Friday, 18 April 2014


Violet and Sapphire were in the garden working hard weeding.

They stopped for a few minutes to catch their breath and discuss their plans for planting for the summer.
" I think we should plant some lavender down here by the hedge it will send a soft scent round the garden when the sun shines " said Violet
" Yes and maybe we could plant some bluebells in front to add a splash of early colour "

Having agreed a plan they get back to their weeding.

meanwhile elsewhere in the garden...

Gunther who's been checking out all the good spots for finding bugs in the garden comes across a strange green thing lying in amongst the plants.

" was ist das? oh der Drache Puppen bald vergessen!" Gunther sighs " Kinder so unordentlich mit ihren Spielsachen!
Angst vor Drachen nicht Ich werde dich nach Hause tragen!"

"What is it? Oh forget the dragon dolls soon!" Gunther sighs "children so messy with their toys!
Fear of dragons not I'll carry you home! "

He finds the dragon puppet quite hard to carry until he as an idea!

The twins are still working away, wanting to get just a little more done before going in for tea!

Elsewhere Gunther is struggling along with the dragon puppet.He is finding it very heavy to carry something that is nearly as big as he is!

"Ouch! mein Fuß dumm Drachen!" grumbles Gunther and gives a deep low growl...
Violet goes still and looks about , she is sure she heard a noise?

Suddenly she sees something moving slowly through the plants. " Sapph! " she whispers turning quickly away.

"What? " asks Sapphire turning
"Shhh!" whispers Violet " There's something growling in the plants ! Don't look !"
So of course Sapphire looks !

" I cannot see an...oh.."
"What what!" whispers Violet anxiously
" It's green... and coming this way! " she gives a little tremble.." I  I I think....."
" What!" Violet just manages not to scream the word
" Think it''s ...a giant....lizard!"

The Lizard! when it finally arrives at the edge of the plant finds himself all a lone and the sounds of two screaming girls echoing in the distance!!

" Nein! " wails a very tired and foot sore Gunther " Where be they? I heard them clear!"

But the twins are long gone only their over turned trug left and the sound of a back door slamming shut far away at the start of the garden!

Gunther rests back against the over turned trug wondering how long he will have to wait for someone to return! He does not want to have to eat bugs for tea! He could if he really really had to! But he would much prefer a lovely warm honey sandwich and a cup of this English tea that these village bears are so fond of!



  1. Another brilliant story! Those two little girls are incredibly helpful in the garden, or were until Gunther came along!!! I could have done with some of their hard work earlier in the week as I got our garden all ready for spring! Your garden is looking beautiful Dee, you really do have a lovely and relaxing looking place to sit and enjoy life, don't you!
    Anyway, loved the girls, their dresses and how hard they were working, thought Gunther was very cute and funny in his new 'hat'.....and I really hope that he doesn't have to eat grubs an stuff for his tea either! Yuck!!

    1. Thank you Sharon.Just as well the twins are helping , there is a lot of weeding that needs doing! I love this time of year when everything starts growing and covering the earth, well apart from the weeds of course!! lol
      The girls dresses are by Ginny, she does use some lovely fabrics.I hope Gunther does not have to eat bugs for tea!! :)

  2. It's a good job that the twins enjoying gardening as a hobby as wouldn't want you had up for underage labour.
    Love how they each have their own 'colourways' right down to their matching accessories.
    It's been the perfect weather for weeding and tidying up generally.

    Great idea for Gunther to carry in the lost Dragon hand puppet on his head as it leaves his hands free to push his way through what must seem like a jungle of closely growing tall plants.

    I'm sure that the twins will soon be back, and hopefully rescue him. as good gardeners always clean and put their tools safely away after working.

    1. Thanks Kendal, if only these Sasha's could garden it would save a lot of time :)
      Gunther did indeed need his hands free to fight his way through the plants, that are now growing strong.
      I hope the twins will be back to tidy up ...but well if I knew a lizard was about I'd send Paul!! :)

  3. Enjoy your gardeningpost! Sorry for Gunther for Scharping your lovely Girls. Greetings from Digne, at the Moment at the Black Forest for a Family Meeting.

    1. Thank you Anne. Gunther did nothing wrong, he was hoping they could take him and the puppet back to the house and save him a very very long walk for a little bear.
      Have a lovely time with your family in the Black forest home of the BEARS!!! :)

  4. This made us both laugh - that dragon is already causing trouble in the village I see, though quite unintentionally of course! I hope the girls come back soon.

    DmD likes weeding the lawn with a long weeding gadget we've got that twists the weed out with a plug and you turn it over and shove the plug of earth back into the hole - she did a bit of lawn weeding today (she offered, not child labour).

    1. Laughing we like in the village :) It's not the dragon's fault nor Gunther's ! just one of those things :)
      It's always good to have a gadget for doing jobs does encourage some who would otherwise not bother to give a helping hand...well until they grow tired of it! Best to let her help while it's still a novelty :)

  5. Oh, Gunther! All you wanted to do was tidy up after the untidy Village children and now you might miss very unfair!
    Watch out Mr. Mossy. If you don't start pulling you weight in the being helpful department, Gunther might just rise above you in my if you care!

    1. Gunther is a very helpful happy bear. I'm sure Mossy will be upset if ANYONE steals his fans affections from him!! :)

  6. Great story Dee! Gunther is quite a chap and the girls are trying so hard to have a lovely garden. I hope they do not give up and are able to plant their flowers :) hugs, xxxx