Thursday, 29 August 2013


Thought I would share a few photo's of the village clan..and guests..

First up is Ginny and the ever present Mossy !!

Gill's slate eyed girl's love the brunette's especially .

One of Kendal's lovely No navel girls' wearing a coat by Sarah of Vintage Sasha, which I saw on ebay when I first started collecting Sasha's, I thought that it was an original coat due to the price it went for!!!

Hattie in one of her hats!

One of Ellen Church's No navel girls.

The girl's at their Ballet lessons.

A Gotz Angela looking good in white.

Three of Ellen Church's blondes.

Love this photo of Ellen's children waiting for the ski lift!!

Verity my second Dungaree's girl.

A Gotz David in his original clothes.

Arabella My Gotz no nose girl.

Eleven blondes I owned at one time..and now only two still live here !!!!

Two brunette limited Ed Velvets, one of  them now gone to pastures new...

I am amazed to be able to say that these Gregor's and Sasha's celebrating the queens jubilee are ALL still here.....

Nate my 68 shorts boy.

Cassandra's NP Girls.

Well hope you have enjoyed this jumble of random photo's.If you are anything like me , you'll love looking at any Sasha or Gregor photo and seeing how different they all are.


  1. Sigh, they're just lovely. I will be drooling over them as I drift off to sleep tonight. I'll be sure to have pleasant dreams. Would love to see a post of just who is in the clan currently. Sorry to read the twins have been split up (or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly).

    1. I will have to do a head count at the end of the summer, for quite a few have moved on this year and other's have arrived to take their places.
      Yes one of the Twin's Violet is sitting on Shelly's awaiting a new never know she may land up coming home! I'm sure she is scowling at anyone who takes an interest in her!!

  2. One more thought, this post made me miss "Sasha World" (not that I don't enjoy "Sasha Secrets"). It was so nice to have something so well thought out and printed arrive through the post. I would love to have an annual printed of all your posts.

    1. I know what you mean about Sasha world although I only saw a few copies before it stopped.
      An annual would be a lovely idea except there are so many posts this year as I made a promise to myself to try and do a couple a week, at least it would help to prop open a door!! :)
      I may do a book of a few of the story posts, I will let you know if I do...

    2. Julie! Julie! Don't encourage her :)

    3. Yes, SS-R you have. Well done.

    4. Maybe I should take a week off? :)

  3. Yes, thank you, I really enjoyed looking at the photos, but it doesn't help my addiction, because I constantly am thinking "Oh, I love that one, would love one like that....." etc etc etc!!!!! But I have to say I enjoyed it all the same. I absolutely love looking at peoples photos of their dolls, particularly if they are dolls that I love, so please, keep 'em coming!!!!

    1. I'm exactly the same , LOVE looking a photo's of peoples dolls I like, love to see what they are wearing , how they are staged , what differences they have to one another...could spend hours..and probably do..Lol :)

  4. What beautiful pictures. I'll be returning for another and another look.
    Did I hear right - a book?
    A little bird just said to me - 'If there was a calendar of Mossy, I'd save up to buy it!!!'

    1. Thanks Rosie.

      Tell the little bird that I have heard Mossy muttering about a photo shoot he's planning......heard the word Jan....

  5. Nothing that I like better than looking at other Sasha collector'sdolls.
    A lovely night-cap though not sure if it is designed to induce sleep!

    Two out of eleven blonde Sasha girls looks like there has been a massive exit in this department to be replaced with red heads and No-navels.

    Originally my idea for a Sasha magazine was for a group of the collectors to produce a page or two each with would then be put together and circulated.

    After Anne-Marie's unfortunate heart stroke she was looking for something to occupy herself whilst she recovered and when Shelly mentioned my idea to her she volunteered to take it on and be it's editor.... and so' Sasha World' was born.

    It ran for four full years with four seasonal copies produced a year. I loved every minute of writing, researching and photographing for it and was sad when it finally came to an end due to the publisher deciding that he had to let go his smaller publishing contracts.
    Gloria luckily offered to carry on with something similar and so 'Sasha Secrets' was launched.

    1. It's to fill your dreams with lovely Sasha's..and Gregor's :)

      I was so surprised when I worked out that I only had two of the blonde Sasha's still living here! and cannot blame the red's because a few of those have moved on!! This is probably why the DH accuses me of running a Barnado's home!!

      It's a shame that I missed most of the Sasha world magazine's and they can fetch a good price when sold on, Sasha secret's is another place to get info.

    2. Yes, I gather that BUT couldn't get to sleep in the first place with thinking about them all (not to mention wanting and wishing for many of them!)

      Love the posing of the first photo of Ginny and Mossy.
      Gill's slate-eyed girls are lovely especially the brunette girl in the middle and little red head on the far back right.

      Your Gotz Angela looks very sweet in her white ballet tu-tu.
      Cassandra's three girl NPs and Ellen Church's three photos are superb.
      Verity's really pretty with a unusual pose.
      That's my favourite photo of Hattie.

  6. I see you Mr Mossy,
    Great selection of photo's as always xx