Sunday, 9 July 2017


I thought I'd do a little catch up post today, even though not much has happened about the house but plans are being made ! Mainly at present concerning the garden.

When the weather warms and the sun shines, it's garden time here in the village. All those plans made over the winter can now be considered and put into action. There are a few plans that have been sitting waiting for a couple of years as other things have taken priority.
But now we are ready to make some big changes and fulfill a long awaited dream.

Today we popped out the Capel Manor Gardens to check up on something and also just have a wander round their plots.

This is the Japanese garden with running water, a beautiful sound.

A cottage style front garden.

A very contemporary garden with large bowls of pink Hydrangea's.

the other side. Capel manor gardens are part of the Capel Manor College of Horticulture and there are many different style of gardens to see and admire. This is just a snippet of whats there because we'd gone to see one part.

But what we'd gone to look at was this.....

Their Gothic folly area.

We have wanted to put a folly in our garden almost since we moved in and a few years back we decided we could build the doorway and window in wood and so we have been getting together the bricks for the walls.

nicely weathered from our friends Tom and Kim. Finally we have decided this is the year it gets built!
and instead of using the wood we are going to treat ourselves to the stone work we need.

I'll say no more here but once work begins I will share the build on our garden blog.

Harry shown earlier this week is my doll from the Sasha's but I have been buying a few BJD dolls as I'm very interested in them due to their ability to be posed and sit etc. I bought a couple of heads which had been badly painted and intend to have a go at repainting them myself.

To that end I have bought some watercolour pencils and pastels which were recommended by some good friends. I'll take photos as I give this a try and you can see how I get along!.

So lots on the list to do garden wise before the end of October and we come back inside to carry on with the hallway!

I also took this photo in the week when the moon was shining through some clouds late one night.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead.



  1. What beautiful gardens! Can't wait to see your new Folly :)

  2. OH, these fantastic gardens shown here want to make my cry with joy...and also my tiny plot won't let me do anything like this with it.
    I'm not so bothered with any water features, as being so deaf now I can't hear water running or even rain falling and just having a pond is just too much like hard work at my age.
    ....BUT a Gothic FOLLY or a much longed for old stone Victorian walled garden then I'm up for that. I wait with 'baited breath' to see and hear your plans.

    This week I have paid my gardener extra hours to reclaim my overgrown with nettles, shrubs, rubble etc three metre wide plot that runs the whole length behind my bottom 2 metre high wooden fence that has neglected over the 22 years that I have lived here. A case of 'out of sight, out of mind!'
    Could THIS be MY FOLLY in the making??

    Good luck with doll's eye painting. Look forward to seeing the results
    Loved the moon/sky/cloud photo.

    1. Walls are so lovely especially when they've aged.

      And you've reclaimed three metre wide strip of your garden, wonderful yes it could be your hidden folly! :)

      You can watch and hopefully enjoy our folly !

      and watch and hopefully sigh with relief along with me if the face paint works out!!

      I was so happy when i managed to get a clear photo of the break in the night cloud and see the moon ! :)

  3. I love the idea of a folly!! I can't wait for the first instalment of your folly building! Have you a plan or will it be made up as you go along? We still have some more ideas for the bottom of our garden. Gardening is so exciting! :) Jane x

    1. I cannot wait to start seeing things happen! But first we must lad the base on which to build the wall! we have designed what we want to do.
      I agree gardening can be exciting especially when you are having a change :) Dee x

  4. So much to draw inspiration from in these photos. I really like the Japanese garden. I'm always eager to add some new garden feature because that's the fun, creative part, but I try to keep in mind that it will be an additional thing to maintain. Your folly sounds wonderful! I will enjoy watching it progress.

    1. That's the joy of gardening , all those ideas! The Japanese garden is lovely.
      Luckily by building the folly and how we've decided to site it means we'll have to lose some tall bushes which will in fact save us some work! Which makes a change!
      I look forward to sharing it's creation :)

  5. Lovely to see the beautiful gardens. I'm looking forward to seeing your work with the BJDs. I agree that they have such flexibility and pose nicely. I still haven't figured them out, sizing, heads, faces and etc. It all seems so complicated and a secret world of its own. The photo of the moon and clouds was stunning in an Erie sort of way.

    1. I'm the same with the BJDs but luckily some friends who have been into them for years are helping me . Mind you the first full big one I bought seemed huge!
      It was amazing to see and yes slightly eerie looking as if I was peering into another world!

  6. Oh what a great idea, your garden will definitely look even more lovely with a folly, I look forward to seeing the work begin on it.
    I am glad you got that make of pastels, they are very good and although not cheap, it pays for itself in the long run. They'll last for ages and you definitely get a better job with good quality materials.
    I really look forward to seeing how you get on with the faceups.
    A great photo of the moon. Tonight we expect the international space station to pass overhead and I would love to be able to photograph it....however, I believe it would be impossible with a regular camera!!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, have waited so long for it , I can barely wait for it to be built!
      Thanks for all your help with what to use and how to use it, I'm just hoping I can do it!
      I was so pleased with how that photo worked out! xxx