Friday, 1 June 2018


You need another cupboard!

This is the thing about moving , you start bringing things from one place to the next and then you realise that you do really need another cupboard.
You consider all those cupboards that are sitting around the place , trying to work out what would be best for the space and give you most storage without putting everything else out of place.

Then finally you go look on internet and buy just what you need.Then if you have a lovely Husband like mine,he puts it together the night it arrives, so it's there ready and waiting.

I realised that I needed a cupboard in the space where these boxes were standing, or I would land up with the top shelf on the right , that I want for extra room setting would land up as just a shelf !

So now I have this nice white one with glass doors. I wanted half glass but it was cheaper to buy this set and maybe add some fabric to the bottom half.

So far I've just moved a few things, most of the base cupboards are still empty. I need to sort as I go, so it will take a while plus I want to set the rooms once I've found everything.

So a reminder that it's the 1st of JUNE! yes already! So the fifth will be doll shelf day, so get those photo's in, maybe I'll even manage to get mine done in time!



  1. Oh GOSH! Where did all this Sasha STUFF come from...though how lovely to have it all to hand in ONE place?!?!
    What a gem of a husband Paul is to drop/stop whatever he was doing to put together your latest cupboard in record time....never mind ageeing with you that it was needed in the first place.
    (IMO I'd think of moving the dark wooden bureau back into the house as it takes up valuable room whilst not storing much and then add a counter shelf in it's place to enable another room setting to be permantly set up with storage for those transparent 'useful' boxes to be placed underneath.)

    1. I've already suggested putting the dark Oak Bureau back in the house and having a shelf for more smaller room setting but Paul's fighting the idea of it going back inside. He was willing to put up the shelf, before I got the new cupboard it was going to go right along and I would store things below.
      I need to find a place for the bureau ....... I'm working on it! ;)

  2. I'm with Kendal on the suggestion about the dark wood bureau, you could utilise the space it uses well with another shelf/cupboard. I bet you're having fun sorting all of your doll and craft stuff out, starting to fill drawers and shelves and cupboards.

    1. See above , I'm ahead of you both there but Paul's fighting against bureau going back in house until the space is available.....but thinking maybe I could store it in old studio... if it won't get in his way... I need to go measure...because we're off to Wickes in a minute and we could swing by B&Q and get a shelf......
      I am enjoying having all that space to put things at last!

  3. To me it looks completely out of character with the rest of the storage units there...SO imo it has to GO somewhere else... and quickly, before it becomes 'part of the studio furniture!'

  4. You are making progress and I am certain you will sort out the location if the cupboards and shelves and Sasha items so that it will be just perfect. I love your studio space! 😊 xxx

  5. WOW you're as bad as me, always needing more and more storage LOL! This unit looks great, you're really making yourself at home in your new cabin.