Sunday, 29 March 2015


Well I have finally got round to re rooting some more of Ashlyn's hair. I was off ill for the last two days of last week and had no energy to move about so was just sitting, with my head cold, so spent some time when I was feeling a little better on the re root.

I have done most of the front and crown of her head but thought I would show you all the holes still left to fill.

On this side you can see close to where the hairs been done a group of tiny holes all on top of each other! That's what quite a few places on her head are like especially at the front! It means there are so many extra holes to fill but it's finally getting less, just have to keep doing it each evening because when I stop I don't go back for a couple of months and this girl would like to get home by the end of April at the latest!

This photo shows her hair down.

I do think this colour hair suits her eye colour , a lovely contrast.

Back view

You can see here that the holes are in almost oval lines across her head at the top, don't know if that's normal? But I think it's going to help with how I want her hair to look when I finish.

Thought I would add this photo of how far I was before this go.So have had a good push forward.

Ashlyn says Hi to her Mum .

Next up is the blankets! If you remember when I was cleaning up the Sasha room ( and No It's not done yet ) I came across some wool that I decided to make into blankets , then decided that they had to blend and went off and ordered some wool to finish the one I wanted as a Baby blanket, totally defeating the object of making up the blanket in the first place!!

Well I have finished one, well almost just need to finish the edge.

I was making it in the Splash wool that changes colour as you work it.

I had enough wool when I started to do up to the middle pink but then bought more to carry on.

So this pram/ pushchair blanket is nearly finished I just need to finish the edge completely. Well When I went to order the extra wool , it was cheaper postage wise as you all know to order several balls together and well there were many different combinations of colour in the splash and it was also being discontinued in the paler colours so I ordered a few balls.....

some how I landed up with nine balls.... these are the one's I have not yet used....well sort of because I decided that I would have to make TWO blankets, the first original one and then....

this one...... which I started as it's easier to take to work to work on before I start every morning.

I think these will make a lovely second blanket.

Somehow this extra unrelated ball of wool fell into my basket when I was ordering the others, Okay I confess I just loved the colour and I am sure I can make something nice from it for the Sasha's or Gregors and it's only one ball....

but I am wondering about this lovely block of pink,brown and golden yellow, it's from the only ball of the new wool that I bought and I am loving that deep warm combo, maybe I should buy a few more balls of just this colourway for another blanket? .........

Oh and I have not one but two dolls being held over the weekend by Parcel Force!! The tracking said that late on Friday night they'd been put on a lorry for delivery. Great thought I , I'll have them Saturday BUT NO that's too simple when I phoned to check delivery would be Saturday , they are for delivery Monday!! So I offer to come and collect them..BUT NO they have to TRY to be delivered before you are allowed to collect!! and these dolls were sent by 24 EXPRESS... sitting on a lorry for the weekend does not sound like EXPRESS delivery to me!!!



  1. Fantastic job on the re root and the knitting!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your new dolls next long as they aren't Gotz :)

    1. Thanks Simples :) but that;s crocheting not knitting, just so you know :)
      Would I do that to you...... ;)

    2. YEP! Crocheting/knitting...still doing stuff with wool :)

    3. Yep doing stuff with wool :))

  2. Hi Ashlyn! I know you can't get around and play with your friends just now, so I hope you are not sitting in your jug giving the hairdresser a lot of cheek to pass the time? Behave yourself, young lady, or Mrs Mum might send you home half bald like Dada (and me at the moment!).

    She is looking great, Dee. The hair colour is amazing. Sorry I sent you such a holy girl ( - or should that be a girl with such a hole-y scalp?) as it looks like even harder work than usual. I do wonder if anybody has done an assessment on how the holes relate to the assorted Sasha hair styles, beyond the centre part and side part ones?

    Loving the blankets. If I make it to the Snippy Chip, I shall kidnap you and force you to teach me basic crochet - be warned!

    Love the Splash wools too - are they discontinuing the pale shades? I'd no idea as they've been marketing them for baby knits up until now. Will be sorry to see them go. That King Cole in autumn shades is beautiful too, so rich and would look perfect for a readhead Gotz...or a little No Nose girl....a brunette one, perhaps?!

