Friday, 19 July 2013


Oh what's this? Where is this months bear? they are already late due to all the goings on with Reuben
I'd best go find out what holding the little bear up!

Mrs Mum goes off leaving the camera ready in place for the photo session.

Hold on! Whose this?

A certain bears face appears in the view finder!
"Mm " he says, " Just a small adjustment for maximum photo opportunity !"

 "Why Mrs Mum cannot use a smaller chair " complains the bear as he climbs up .

"There!" says Mossy! , why am I not surprised! " I think this month I should stand in a commanding manner !"

"Well " says another voice " I think you should stand somewhere else!"

"What do you want !" demands Mossy
" I want you to get off the bear of the month chair!" says the little bear in a firm but polite manner
" Why should I? " argues Mossy " They're late so they miss their chance !"

Within a couple of seconds the bear is standing facing Mossy on the chair.
" I have asked politely Mossy and now I am telling you " says the bear sweetly " clear off ! You have had you go and now it's mine"
"You are Late " states Mossy still hoping to win
" Mossy Don't make me call Edward ! "
Mossy sighs in disgust, he knows when he's beat, so gets down from the chair

Mossy leaves muttering all the way " I don't know why they bother with any other bears ! They've had the best Me! " he continues muttering as he passes Mrs Mum returning to take the photo.

Finally here is the bear of the month for July ... AIMEE.
a very friendly little bear who loves a natter with her friends and the Sasha's, she can be a little nosy! So if you want to know what's been happening or if you've missed something , she's the bear to ask!


  1. I was a bit worried first off, seeing a BARE chair...without a BEAR :)
    Glad Aimee turned up!
    Have I BEAT Kendal when commenting first???? I am getting good at this :)

  2. I BARELY had time to find Aimee before that Mossy was jumping into the frame!!

    I'm sure Kendal was resting from this heat, not being of an icy persuasion like your good? self :))

    1. Girl, I sleep with my head resting on the computer keyboard...I love your posts so much, they never fail to please!!

  3. At least Aimee is firm and polite, unlike Reuben, who has yet to learn his place in the village. Mossy is as always incorrigible (just the way we like him).

    1. Yes Aimee is much more Polite than Reuben who is not polite at all!!

      I'll say no more about Mossy and his camera fixation!!

  4. A story's BEARly a story without Mossy!
    Love it when he comes right up to the camera to adjust it.
    Aimee's a cutie too but we all know who the real star is.

    1. Not more encouragement for that naughty Mossy!!
      But must confess I was pleased with the camera adjustment photo! :)

  5. The bear of the month is a pretty little lady, but Mossy ... well what can I say that hasn't already been said about this hairy little fellow! I love him! I love the photo where he is peering into the camera lens, so cute and funny....Dee I don't know how you think of all these stories. You really are in the wrong job, you should have worked with children. Oh! You say you DO! US!!!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. I can see I'm on the losing side in Mossy verses the Camera! lol
      I am pleased with the close up!!

      It's nice to know I have found my level for my stories!! Lol :))

  6. Luckily Mossy's antics have more than made up for my disappointment in not beating Ronny YET AGAIN with a comment!

    I'm beginning to suspect that Ronny is telling the truth about even sleeping now by the computer! I do so adore Dee's blog stories and really look forward to them BUT hopefully I still have some semblance of another life as well....though Mossy is certainly doing his upmost to stamp that part of me out!

    Love his 'up close' camera shot! Bless him!
    Congratulations again Ronny!

  7. I am glad you have another life too Kendal! :) And Mossy is to busy stamping all over the bear of the month photo's without any more encouragement from you too!

    I will have to make sure he does not read any of these comments or there will be no stopping him!! :)

  8. Am I alone in wondering whether Mossy would be more suited to have a Little Master than a Little Miss ---- perhaps Little Master Lucas would be suitable? They are two scamps of a kind.
    Love the close up as Mossy adjusts the camera lens!

    1. Jenni! Lucas is nasty and not friendly to others and Mossy is just vain!! oh and thinks everyone loves him! It's true he is a scamp but a nice scamp...

    2. But everyone DOES love him Dee!!!!