Thursday, 20 December 2012



I thought I would share one more of Ellen Church's photo's .This is one of two 70's Sasha's and A 70's Gregor with the same beautiful eye colour. Ellen calls them her triplets and they do indeed look like a set.

Dressed in these matching outfits they are a lovely sight.


  1. A delightful trio.
    Great to see my ex lad James again.... though I'm certain that he doesn't like being dressed in pink to match his triplet sisters! Perhaps after the photo shoot he could be allowed to get changed into some 'non-pink' gear?
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. LOL, Kendall, you should see some of the small boys here in Spain! Before they are 5 years old, their mothers often dress them in all sorts of, what I would consider, really girlie clothes, such as knitted tights, flowered blouses with little Peter Pan collars and little Mary Jane shoes!!! My son says "If I have a boy, he is NOT going to be dressed like that, despite being half Spanish!" So this little lad looks almost 'butch' compared to some little boys here!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spainxx
    PS I love the three of them, they are so pretty looking Dee.