Sunday, 2 July 2017


Lots of plans and jobs to do here in the village but this being my birthday weekend we put them all aside to go and visit a Gorgeous Georgian House and Garden.

This is Peckover House in the Town of Wisbech  , the house and garden are now in the hands of the national trust, so as we are members we went along today to visit.

A massive Wisteria covers the front of the lower floor of the house.

The Drawing room.

This lady was playing the piano in the library and very good she was too!

I loved the colour and pattern of the library walls, it was slightly deeper than shown in the photo.

This was the dinning room.

These little screens are called 'snob screens ' , love it! because the house was used as a bank and therefore customers were passing the windows, these screens were put in do give the Peckovers some privacy.

The bedroom.

The view of some of the garden from the bedroom window.

A model of the house was on display in one of the upstairs rooms.

the front of the house.

The rooms from the front.

The back stairs, although these are actually at the side.

The view from the window showing the Georgian houses across the river from these ones.

This was the Breakfast room but would have also at times been used as a study or school room. It overlooks the garden.

 Some items on display in the basement kitchen.

The servants sitting room set out as in 1935 .

The trusty singer sewing machine !

 a paper of that time.

You could listen on this phone to an evacuee recounting their time at Peckover House during world war 2.

The house sits in two acres of the most beautiful gardens, here a few photos I took , the rest I will share on our gardening blog.


The Orangery.

from the side


I love gardens that have gates or opening into other areas.

The red border.

The border leading away from the red border

Th cutting border.

The greenhouse.

Just outside the greenhouse.

The Reed Barn , which once would have stood in the middle of  a field but is now used for the tearooms and secondhand book shop and plant sales.

We had a nice sandwich and freshly cooked scones with our cream tea.

Of course we could not leave without checking out the plants and the book shop.

In the second hand book shop I found this Kaffe Fassett book for £2 !
and we also bought these two plants.

Then back through the garden to the house and out via the side gate between the house and the old bank house.
Where of course we stopped to look in the tiny National Trust shop and picked up..

a garden book and a dvd of a film that was shot in the house starring Peter O'Toole , Jeremy Northam , Brian Brown and Sam O'Neill , some very fine actors, so we chanced the film.

We are bought...

Percy Porker the Peckover Pig! well that's what we are calling him !

 At present he's rooting about under Paul's tropical plants at the end of the garden.

Well that was a quick , yes it was I did take 164 photos!, tour of this wonderful house and garden, it's one of the best NT gardens I've seen.

Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead. Back to Sasha tomorrow.



  1. That was lovely! I really enjoyed it, thank you x

  2. What a fab house! I am so loving Percy Porker...I need one of those in my life :)

    1. It was and Percy Porker is so sweet :)

  3. How I loved wandering round those gardens with you and Paul. I especially liked the oval pond and that low repetitive border.
    You purchased some lovely items to remind you of your wonderful day but was sorry that there wasn't a birthday photo of you there.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit Kendal. I do like to help the cause by buying a couple of things.. and such a good excuse too! ;)
      I did have a photo taken , maybe I'll share...

  4. Another wonderful post about this gorgeous house and garden. It looks as though you had a special day out.

    Funy thing though - beautiful though the house is, it is the garden and the servants' sittingroo that I find most interesting. Oh, and, being a miniatures lover, the miniature house too.

    1. Thanks Jenni, We had a lovely day in a great place.

      The whole house was just lovely I'll add a few more photos of it that I left off.
      I so would have loved to furnish that dolls house! :)

  5. Thank you very much for taking us on a tour with you. We don't have anything like this house here. I had to wonder what the house would have looked like when it was still occupied as a home by the original owners. I liked the doll house and the servants' sitting room reminded me of those I've seen in the movies. This was a very enjoyable post.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It would be nice to see all the orginial furniture and clothes etc but like all houses they move with the times but it's good that they can pick out an era or two to share with the visitors.
      I love old movies like, Gosford Park etc.

  6. Lovely photos of an interesting house and garden. I can imagine a family living there - the rooms aren't the vast size of those in a stately home!
    Percy Porker is so cute, I can see why you brought him home!

    1. Thanks , it was perfect size to move into :) Just big enough but not so big as those stately Homes.
      Isn't he a cutie ;)

  7. Well this has gone straight on the list of NT places to visit on any journey south! It looks more homely than grand and I really like that. And I can remember my Nanny and Grandad having a phone just like the one in your photos.

    Percy Porker the Peckover Pig looks so at home on this Sasha free day.....but will he still be smiling as much tomorrow when he sees them for the first time I wonder!

    1. It is worth a visit Jane and yes much more homely , just the right size ;)

      I'm such Percy Porker the Peckover Pig is happy enough to cope with the children in the village! :)

  8. A very nice tour Dee, thank you very much! I love the pig, what a great happy face he has. This looks like a great place to visit, definitely worth putting aside the things that needed doing at home, to spend your birthday weekend sightseeing :)