Friday, 1 May 2015


Well I for one cannot believe that it's already MAY!
But It is so it's time for this months photo competition prize details.

I found this sweet little white photo frame and thought it would be perfect for this competition, you could even put your winning photo in the frame! So you can see the size of this to a Sasha Violet very kindly stood beside the frame.

We are now back to the normal rules of sending photo's in by the 15th May and voting to end by 25th May at 6 pm.


Happy Birthday to all who have a birthday this month.



  1. What a super prize Denise and good luck to all the entrants hoping to win it plus a very happy birthday to all the May-born people.
    Also mustn't forget to wish a wonderful Mother's Day to all those non-UK Mother's who will celebrate this special day this month.

  2. Pretty little photo frame or 'porta foto' as they are called here!
    I really really must try to enter the competition one of these days...I am so disorganised though! Plus I can never think what to take photos of!!!
    Ditto the birthday wishes!!!

  3. A lovely frame for the lucky winner. I look forward to seeing the entries! :) xxx

  4. Another great gift! Someone will be lucky to get such a nice frame. What a good idea, I would never have thought of it!