Friday, 7 July 2017


well a few of them do! Control of the blog .

While taking the doll shelf photos, the girls insisted I take a variety , then they chose the ones to share , keeping these back for another post. saying that I was getting quite slow at posting about the village children lately!
I did say they could go and to work and I'd saty home and play but they suddenly found things they needs to do!

Callico suddenly decided this was the pose she should make !

"Like this Mary !" Callie instructs making Mary try out the pose herself.

Lovely girls thank you I say can you send Christie out .

Christie are you hot in that cardigan?
Yes but it goes so well with my dress and shoes !
It does but you can take it off now the summers here.

Well It is quite hot !

"Doesn't that feel nicer?" I ask
"Much" smiles Christie

"Is this a good pose? " asks Christie
"It's okay " I say "Why? "
" Oh Callie said I had to tilt my head and look moody !"

" I would not do everything Callie says"
" Thank goodness " sighs Christie straightening up " My neck was starting to ache "

Once we finish Christie picks up her cardigan " I think I'll go put my cardigan in my room I don't think I'll be needing it for a while "
" No I don't think you will , once you finish come back down and I'll get everyone an ice cream to help with cooling down "
 Christie goes indoors calling out that Ice creams are on the way ! from the noise of running feet I hope she's not trampled in the rush!



  1. Those red-headed gals really got the attitude, don't they? The cardigan is lovely but it must have felt better off than on in the summer heat.

    1. They do ! Yes poor child was standing around in it for ages!

  2. I love red hair. I was always a very pale blonde ( now mousey grey ) Is Christie's dress and shoes from ruthsdolls? I have ordered a pair of the latchet style shoes for Ezri from her and I was looking at all the beautiful clothes she's made and it looks familiar! Perhaps I'm finally getting to know some of the dolls and designers at last!! The dresses that Callie and Mary are wearing are beautiful too. Did you make them? :) x

    1. Me Too. I was a blonde now mousey blonde going grey! Yes Christie's dress set is by Ruth and I believe still available on her site.

      Callie and Mary's dresses are by Frances Trickett another wonderful Sasha dressmaker. x

    2. OMGoodness! I Googled Frances Trickett and it took me to another site called Egonbrooks and then onto ebay and there were photos of her dolls clothes. I looked at them for quite a while and they are quite exquisite. The silk and Liberty fabrics and the beautiful details; and the little shoulder bags! :)

  3. What a great display of 'girl power'. I've seen Christie's dress on Ruth's site, and I think it's really quite beautiful, especially with her lovely red hair. The cardigan might be a tad warm, but I can't blame her for wanting to wear it, as it matches so perfectly. I've always felt that if we had a revolution at Gregoropolis, the red heads would be the instigators!

    1. Thank goodness my other reds were busy! Yes Ruth's dresses are wonderful and i so love the colour of this set.
      Yes those redheads are quiet but know when to make their play for power! :)

  4. Loving the reds! Especially Christie <3

  5. It's good Christie brought the cardigan to her room so no one else will borrow it - as it is such a perfect match with her dress.

    1. It is and best she put it away before the autumn arrives and she see one of her sisters in it!

  6. I'm always amazed at just how many Sasha Collectors prefer the RED haired dolls to the brunettes or blondes! (For me the red headed dolls are the last on my list so there is NO fear whatsoever of them ever ruling my Blogposts! I'd always give that job control to the brunettes!
    Now I'm thrilled to see these extra 'put away photos' for this blogpost as I definitely prefer a couple to the ones used for the Sasha shelf post. I'll see if I can describe these to you with them not being numbered.
    It's the two photos above the wording 'Thanks girls....' where they are standing back to back but looking sideways/forwards...and the one of Christie in her cardigan underneath the words 'now you can send Christie out.'
    BTW is that a Dollwork's embroidered cardigan?

    1. Me Too but I've loved the reds best ever since I started collecting them :)
      I knew that was a good photo and was very naughty and saved it for this post!

      It could be a dollworks one,I got it from Shelly's a while back.x

    2. Yes, it will be a Dollworks cardigan then.

  7. How sweet, and isn't it amazing how much taller Mary is than her little sister!
    I am glad that little Christie joined the girls and took off her cardigan, she must have been stifling in it :)
    Lovely red heads Dee, I only have the one redhead but she is special to me :)