Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Ragnor's been working on his plans for a castle in the garden and now he is showing them to Percy and Erik.
"What about this one? " Ragnor asks

" T Ten foot wide! " gasps Percy " By Twenty high! "

"Oh " says Ragnor " do you think it's not big enough? "

Percy looks to the heaven's and counts to ten , Ragnor waits patiently for Percy's opinion.
"It would take years to make one that big " he says not wanting to deflate Ragnor

"What others do you have ? " asks Percy calmly
Ragnor shows him the one where the big tower is surrounded by an outer wall with a drawbridge, his favourite but he didn't want to seem too greedy!
Percy's says " Ragnor It is a wonderful castle " " Thanks " " But it's way too big ! Mum will never in a month of Sundays let us build a castle that big in the garden! apart from us being old men by the time it's finished!"
"But she's getting a great big log cabin" argues Ragnor
" Yes but that's for all of us "
"Well my castle will be for all of us"
"My castle? "
" I mean our castle " Ragnor corrects himself , blushing.

" What about this one? " questions Erik  holding up another of Ragnor's plans "This is much smaller "

"But that's just a small tower!" grumbles Ragnor  " It's meant to go inside the walls"
" Not always " argues Erik " they had lots of these defence towers all over England"

"But a castle would be better than a tower " argues Ragnor
"Well we can call it Tower Castle ! " says Erik

Erik hands the plans to Percy, who looks them over " I think this is the one we should show Mum and Dad, it's small enough that they just might agree !"
"Then maybe later we could build a wall round it? " asks Ragnor hopefully
" Maybe "says Percy much less hopefully!

The boys sit down and plan just how to broach the subject of a castle tower in the garden and who to ask first!
" I think we need to find a place to site it first " says Erik " as that way if they say there is nowhere it could fit we'll be able to say yes there is and show them "
" Good idea " agrees Percy " I'll also work out what materials we'll need and how much it could cost , then if they say it would be too expensive we'll have an answer, I'll also work on the plans for construction "
Ragnor listens happily to his big brothers and all their ideas.

"Right " says Percy " so it's decided, when the weather improves we'll scout out a couple of places to build Tower Castle and in the meantime I'll cost it up and draw the plans "
Ragnor is so happy he could just burst!



  1. These lads certainly look and seem to have all corners covered for the future Tower construction that their plan is looking to be definitely approved by the Owen/Hertsfordshire Council.
    So when is your next Planning Council meeting due? I know from watching 'Homes under the Hammer' that these approvals can take up to three months especially if they have to be altered and then re-submitted.
    Good luck boys!

    1. They are definitely determined to have a Castle Tower in the garden! I just hope they know how to apply for planning and can afford the fess involved!
      Three months sounds about right as I'm sure they won't want to be building in the cool early spring days!
      Resubmitted? I don't think they'd bother , they'd just carry on regardless! ;)

  2. I like Ragnor - he thinks big! Couldn't he go to Mum's bank and ask for a construction loan?

    1. Ah! Now I know why he was asking what the going loan rate was? I though he was just trying to show an interest in my work!! The tike!

  3. Hi Ragnor
    Just a thought and of course as I know I'm only six, so you might think my ideas are silly, but could you put the lower hall underground? It could be a secret banqueting hall and that would mean that the castle could look lower so that the snoopy people at The Planning Department might not say it is too big.
    Oooh! You could have tunnels from there, leading to Mrs' Mum's kitchen so that you don't get cut off from the the Owen Special Hot Chocolate in winter and another one to Mr. Dad's workshop for when you need to go on a secret mission to borrow tools. Then another one that comes up near the garden dragon so he can help send your foes packing if danger threatens and maybe...
    Can I come and visit when it's finished, please?

    1. Hi Bertie
      Keep your voice down! Mum and dad have no idea what we are planning! We want them to be pleasantly surprised! underground room?....
      wow a dungeon ! what a great idea...although I know Mum doesn't like us digging in the garden, she gives us the LOOK!
      A Tunnel to the kitchen sounds good but we'd take so long to dig it we'd never get the castle built, maybe we could make the plans and dig it out later!
      Yes you must come and stay when we have the castle ready, we can have a big feast !
      Ragnor... but remember mum's the word.... sh....

  4. It's great the boys plan something big together - and I like Bertie's idea of secret tunnels!

    1. Boys always plan big! But I don't think mum would be happy if her garden suddenly started collapsing into tunnels all over the place....

  5. The boys are having great fun planning their castle, Ragnor does indeed look very happy to see his brothers planning too. I think they're right to get all the costs etc on paper before approaching mum and dad about it, that way they have answers to all the opposition! ;) Well done lads!!!

    1. They are having fun planning, maybe I'll be lucky and that's all they'll want?... mind you I know that Ragnor can be very determined as is Erik who is still dropping hints about viking long ships.... I hope they've got some savings to put towards this new idea of theirs! :) xx

  6. An Englishman's home is his castle and it seems a Viking's too!
    Clever boys - get the business plan worked out - how could Mrs Mum (and Dad) object.

    1. Yes it is ;) but Erik still wants a long boat but he would like a castle too! :)
      I just hope they've found some treasure to pay someone to come and build and pay for this plan!;)

  7. How wonderful to plan the construction of a castle! Between the three boys, I bet they come up with a perfect design that Mom and Dad will approve. I can't wait to see their scouting and onsite reconnaissance visits for an ideal castle site. 😊 xxx

    1. I bet they do too! and I bet Mum and dad are going to be having their ears worn out with all the asking and hints!
      They are talking about some sort of trip tomorrow, they've offered to check out the garden for any winter damage, such good lads. :) xxx

  8. I enjoyed reading this story about dreaming and scheming to built a tower. I really liked the photos. The dolls are lovely as are their clothes. The lounge is so cute! It was a pleasure to just look at the pictures.

    1. Thank you :) They've been dreaming and scheming since last year , only now have they let us in on their plans!
      Glad you enjoyed the photos :)