors are the ultimate Trendon's.

So I thought today I would show you my little family of 68 Trendons.

First up is the Lovely Belle ( Belinda ), she was my first ever 68 and I found her on ebay and was lucky enough to have fate work on my side to put me at home on the Monday morning that her auction finished.

Why do I love the 68 above all others? Well their eyes are still hand painted due to production of the dolls not increasing until the following year , so there was still time for the personnel touch.

Next up is Robin,my fourth 68, a 1968 shorts boy with NP eyes. Now for those who don't know why he's referred to as such, it's because when they changed from Non Philtrum to Philtrum moulds in the year days of that year , they still painted the dolls eye's in the same style as the previous years. So this early dolls are fairly rare.

Robin was another lucky find as he'd been listed on Ebay as a Cissy doll and a girl to boot! I knew he was a shorts boy and when he arrived loved his eyes but it was not until I asked Shelly if she could tell me what year that I found out he was an early Np eyed 68 boy.
He was very similar to my new girl , as in I bid and went off to work as he was finishing in the late afternoon and I knew one of the other bidders was a Sasha collector so knew what he was and so I was totally amazed when I arrived home to find I had won him and for slightly under my top bid!

Now we have the lovely Meredith, who you have all already heard about this week.

She fits in perfectly with my other 68's.

Now we have Erik, my second 68 buy, Erik came from Shelly's as is the same as Robin a NP eyed 68 so one of the early ones.
Erik believes himself to be a Viking and is hoping to one day own a long Ship !

Lovely Erik, you can see his eyes clearly in this photo.

This is Jennifer or Jenny , This lovely lass came from Shelly's, unfortunately she's had a haircut but I do love the waif's as they give you a whole different look. I am assuming that as she has a fuller fringe she is from the short period when the rooting machine broke down and the fringes were cut by hand from the first few rows..
She still has her original strings that confirm her as a 68 girl.

A close up.

Robin and Belle chatter while Meredith looks on.

So here we have from the left Jenny, Belle and Merry.

I just need a nice Red haired single fringe to fall into my lap now!!

Full length view.

Now Erik and Robin join the girls for a line up of 68's.

Back when I bought Belle I thought she'd be my only 68 girl, how wrong was I!
You never know what will come your way, you just have to hope that it's at a time when you can grab it with both hands!!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing this to me Special Sasha year for these dolls.




  1. My favourites are the early 70s Trendons. I know they don't have hand-painted eyes, but there's something about their expressions that make them very pretty to me. <3 I like the 68s and 69s too, though. Maybe it's because I'm a young philistine, but I don't really think that all of the NPs are that pretty. Some of them are gorgeous, but others don't appeal to me at all.

    I don't really like the eye-paint on the modern Gotzes at all. Many of them have a dead-eyed stare because the colour is so faint and the pupil tiny. I'd love to get one of the pale ones, because I love the colour of the vinyl. It reminds me of French resin. I think I'd have enhanced the eyes on it, though.

    Not long ago, I used to think they all looked the same. Now I can tell apart several types, and roughly estimate their ages. I'm bitten by the bug, and I don't even own one yet!

    1. I like the 70's Trendons too especially because they are usually petite, the 80's dolls can seem very big up against them and to me are less appealing.
      Although to be honest if the face fits I'll want her/him whatever year she/he is!
      I agree that some of the painted eyes on the later Gotz are not to good but you can find the odd one that looks nice. Sharon as one with re painted eyes.

      I wonder want one will be your first buy.... :)

  2. I'm with you on the No Philtrums, TigerAnne and I grew up playing with them when they were new out. Some are lovely, others hold no appeal for me at all.

    I am hard pressed to have a favourite year. I love my 68 small eyed boy but I love the puddle eyed kids too. Then there's my little GotzNo Nose, though they are not terribly realistic, there's just something very cute about him.
    Aw, I just wouldn't be able to choose a special favourite type! But I do know that my taste in Sasha has not been static, I have changed over the years and, amongst the ones who own me, my favourites change from day to day. As Ted Menten, a dear Sasha loving man, used to say, my favourite is the one in front of me at any given moment!

    1. In truth what you say about the NP's can be said about any Sasha / Gregor, because it's all in the eye of the beholder, like Ted said , it 's the one in front of you at that moment.
      I have found if I decide to sell a Sasha that's not really been used , She'll look wonderful the minute I pick her up to take photo's to sell her, she'll suddenly hold great appeal!!! :)

    2. Absolutely wonderful group photo Dee!
      If I had to choose a year it would be 1969, In my opinion I love the eye painting: the delicate eyelash flicks and pin prick pupils...that said there were some dodgy fringes in 1969 though! 1970 has some of the prettiest girls WITH nice fringes. I do like 1968, but some have the orange (tango man) vinyl which puts me off and of course many have a lot of playwear so end up orange AND shiny :) I do like a puddle eye, they always look soulful....but at the end of the day it is what is special to you that is important...and whatever year or style they are ALL very special!

