Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Last night I sat out on the garden sofa in the cool, after such a hot day and with a promise of more to come this week.

I looked over and saw the house lit up from inside and noticed the dresser reflected in the mirror opposite, so I went inside and retrieved my camera.

It looks very far away in this photo but is in fact much closer than it appears.

Zooming in you can now see what I saw , well not quite as close as this.

Zooming yet closer

Zooming in yet again  I could see the three dolls that have waited patiently for attention.

 I had to move closer to get this photo of the dolls clearly.

and a final photo of the reflections of the dresser in the mirror opposite.

I'm so glad I went outside and looked back at the house and saw this ! Dolls and Emma Bridgewater pottery, on a lovely pine dresser Three of my most favourite things!



  1. I can almost hear Granny Fortuna grumbling, "Now that all that garden nonsense is done, Mrs. Mum can FINALLY help me get my shop set up. The things I must endure!"

    1. So that's who it was! I could hear some faint muttering sound somewhere out in the darkness! I thought it was one of the neighbors!

  2. Wasn't that inside light and open door a magnet for the moths?

    1. Thankfully no!Which makes a change. They must have been elsewhere that night :)

  3. Great photos Dee, sometimes the least expected views are the most interesting. I wonder what the girls were talking about?