    1. She's fine Jen , just don;t know if they all have loads of holes st the front together? It took six days to do the front part but I have covered quite a bit now I'm past that area in only two evenings.
      Basic Crochet is quite easy to pick up. :) I think that baby shades are fine but I was using their other wool which I think they may have changed for this black label, unfortunately I just saw a couple of other lovely colour's when I went to look.... :)
      The extra ball is such a lovely colour would indeed look good on a no nose brunette or maybe a red ? :)xx

  3. Such talent here, Denise.... though rather think that the buying of yet MORE wool for a second blanket might have defeated the original object of making the first one with the aim of using up all the left-over oddments of wool found whist tidying out the Sasha room.

    SO disappointing for you (not to mention all of us too!) about the delayed express delivery of the two dolls.
    PS. How's your 2015 allotted 10 new doll quota doing now?

    1. I think Dee has used her new doll quota already...and it is still only March :)

    2. I know Kendal does rather defeat the object BUT I am using them up much quicker and they would not be just sitting around for months or eve years...
      It is so frustrating !! Knowing they are just down the road but could be here with me now while I have time to welcome them!! Never mind it's Easter at the end of the week so will have four days of Play well between trying to re-roof the workshop come Sasha studio weather permitting!!
      I thought I had best check numbers....mmmmm :)
      Lets see
      Sebastian ( but he's a lodger )
      so that's four plus two down the road
      so that's six if we are not counting Sebastian..... I think I need to stop going on computer...:)

    3. NO, I think that it was decided not to count in Sebastian under the circumstances.... so it's just six so far (.....although I've heard via the grapevine that there is another 'in the picture' so to speak.)
      Looking at the numbers and calculations may I point out that you're 'sailing very close to the wind' with only just a quarter of the year gone!!!!.....BUT who really cares when you are obviously enjoying yourself?

      I think that the four days over Easter will be a super time to play with and enjoy the two new Village members (....although I'm hoping that they aren't illegal immigrants who have smuggled themselves into the UK by stowing away in the Parcel Force van? Isn't three days without air, food and water rather risky?)

    4. That's good about Sebastian :)) Yes I am sailing very close to the wind but I am sure these will be the last for a good while, other things will be needing doing that are non Sasha related, so that should slow me right down which is just as well ! Mind you Meredith and Darcy were both unexpected purchases as are these two that are almost on the doorstep ..damn you PF.... I can say no more until they are safe in the Village ;)

  4. Looks like Ashlynn's going to have a really good head of thick, lovely hair when she's done. :) It's a beautiful colour, which will make her one of a kind.

    I'm curious as to how you secure the hair, so it doesn't get pulled back out when it's brushed. Do you tie a knot on each individual plug, or tie several of them together, or..?

    1. Hopefully it will all look nice and thick and glossy.I do love this colour:)
      You have to knot each plug of hair and tug it to make sure it does not come out, some people glue it as well but that's not how the original dolls were made ! If the plugs too thick it won't knot properly ...I'll know once it's all finished and I brush it.....

  5. The reroot looks lovely Dee, such a pretty colour and looks so nice with her eyes. I think he mum will be so delighted with her new look when she's done :)
    And the blankets are very pretty, it is funny though how they came about, using up spare wool and then buying more to finish them...I'm sure there is a sound logic in there somewhere and of course you will have some lovely new crocheted blankets when you're all done :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your two newbies ..... and I agree, darn Parcel Farce, but they'll be home soon, all being well !
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I'm hoping to get Ashlyn finished and off home before the end of April ! Just need to not get distracted!! :)
      I'm sure there is logic somewhere in this blanket/wool using/buying saga!!
      Cannot believe it but have to wait another day before they arrive home as everyone was OUT!! I'm sure they will be worth the wait... Hugs Dee xxx

  6. You are so busy working, Dee!
    I'm speechless.

    I'm just managing to clean and do some repair at our holidayflat and there's the garden, not to forget the land and easter ... all things Sasha are in abeyance...

    1. Not as hard as you are Anne. I am just doing this in the evenings and when waiting to start my day at work.
      I hope the weather is warming up for you :)

    2. Hoping as well. But not successful :)
      It was SNOWING today!

      Poor bees. They have to cuddle together again.