Saturday, 13 July 2013


Claudia and Rosina are coming back from playing with their friends in the village , when suddenly Claudia stops.
" What's wrong? " asks Rosie
"Who is that? " says Claudia
Rosie turns to look...

"Good afternoon " says Reuben from his perch on the gargoyles shoulder " I'm Reuben , I have just arrived "

" Good Afternoon Reuben " say the girl's together, Claudia continues " Why are you waiting out here all alone?"
" Oh I'm just looking for someone " He looks closely at them " and it could be one of you!" he says smiling.

First he studies Rosina " You have such beautiful Hand painted eyes " he says happily

 Then he looks at Claudia " Another with such beautiful eyes " he sighs happily making the girl's giggle.

" Can I ask what year you two were born? "
The girl's start to sing " I got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime
played it till my fingers bled, was the summer of...69!!"
they laugh happily " well really 1970 but we love that song " says Claudia

"Did you Say 69 or 70?"
"Well 70" chorus the girl's laughing.
" I find nothing funny in being born so LATE! " says Reuben huffily " You had best run along !"

Then he turns away , giving the girl's the cold shoulder. " You are a very rude little bear " say Claudia
getting annoyed
" Maybe he's just feeling lost and alone " says Rosie softly, her kind heart worrying for the little fellow.
" Are you STILL HERE !" grumbles Reuben rudely.

"What a strange rudely little bear " says Claudia
" Oh I thought he was quite sweet " replied Rosie
" Best not let Gloria hear you say that, she'll think you wont want her any more "
" Oh NO! " says Rosie hurriedly " Gloria is my own little bear I would never change her"
they carry on back to the house to ask about the rude bear in the garden.
Reuben shouts after them " Have you seen Jemima? you know the blonde with the little fringe..." he goes quiet for a moment " Melinda? that's her name...SEND MELINDA OUT HERE......" as an after thought he shouts "PLEASE"

The afternoon rolls on as the little bear sits and waits for Melinda? He starts grumbling to the gargoyle
" That mister Steve  said " he mimic's Steve's voice " Oh Reuben you will love it there in the village it's full of delightful characters..." then grumbles on " Characters characters! I'm surrounded by babies! I thought he meant Sasha's of character as in age and beauty not waifs and strays ! "
The gargoyle listens patiently wondering when the little bears going to get off his shoulder which is beginning to ache !
Reuben begins to suspect those two air heads have totally forgotten to tell Melinda or whatever her name is that he is waiting to honour he with his patronage !


A walnut whip to the first person who can tell me who sang the song the girl's love summer of 69?


  1. Replies
    1. Are you sure? dont want to take five minutes to check?? :))

  2. Yay! I beat Kendal..:) And I love Walnut Whips :)

  3. He he great - the plot unfolds.
    Wish I was as pretty as your Rosie!

    1. But Rosie you can KNIT...Dee's Rosie can't :)

    2. I am sure you are as pretty as Rosie is Rosie!!
      My Rosie can also knit but she's left handed so cannot teach anyone else! and is very strange to watch!!
      But Rosie Lairds Knitting is lovely and very popular :)

    3. Oh thank you - I'm all chuffed :)

  4. Trust the mention of Walnut Whips to bring Ronny running!
    Well done for beating me today.

    Dee, another wonderful episode to this enchanting story. How many more chapters have we to look forward to?

    1. :) Kendal you know me so well!!!
      I agree.I love Dee's storylines too!

    2. That Ronny can tell when a walnut whips on offer even when her computers off and she's down the end of the garden!! :))
      Glad you are enjoying this storyline, I do not honestly know how mant episodes there will be, I have to wait and see like everyone else! but I did see Reuben out side speaking to Mossy a little while ago..... :)

  5. Hilarious once again Dee! That bear needs bringing down a peg or two, because he's a very naughty little fellow. I wonder what Mossy makes of him?!!! I can see a bit of competition here!
    I wish I'd known the name of the song because my goodness, I could eat a Walnut Whip right now! LOL

    1. Sharon you can become a member of the WALNUT WHIP CLUB (Not many members only me and Dee...I think Kendal likes Liquorice Alsorts...but we can't start a club up for those as well :) )

    2. I am sure he'll get his just deserts in this Village!!
      Surely the walnut whip would melt out in all that sun!!

    3. And yes you could join the Walnut whip club , I do think Kendal is a member, for she to likes a walnut whip! I only like the coconut pink and yellow ones in the liquorice allsorts !!

      But what about the curly wurly???? :))

    4. I always think curly wurlys are disappointing - they just don't have enough chocolate.
      Much better off with a large bar of whole nut or fruit and nut or my latest favourite - giant toblerone, you can eat 2 or 3 bits and there's always some to come back to!

    5. That why you need two!!! But Cadburys Whole nut Mm Mm , dont do frunit n nut thats way to healthy!1lol
      Toblerone's nice but hard on the teeth and with my two front ones deciding in their old age to head away from each other well!!!!

  6. Well I very much would like to become a member of the Walnut Whip Club, and no Dee, they don't melt here in the sunshine....they don't get a chance!!!! I'm too much of a piggy! Curly Wurly's are lovely too, but I'm intrigued that Rosie can eat 2 or 3 bits of her Toblerone and then 'come back to it?'....? What is that? You mean you don't have to eat the whole bar ALL at ONCE???? WOW!!! No, I'm afraid that would be too hard, once I start then I can't stop, but then I'm like that with a lot of things!!!!