    3. Thanks Simples :) Funny how we all like different years or in truth the Sasha that catches our eye! Yes some have wonky fringes or shiny faces etc but if we fall then it does not matter :)

  3. Sorry Dee - got so carried away mulling over ideas about my fafourites that I forgot to actually say anything about your post, oops!

    I love seeing these kids together. It aways fascinates me how different they look and seeing them close by each other really brings that home to me. Meredith seems to have a very different face shape from that of the other two girls.

    Can't say which is my favourite - they all are!
    (But tring to post this on a teeny mobile phone keyboard is NOT my favourite thing, J xx)

    1. Not a problem :) I always like to try and take photo's of my dolls together in groups etc , as you do then get a chance to study them , to see them in a different light plus I just love seeing a row of different sasha's standing together :)xx

  4. Lovely eye candy after an eventful day. That's one thing I love loads is that we all differ on likes and dislikes. I also love '68 dolls, don't own any yet though, but there's time ;) x

    1. Thanks Louise, hope you day's not been too stressful. And yes there is plenty of time to fall in and out of love with all sorts of Sasha's! :) x

  5. Oh! I hadn't realised that you've had a day off work today so I'm rather late in getting here.
    You've now got a really lovely group of 1968 Frido Dolls. My favourite is still Belinda, then Robin, Jenny, Merry and finally Eric.

    Personally speaking I don't have a favourite Sasha Doll year of manufacture as such... only tending to go for doll's whose facial and overall looks really appeal to me from their for sale photos.

    I do slightly prefer the brown eyed dolls as such over the blues and the brunette/blonde hair over red and can easily forgive any waif-y conditions if they have THE LOOK or expression that appeals to me!

    An added bonus to me is if they are photogenic, pose well and can easily carry off wearing a variety of clothing styles and colours due to their hair styles (which IMO are better for me if shorter and thinner rather than longer and thicker.)

    1. I only work 16 Fridays a year..and most of them through the summer months ! It's so lucky that we all have different likes for these dolls, makes them much more obtainable if we are not all after the same one!!
      I agree it's great if they look good in anything and every colour , then that's a bonus and I love a Waif with Attitude ! :)

  6. What a lovely group of 68s you have here Dee and it's lovely to read how you came to find each favourite of this group is ... well there are two favs, Belle and Robin, I love Robin so much, he's sooooo handsome, but then I like the two brunettes too, my least favourite is Erik, but he's still lovely. :)
    I think I'm with Mr Menton in that my favourite is often that one standing right in front of me at the time, but I do like the 68s, 69s, 70s and 71s too.....I also am not overly interested in the NPs except that Steve has one that I would love, a little blond :) I certainly wouldn't turn her away if she comes knocking on my door :)
    But I also agree that to be honest, if the doll has a face that I love, it wouldn't bother me in the least what year she is, I would still love her.

    1. Poor Erik , it's lucky that I love him! :)) I must confess Belle is my favourite of the group, followed by Robin then the other three! I think there is probably an NP that we'd all not mind if it came our way but we don't spend time searching as it's not that important as there are so many others out there to tempt us!!
      The face definitely seals the deal :)
      Hugs Dee xxx

  7. Fab post as usual, Dee!

    I agree on the NPs.
    If I found one on an attic, I'll treasure her/him -but then it's a social case, and these are always surrounding me. (Did you see our this years christmas tree *g)
    The others are not in need for me.
    I just bought more than 10.000m² land for an NPs price.

    Love the 68s, but the Puddleeyed too... it must be a kind of magic...

    1. Thanks :) Yes if found in the attic sounds good!! :) and it would our duty to look after it!!

      I would buy more land for my garden, if it would only cost the price of an NP and there was some that I could buy! So congratulations on your land purchase :)

      Yes I love those puddle eyes.. :)

  8. No! No! Erik is my favourite of these five. Well, you know me and my love of the lads and Erik is the boldest, most interesting of all your boys. But don't tell him I, or the others, that I said so - doesn't do for them to KNOW who we like best does it?

    I remember him arriving at your door wearing his puddng bowl helmet, sword in hand, ready to defend his honour and raid the Village in true Viking style, if they didn't offer him a home by choice.

    Where is his bear sidekick these days?

    1. It's nice for Erik to know it's not just his Mum who loves him! :) Yes he is a Viking to the core and Sir Walter watches and stays on guard ready to repel any other Viking raiders!! :)

  9. What a sunny, cherry post Dee. I love and have a passion for Sasha dolls. I cannot say what year, color, or type of Sasha is my favorite (vinyl, cloth, gypsum, etc.). Since Gwennie was my first Sasha doll, I do feel particularly bonded to her and I keep returning to the studio dolls. I see studio dolls as an interactive art form on a dimensional canvas. :)

    Your 1968 group is absolutely stunning and I love them all. Don't they look lovely outdoors in the beautiful sunshine? My favorite of your grouping here is Robin. He is just amazing and his outfit is too! Thank you for a delightful post! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) I have come to the conclusion that we need groups of each type of Sasha/Gregor we like!, So One studio would need a friend or two :) same goes for 70's 69's 68's etc.
      They are having a no nose weekend and seeing all the different no noses and those who have a group, the groups just look so right!
      I made need more dolls ;) xxx