Sunday, 21 July 2013


Reuben 's finally come in from the garden and is trying to rest on a small bench in the playroom.He is just starting to nod off when he hears singing " Come and meet those dancing feet...on the avenue I'm taking you to...forty- second street "

" Rudy! Rudy! My Darlink wake up your Anna is here !"
" What the !" Reuben looks at the little strange bear in front of him " I was trying to sleep, go away!"
The bear gives a tinkling laugh " Ah Rudy you have not changed one bit"
" Who is Rudy? " asks Reuben  angrily " My name is Reuben not Rudy !"

The little bear looks closely at Reuben " Oh I make ze mistake you are not Rudy ze companion of the great Rudolf  Nureyev ! " for a moment the little bear looks sad then brightening she continues " my name is Anastasia Rachmanjackov Talstory formerly of the Bolstoy Ballet, that's in Russia you know and you can call me Anna!"
Reuben looks at Anna wondering if he's asleep and this is some kind of strange dream.
" Oh Rudy you look so sad! " she moves closer forcing him back " I can tell all from one look "

"Let me look into your Mincy Pies !" say Anna dramatically
" My What! " growls Reuben
" You Mincy pies ! Mm Eyes ! It is the cocky knees that Mrs Mum taught me " says Anna " Now hold still while I look deep" she holds Reuben still while she oo's and arh's.
" I see such sadness, you have lost some think! no no some one who is dear to you "
Reuben pulls away and turns his back.

" Do not worry so ! " says Anna to Reuben's back " All will how you say wash out in tide!"
"Time " corrects Reuben automatically
" Yes Time!" Anna's tinkling laugh makes Reuben shiver " Now you must come to my dance class it will help to relax these tense shoulders and bring some happiness into you soul!"

" I do not Dance !" say Reuben sternly
" Everyone dances !" exclaims Anna " I have been trained in the Ballet since I was a cub!"

" She gets up and does a twirl or two and sinks into a deep curtsy. Reuben is impressed not that he'd say anything.

"Now I am too old to dance ze ballet all ze times , so I do ze shows dancing tappy tap" she starts singing
" Heaven I'm in Heaven and my heart beats so" she sings slightly high and off key!

Reuben covers his ears at the off key singing. Anna stops and laughs her tinkling laugh " I know ze singing is not so goods but I love to sing ! It makes me happy"

"Well I cannot sit here chitting and chatting with you, I must prepare for my dance classes, I hold them every Tuesday and Wednesday 2 til 5 o ze clock, you must come! "
She moves to the edge of the bench ready to jump down " If you look for ze Np , you must talk with the Lady Kendal she has lots of those in her mansion in the north, ask Edward or Mossy they have seen them "
She jumps down hurrying away calling " Tuesday Wednesday 2 til 5 do not be late!!"

Reuben lays back down trying to get comfortable his head filled with the funny little Anna's words, Lady Kendal's Np's !

He tosses and turns and finally makes his mind up ! He must find out more about this Lady Kendal and her Np's maybe what he seeks is there! Slowly he falls asleep and a small smiles curves his mouth.


  1. Did I beat Kendal????
    I love your posts Dee, straight to the point without 100's of boring photographs! I LOVE the story of the bears....the wait is unBEARable to see if he will go to the dance class:)

    1. I hope that you're not referring to MY 'hundreds of boring photographs'!
      ....though guess that you must be. I really DO try to cull them before downloading but it takes so much of my time as I can never seem to decide which is the best,,,,so usually end up putting more than is needed on.

      Yes, you beat me but only just as when I checked less than half an hour ago there was no new listing.

      Poor Reuben. His life must be unBEARable (to quote Ronny!) at the moment. Am keeping Mr Steve in touch with life at the Sasha Village whilst he's still away.

      Don't like to think of him sleeping on that bench outside rather like a tramp on a park bench though at least he has a pillow on which to rest his worried head. Any chance of a blanket if the weather gets colder? Can he come indoors if we get the forecasted thunder storms? (Feel rather responsible for him while Mr Steve is so far away.)

      Wherever did you get the idea of a dance class then? I'm wondering just what else is stored up in that head of yours for these little bears!

      My Studio and NPs have already started to preen themselves up just in case they get a little furry visitor in the forseeable future.

      PS. Goodnight Ronny!

    2. Thank you Ronny ! I know what you mean, it can be so boring if the same photo is used again and again or not culled to a reasonable amount.

      Mm Reuben AT the dance class.... :)

    3. KENDAL! You little fisherman!! You know Ronny's not talking about your lovely photo's! Yours are always shot from different angles and views and contain beautiful Sasha's and their clothing that we all sigh over then go search for, yours are like being given a Master class which we can all learn from!

