Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Dawn and Rosie have asked me to put the word out about a Sasha meeting to be held at Dawn.

It's to be held on JUNE 21st from 12 Noon at Dawn's House near Banbury.
An informal get together, sales tables etc.

All Sasha collectors are welcome. No charge but please R.S.V P      BY JUNE 14th to either

Dawn      dawn.law      **               @virgin.             net


Rosie    Shortellr          **                  @gmail.             com 

I have split the email addresses so as to stop any spam just remove the two ** from the centre.

Dawn and Rosie are looking forward to seeing those who can attend.

It's a great Sasha event and I for one will be attending.

This is Ginny and Ashley waiting to be let in back in June 2013, you can see how they got on if you check back on the left side bar for 2013 June, then Dawn's Sasha day.




  1. Thanks to Dawn and Rosie for this wonderful invite...... although as I said in my email to Dawn yesterday evening my daughter might be up here that weekend celebrating her birthday so might not be able to go.

    1. I hope you are able to make it Kendal it would be lovely to see you :)

  2. Very lovely invitation from Dawn and Rosie. It is sure to be a great Sasha time!!! :) xxx