Friday, 5 July 2013


Toby is in the garden looking for Zak, who is hiding.

"ZAK! where are you ?" calls Toby

"Where can he be " he mumbles.

"ZAK! " calls Toby getting annoyed " If you don't come out now I am going back indoors!"

" S A..K " calls a sweet little voice " S AC K!"

Toby jumps! " Who ! What! Where..did you come from ? " he stutters
" Bonjour Tobee's " smiles the stranger " I comes from Madam Shelly's to lives here"
" Well No one told me!" exclaims Toby " I could have had a heart attack and died!"
The little girl giggles " Oui! I am Marcie " then she is off across the garden, Toby quickly follows.

" What 's in the pram ? " asks Toby nosily
" Landau? " queries Marcie " Ma petite Edith "

"Bonjour " sighs Edith with a sad face.
"What are all those other things? " asks Toby
" Cadeaux " replies Marcie
" Heh! " Toby is confused
" How you say arh G ift "
Toby likes the sound of Cadeaux!

While they have been chatting, Hattie's appeared coming back from the village stores.

Looks like she's been buying Sunflowers.

She stops long enough to wish them good afternoon in Japanese " Konnichiwa Toby, Marcella "

Hattie continues on her way.

Toby shouts after Hattie " Does Mum know you are wearing her knitting needles in your hair? I bet she'll be angry! you could poke someone's eye out!!!"
" Only yours " mumbles Hattie carrying on with her journey.

"Is she..Is that.." stutters Marcie " is Hattie Bonham Carter Owen?"
"No ! " says Toby annoyed " That's Harriet OWEN" he shouts that last part at Hatties vanishing back.
" Fantastique ! " cries Marcie then runs after Hattie calling " Bon apres-midi Hattie !"

Toby finds himself left alone with the pram full of Cadeaux and Edith!

"Come on I'll take you indoors " says Toby to the little bear " I bet you wish you'd never come here !"

"Non Non Regret "  sighs Edith

Back at the house he finally catches up with a very happy Marcie . " You left poor Edith outside in the sun! I had to push this pram all the way down the garden I'm a BOY I don't push pram's!" he says in disgust
"Merci! Tobee's " says Marcie far to happy to be upset by Toby's cross face.

Marcie soon has Toby smiling when she gives him a gift " Maman says you is Joker so this I bring you!"

Half an hour and two trips to the bathroom later ,there are lots of gifts spread about the room.Wool for the girl's to knit with, fabric for dresses, snazzy yellow and white shoes, dresses and a hot water bottle because Marcie thought it would be cold all the time in England!

 The door opens and Arabella comes in, Toby sees this as his chance to escape, so picks up his toy and rushes for the door pausing only long enough to say " If she says Oui , it does not mean she wants to use the bathroom ! " then he's gone.

Arabella realising her new sister has some French blood in her veins, Is happy to greet her in the French manner of a kiss on each cheek.

Soon they are chattering away Arabella using some of her school girl French and Marcella her school girl English. Arabella cannot believe her luck , a French sister, who loves Fashion... Fantastique!!!


  1. Oh, pauvre Edith! Pourquoi elle est si triste?

    1. Elle aime les chanson's tristes d'piaf

    2. pourquoi est-edith si triste parce que quelqu'un a volé sa banane

  2. Well I never!!! What a international household yours is becomming Dee! I love the little French girl, Marcie, what a little sweetie! And Hattie is hilarious with her hair adorned with knitting needles!!!
    Such fun in your house!!!!

    1. What can I say!
      Hattie is a one of a kind ! Lol :)

  3. Firstly I here BEFORE Ronny?
    If so, this will just have to be a very quick comment just so that I can register my name and get it published and then I'll comment more fully later.

    1. You got to publish before me Kendal...I did read the french comments and couldn't think of a reply (; Marcie is a poppet Dee..glad to see Hat is back :)

    2. It's late and you have probably had you head under a v dub all day! or I am sure you would have thought of something! Heaven help me! :)

      Hattie is being to stir from her self imposed exile and no doubt will be back and up to something ! :)

  4. Great post introducing my favourite doll off Shelly's recent post. Unfortunately not being able to remember or speak a word of French I'm non the wiser of the conversation between the two girls but loved the French style geeting.
    (I'm hoping that someone will be good enough to translate into English for me as don't want to be missing anything important!)

    Edith is a little poppet. I was wondering what she would look like.

    The birthday pram is already coming in very useful transporting Edith Bear and all the gifts.... though I'm sorry to see that Toby 'was left holding the baby' and as he points out, that is not a boy's activity.

    Looks like 'Mrs Mum' is going to be rather busy in the near future with those new materials and wool. Patiently await the results.

    Love Hattie's unique style yet again and notice that your lads have already changed into their DD Summer gear.
    (Afraid that mine will have to wait until Wimbledon has finished. I'm glued to the TV as it's so exciting as always.)

    1. Thank you Kendal, Marcie is a lovely waif and appears to be French! I'm as surprised as Shelly is!! ;)
      Jenann asked why was Edith sad and my first reply was that she liked the sad songs of Edith Piaf, my second reply was and someone stole her banana!

      I was surprised how much that little pram could hold!!
      And yes I really need to start using this fabric!!

      Hattie is into Japanese at the moment hence her japanese style dress and headwear!!
      I mus confess only Toby, Nate and Adam were in their summer wear but I have changed Duncan, Zak and Parcy tonight.
      But now the girl's all need another change!!
      I knew you would be glued to wimbledon watching Murray, Im sure you boys are watching with you and are happy to wait until all the excitements over!!

  5. J'adore la robe de Marcie!


  6. Poor Zack, is he still waiting to be found?

    1. In truth Julie, Zak had gone inside long before Toby bothered to start looking for him and was happily eating Crisps and watching Dispicable Me along with Nate, Paige and all the babies!
      He knows what his brother Toby is like for leaving hiding for hours while he's off playing!!
      So this time he only waited a little while before giving up and going in!!