Sunday, 20 May 2018


Well this week's gone so fast! I cannot believe the Sasha weekend was just last week!

It's been a week of ups and downs.

On the down side, my daughter Lauren's lovely Westie Archie had to be put to sleep on Wednesday, he was a cheeky little dog who used to come over and stay everyday while his mum went off to work and then when someone was home , he'd stay there.
We'd not seen so much of him lately because he's dad was home more and he had a few health issues , one of which was that his heart had started to beat four beats , then stopping for four! It had come to light when he'd started keeling over if he did something like jumping about greeting Lauren when she arrived home , then climbing the stairs with her.

The Vet's had never seen anything like it but as long as he didn't overdo it  he was in fact fine. However it did mean he could not be put under anesthetic because he'd not wake up. But he'd happily gone along but then had an eye problem which they'd been dealing with until on Wednesday he woke up and was wobbly and seemed confused. He'd had a stroke and due to his heart problem nothing could be done, so at the at the good age of 14 he's now joined his friends Hamish and Izzy. We found him a spot in the garden just along from Izzy .

My daughter is heart broken, he was her first dog and her friend. He was a big part of our lives too, so of course we are very upset at his passing.

So now there are four dogs and a dragon buried in the garden ! Should ,in a couple of  hundred years this house be no more and they start to dig up the site, I wonder what they'd decide was here!

Now to move on to happier things. The garden is slowing getting tidied and the plants are growing well and giving us splashes of colour.

At the end of the garden I spent some time yesterday finding the path through this section that had become overgrow by a rose pushing down the lilac on the right.Now we can walk round to the end where there is a small table and chairs.The yellow and orange Azalea's along with the Lilac's giving this border some life.

This Rhododendron and Azalea are giving some colour to one side of the flower garden. While on the other side

The Wisteria is starting to bloom giving us a beautiful show of lilac.

and finally are years of waiting the bloms are starting to drop down through the trellis to hang in wonderful colour. This was on Friday.

This is Saturdays photo, I want to take one everyday to see how it looks.

Sundays photo as is the one at the start of this post. There is still a fair part of each bllom to open , so they should drop down further

On the Studio front, the insulation and flooring were laid.

Paul was working hard in the hot sun. This shows the insulation being covered by the floor boards. Now I'm trying to decide if I should paint the wall inside white or just treatment with the wood care and leave them as is? I was originally thinking to paint them white to keep it bright inside but I'm now thinking it's pretty bright anyway and if the wood is likely to move opening up , will I land up with streaks of wood appearing amongst the white? it's so hard to make my mind up!
But I need to make the decision now before we sort out a carpet !

Today hopefully the insulation and roof tiles will be put on, then it's all down to fitting out the inside and then it's open for business!!

Yesterday we had the wedding of Price Harry and Meghan, the bride looked stunning in a beautiful understated dress. One of the stand out photos for me, was of her walking into the chapel with her two little twin pageboys holding her train. I hope they will be very happy together and that they ignore the media trying to cause them pain and trouble. All this talk of not inviting family etc to the wedding. Sometimes your friends are your family. Having seen the behavior of some of her family I'd not have invited them either. Also I have seen how they , the media,have been trying to compare Kate and her against each other. I say leave them alone to become family, stop trying to put a spanner in the works.

Today is hot! and Paul and Roy are putting on the roof insulation and the shingles! So nearly done with the building work, then it's down to equipping the inside. Thinking I may leave the woodwork natural , because as Roy , SIL, so kindly put it, you'll never see it once all your stuff's in there!

one side done and working well on the other.

I went out to look for a carpet but the store was closed and I didn't have time to go to another one, so may try online or looking one evening this week but I'd like to get it this week, so I can finish the inside over the bank holiday weekend that's coming up next.

Casper is growing well and very interested in what we eat and drink! as shown in this photo from this morning! " What's that then Dad? should I have a bite just to check's it's okay? "

Well I'm off to look at carpets, so have a great week and I hope you all have some of this lovely weather we're having here in the UK.



  1. Oh Dee, I'm so sad to hear about Archie, I didn't realise that he was 14, poor lad, what a year you've had with losing your lovely doggy family. :(
    I feel for Lauren, I think that when our animals leave us, our hearts definitely break and they take a piece with them.
    The garden is looking beautiful and it won't be long now before you're all moved in, I'm sure you're going to love that bit.
    The wedding dress was nice wasn't it, very elegant. I didn't watch much of the ceremony, I was out, but saw the highlights. I didn't realise that the press were causing problems, but it doesn't surprise me with some of them. I'm sure all will be well though, they're all used to the papparazi by now I guess.
    Have a lovely week Dee!

    1. Thanks Sharon, It is sad but for him it was a release. Lauren's finding it hard not having a dog greet her when she comes home.
      I am looking forward to getting into my Studio :)

  2. Hi Dee -
    The studio is really coming along quickly and looking great. I just love your wisteria - so lush and beautiful. We have one, but I'm afraid in our climate they never really amount to much. So sorry about your daughter's dog.

    1. It is moving along really well at present, hope to be in soon! That wisteria is the only one that survive a really cold spell a few years back when we lost two others. We pretty much leave it alone to do it's own thing apart from encouraging it to spread down the cloisters.
      Thank You, it's harder for her than us, he was a sweet lad.

  3. So very sorry about Archie’s passing. I feel for your daughter and know the loss of a beloved furry family member. I still miss my beloved Dolly and cry for her. It does get easier over time but the loss is always felt.

    Your garden is gorgeous and seeing it really perked me up. Amazing wisteria and nice to see your roof going on. Have a beautiful week and good luck finding the right carpet. 😊 xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, she's finding it hard to walk in and not have him there as is Roy.
      Glad you are enjoying the garden, so pleased with how the Wisteria's doing this year.
      The carpets arriving tomorrow !! :) xxx

    2. So, so sorry to hear about poor Archie and I bet he missed the companionship of his cousins, Izzy and Hamish at the end... though helpful to think that he is now resting in peace besides them.

      Great to see these things happening in the garden.