Wednesday, 24 July 2013


What's this? What is that little Bear Reuben up to now? lets go see....

Reuben's found the family desk and appears to be having trouble with whatever he is writing! going by
the screwed up pieces of paper thrown about!

Oh Mr Steve , no surprise there but who's this one to! Her Ladyship??

Hello look's like the nosy little Aimee's found Reuben and is hiding with Gerty and listening to his muttering!!
" Oh what should I call her? Your majesty? Your Noble one? I don't know what to write!"

 Another piece of scrapped paper comes flying over the side of the desk and settles on Aimee's head! Much to Gerty's amusement she cannot look at Aimee for fear of laughing out loud and giving the game away!

Reuben Yawn's mutters and puts down his pen and gets down from the chair and goes in search of some food and a cosy place to sleep for the night, he'll finish the letter in the morning.

Once Reuben's left the room, Gerty helps Aimee up onto the chair with a lot of pushing and shoving!!
Then Aimee pulls Gerty up to join her.

 "What's he written ? " asks Gerty from behind Aimee

"The first is to Mr Steve!" says Aimee " Listen to this !
Mr Steve
Due to your ignoring my last two letters
I must inform you that I  NO longer
wish to return to your abode!
I have met all your Sasha's and must
say that they are not up to the standard
I require!

With no regret what so ever

The girl's pause in silence at such rudeness until Gerty says " What's the other letter say?"

"Oh " says Aimee " listen to this!
My dear Lady Kendal
I  have been informed that you are a member of the
Dollyocracy and live in a fine house in the north.

I will be travelling up that way in the near future
and wondered if I could call on you.

Your humble servant
Reuben "
" Humble servant! " exclaims Gerty " That bear could not be humble ! even if a bee bit his bum!"
"GERTY!" gasps Aimee giggling.
"It's true " giggles Gerty

" I wonder why he wants to go and see Lady K? " says Aimee
"To check out her Np's of course " replies Gerty " The wretch!"

"Well We had best keep an eye on the rotter ! Fancy writing to nice Mr Steve like that!" say Aimee
getting very excited at the thought of spying on Reuben " Come on! lets go see what he's up to!"....


  1. Just clocking in first before I go back to read the post....just in case Ronny is still up and gets in before me!

  2. Oh! Poor, poor Steve! I hope that he won't have a heart attack when he arrives home and reads his post from Reuben but if he is going to post this in the same PO box as the other two he might well be spared the upset.

    I do hope that Reuben won't be too disappointed when he visits my now small retirement bungalow although I'm hoping that once he spots my Studio Dolls and NPs he won't give it another thought.

    Love the spying and sneek-i-ness of the two girl bears here! (Luckily most females are good at this sort of thing so we shall hopefully be kept up to date on Reuben's activities.)

    Dee, I'm not sure how you manage to keep on excelling yourself time and time again with these most amusing stories!
    Love the 'writing desk' scenes today and the crumpled tossed aside bits of paper.

    Many thanks for yet another superb night time story! Will no doubt be counting bits of crumpled paper and not sheep tonight.
    Off now to close all the open doors and windows due to the heat before flopping into bed!

    1. Poor Steve! I would think he'll be delighted that the rude Reuben wont be reappearing on the doorstep!!lol

      Kendal due to his size( more than extremely small) Reuben will believe that he is in a large mansion!And when he sees the studio dolls and girl's Ill be lucky to drag him home!!

      Those two are thick as thieves and just as sneaky!! Aimee just as to know everything ...first!!

      Glad you are enjoying this Saga!! may have to put it to one side to actually show some SASHA'S as this is their blog!!!

      hope you slept well, it was cooler here last night, so not to bad a sleep!

  3. Oh dear, Reuben is not making himself popular and now the girl bears have seen what he has written to Steve and Lady Kendal he is going to have to do something really good to redeem himself.

    1. Will It be possiable??
      He's burnt his boat with Steve , so is now after Kendal's Nps...

  4. Noooooooooooooo! Kendal you sneaked in there!!!!! Well Done You!!
    As always a truly excellent post! I am really getting fond of Reuben....keep these fab stories coming Dee!!

    1. Mmm why am I not surprised you are getting fond of the rude Reuben!!! :)
      Glad you are still enjoying them :)

  5. Hope Lady K's getting out the the silver service but I imagine she uses it every day.
    I love how much Aimee and Gerty remind me of ancient maiden aunts - into everyone's business!

    1. I'm sure she'll have Reuben Polishing it! if he gets to visit!!

      And you are right about Aimee and Gerty always want to know the whats happening, the local miss marple and inspector Japp... :)

  6. LOL another brilliant installment in the Life and Times of Rude Reuben! I wonder how Kendal will control him, he's so incredibly obnoxious sometimes! However, having said that, I secretly love him.....he's just such a funny pretentious little fellow, full of airs and graces and even more full of his own self importance.
    Please keep the saga going Dee! Of course we do still want to see your lovely Sashas, but I'm sure this sneaky little bear can squeeze in somewhere too!