      Kendal Reuben is sleeping on the bench in the Sasha's playroom not in the garden, we don't like to have any tramps here in the village!! :)
      The Idea for the Dance class came to me on my journey home from the coast! I jotted some notes down , then left them in the car!! so will probably find I missed some good bits out!! darn!!

      Is this the Waltons.... Goodnight Ronny, Goodnight Kendal...Goodnight Reuben...
      Sasha love Dee xx

  2. Oh, so he is! My apologies!
    He's NOT out in the garden at all. Must have had the previous post still imprinted on my mind. (Just goes to show how senile I'm getting with all this 'far-too-intense-and-prolonged' heat!) Stupid me!

    Had forgotten about The Waltons! Was just basically acknowledging that Ronny was there before me AGAIN! (Should have remembered from last week that she doesn't watch The White Queen on the TV. Better make a note of that in my TV Times!!!!)

    1. My fault for keep using Benches for him to be sitting/laying on! But makes it easier for another bear to speak with him, them being so small!

      Showing my age there with the Waltons reference!! :)
      And The Ice Queen's not going to acknowledge that there could have been another Queen even on the TV!!!

      Take care it's supposed to be a hot day today..
      Dee xx

  3. Awwww I'm intrigued now....will Reuben go to the dance classes or won't he, that is the question? I think he would look rather cute in little ankle warmers and a sweatband around his sweet, if grumpy, head!!!!
    I hope Ronny is not referring to my photos either, if so I might need to send the Chihuahuas to bite her there's a scary prospect! ;)
    Anyway I just don't know how you think up all these storylines Dee, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are SOOOO wasted in your job, you should have been a storyteller or childrens entertainer....because you certainly keep us entertained!!!!

    1. We will have to wait and see as I never know whats about to happen until I start to take the photo's and then sit down to write the story!!

      How nice it would be to be able to just do what I wanted to all day!But then you may start saying Oh no NOT another one!!! :))

  4. Kendal and Sharon! I am shocked..I LOVE and ENJOY commenting on your blogs, your blogs like Dee's capture my attention and all your photographs are extremely good...mine, well, I just point the camera and push the button ...and hope for the best :) Sharon please send Kara if you are going to send a Chihuahua as Coop REALLY needs a girlfriend..enough said :)

    1. LOL don't worry Ronny, we knew you couldn't possibly mean us!!!! I mean, what would you do without us ;-)
      I promise to send Kara, but she is such a little fuss pot that you might put her on a plane right back to us! Yoda would like to come and visit so that she could boss your dogs around but she wouldn't be allowed into the UK as she is allergic to the rabies jab and it could kill her if she had it! So she stays with her mama! Kara and Copper will have to be penpals!!!
      Oops I've hijacked Dee's lovely blog! Xxxx

  5. Think you're going to have trouble there Dee if Ruben manages to get to Lady Kendal's - will he ever want to leave?
    Then, of course, how's he going to get there? Can he ride a motor bike?
    Can't wait for the next instalment - think I'll have to sleep on my computer too so as not to miss a thing!

    1. I think it may be Lady Kendal who as the trouble if Reuben ever manages to go up North ! I'm sure he would not want to leave !! lol

      I would not sleep on the computer for next few days as busy working but should be a post on Friday some time...but what about I have no idea ..yet :)

  6. Ah Lady Kendal, a member of the dollystocracy, who has so many well connected Sashas living in her stately bungalow. Will Reuben be moving there? Does Lady Kendal WANT such an opinionated little bear there? To be honest, his snobbery is more suited to the servants' hall than to there an opening for butler at Kendal Hall that Reuben could fill?

    1. LOVE that word DOLLYSTOCRACY!!!! Perfect!!! lol Yes she does have a lot of well connected young ladies living with her and I am sure Lady Kendal would soon knock the stuffing out of this little chap, with her 24 years of teaching, she'd probably having him running laps round the garden followed by twenty press ups and 100 lines of I must not be rude to Sasha's and all before breakfast!!!
      Butler?? no too sure Lady K would wnat a butler that could open the door on a waif Sasha and shut it in their face with the words NEXT!!

  7. Ah, Dee
    Any self respecting English butler can send lesser mortals to the back door, believing that entry through the kitchen is the only way in to the house for those who are trade or not well enough connected to be ushered into the presence of the aristocracy whom he serves. I'm sure Reuben could sneer very effectively at any waif that dares to ring the bell at Lady K's main entrance.
    Thinking about it, though, would a few months of servitude at the Ice Cream Queen's castle put young Reuben in his place?
    J xx