Tuesday, 5 June 2018


I know I know June already! But at least we are now getting some nice weather , so again it's doll shelf day.

From Ursula we have her lovely kitchen which has finally found a shelf all it's own. I love this kitchen.

The dogs are wanting to make sure they get any tip bits that make drop on the floor! Patrick is trying to decide what to cook for dinner!

The other two dogs are sticking with Giselle , she will always drop them a doggy biscuit if they are good!

Meanwhile over in Gregoropolis the boys are rocking their summer gear.

looking cool in many ways!

The girls meanwhile are off out to walk the dog and be seen in their new dresses.

Karin's girl Darcy is up on the neighbour's wall blending in with the white roses in her beautiful white dress.

Viv's girl is looking for the house martins but they are late arriving this year !

In the village our boy scout is wondering if he's undercharged for mowing this lawn! Bob a job indeed!

and another bob to move these bricks!

And cut the box! That's the last time he's asking Mum if she wants a few jobs done for Bob a job week !

Many thanks to everyone whose taken part by sending in their photos this month.


  1. What super Summery outdoor shelf photos this month. My thanks to everyone involved.

  2. I am envious of your summer weather Dee, we are having our coldest start to winter in 36 years!!

    Love all the photos. :) That kitchen is amazing!

  3. Beautiful shelf day photos! I love that kitchen in the first few photos! Thanks to everyone for sharing with us 😊 xxx

  4. Great photos as usual. That is a great kitchen that Ursula has there, I suspect some lovely meals are made there :)