Sunday, 13 April 2014


Ginny finds Mossy sitting in the shady part of the garden reading a card...well Mossy cannot read so he is really just making it up...

Ginny listens to him 'reading' " We were so happy you were home when we came to visit, we did not want to see any of those other old bears especially not that grumpy Panda ! Why he is just.."
" Mossy!" says Ginny " What are you doing? "
"Just Reading!" says Mossy innocently..

" Well I know that that note does not say that! It's from Laura who came to Visit with Whoo her owl and it says about being your number two fan and Hattie's number one fan ! Nothing about Edward !"
Throwing the card down Mossy huffs " Don't know no Tatty ! and she would have complained about Edward if she'd had time!"
" Not Tatty ! " says Ginny giggling " Hattie as you very well do know!Just be grateful you have two fans that write to you." Mossy grins at Ginny's words.
" What's this? " she asks touching another letter addressed to Mossy.

" How would I know! I cannot read.. humm properly yet !" says Mossy " But I can read my name and that's my name...isn't it? " he questions not entirely sure..

Ginny sits down and picks up the letter that is indeed addressed to Mossy.

" Oh how lovely " says Ginny " It's from Clemence the Bramber Bear who went to live with Laura and her mum"
" What a cheek ! " exclaims Mossy " saying he hopes I'm not eating too many honey sandwiches ! I bet that's because he wants them !"
" How would he eat them!" laughs Ginny " He lives too far away now!"
Mossy thinks for a minute " I bet he'll be wanting us to send them to him! Well that's not happening" he says firmly.

"Hush ! " laughs Ginny " Look Laura and her mum have sent us all a present "
" Surely it's for me? " says Mossy
" No . It's for all of us who welcomed Laura and Whoo and for sending Clemence to live with them "
" I did not send that old Clemence to live with them! I bet he just sneaked in their luggage " grumbles Mossy " anyway come on! How long does it take to open a parcel ! It looks like it's green ? "

" What! " exclaims Mossy looking at the green dragon head " It looks nothing like me! "
Ginny laughs " It's not meant to!" giggling she continues " It's a dragon hand puppet!"
" Are you..sure? "
"Yes " says a still giggling Ginny " Look"

Ginny gets up and pulls on the Dragon hand puppet " Look Mossy ! It's just perfect !"

Ginny waves the dragon about roaring a dragons roar!

Mossy rests back against all the letters watching the green dragon puppet waving over his head.

Suddenly Ginny moves in closer Roaring " I am going to eat you little bear !"

" I think you'll find that Dragon's are vegetarians ! " says Mossy " Just ask Drago !"
"Mossy only Drago's a veggie and you are not supposed to tell people or he'll be upset!"
" I'm not telling people I'll telling you !"
" Well if you are going to be a grump I'm off to find someone else who'll want to play dragons!" and so saying Ginny leaves , Mossy hears her go, her roaring fading the further away she gets ..

Peace at last thinks Mossy but he's too soon because out of the flower beds comes.....

Gunther !
" Guten  Morn Bossy bear ! How are you? " he calls crossing towards the bench
" Can a bear never have a moment to think?" mutters Mossy

"What's that Bossy bear? you want a drink? sorry I no have drink on me !" booms Gunther
"I did not say drink and who you calling Bossy? "
" Why you of course " says Gunther with a big friendly grin " You Bossy the grim !"
for a moment Mossy sits in disbelief at what he's just heard  " My NAME is M O S S Y the G R E E N " he spells out loudly
" Truly? " asks Gunther
"Y E S "
" Mm  well if you are sure? I was certain it was Bossy the grim or was that Bossy the grump? Or lump? or "
"WHAT " shouts Mossy getting a little bit annoyed " do you want? "

" Want? " Gunther looks puzzled " I want nothing from you Bossy bear " Mossy give him a steely eyed glare , hiding his smile Gunther say " I mean Mossy bear !"
"Well then be on your way I have thinking to do!"
" You think? " says Gunther in a stunned voice " Truly? " seeing Mossy start to go red in the face with rage Gunther quickly continues " Of course you do! Any of the ways! I am going on a hunt for juicy bugs for dinner, would you like to join me?"
Mossy goes from being red to being very white faced " Bugs? "

Gunther moves forward and pats Mossy's shoulder " Yes Bugs!" he says gleefully " Lovely juicy bugs to go in our Honey sandwiches to add a you say..oh yes BITE!"
Mossy's starting to feel quite sick " Bugs in honey...sandwiches..." he gulps feeling his stomach lurch " No !"

Mossy feels the world tilting !

Gunther decides he's wound the Bossy Mossy bear up enough ! He jumps down before the little grey bear can hear his snickering " Ah you English Bears have been too dolly coddled ..."
" Molly Coddled " corrects Mossy faintly
" Dolly!  Molly ! " Gunther growls " coddled , you do not remember your heritage eating bugs and tasty grubs . I will bring you some back to try " he hurries away " And pick up your papers before you leave this is not a rubbish tips!"

Guther comes to a patch of weeds " That Mr Dad needs to get out in this patch and start his work !" he growls. For the listening Mossy's benefit he calls " lecker sieht das ein guter Ort, um Fehler zu finden!"
( which means this looks a good place to find bugs!")

He starts to leap into the weeds when a fly buzzes straight into his open mouth !
" Ugh! " spit spit " Yuck Arg! " he hurries away trying to rid his throat of the fly ! He thinks he might be sick....

Meanwhile Bossy ,,Ar I mean Mossy is lying down unaware of Gunther's fly drama, worrying that Mrs mum might decide to start adding bugs to his Honey sandwiches if that Gunther tells her it's good for bears!

" and another thing ! ", he thinks as he starts to nod off " if that Laura's his number two fan why is she not sending him them honey sandwiches next day special delivery instead of feeding them to that greedy Clemence who when he lived here only ever wanted orange or lemon marmalade sandwiches....mmm that Laura must make very good honey sandwic.....zzzz zzzz z z z z z z z !


We must thank the little Miss Dmd who very kindly made and sent the Dragon hand puppet for the Village Clan, I can see it being very much loved.



  1. Awww poor little Mossy, that naughty Gunther is tormenting him!!!
    Another great story Dee, I am always enthralled right to the very have such a fantastic imagination. What a lovely present from Laura too, the kids will have a lot of fun with that. And finally, Ginny does look lovely in her lilac Vintage Sasha outfit, it goes just perfectly with her hair colour!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Poor Mossy say you ! Bossy says Gunther!! lol
      Glad you enjoyed this tale from the village, it was very kind of little miss Dmd, Laura's mum to take the time to make such a lovely gift for the Village clan.
      I do love Sarah's linen button smocks and yes the colour is perfect for Ginny :)

  2. We just loved every word and picture - such a great story! You always make us laugh so much!
    That's a super little bench, I don't remember seeing it before?
    The dragon puppet looks great too, I love the little 'spikes' down the back. Plenty of opportunities for bear scare-ing there!

    1. Then my tale was a success :)
      The little bench has appeared before usually with the babies or blue noses sitting on it.
      Little miss Dmd, the puppet maker, did a fabulous job on the Dragon who I am sure will be making many appearances over the coming weeks and months !

  3. What a delightful story Dee! I love Ginny in the lilac outfit! She is beautiful and having such fun with the puppet. Another great post :) xx

    1. Thank's Ginger, I am sure the clan will be fighting over that puppet once they see it! :) xx

  4. So glad that Ginny likes the dragon hand puppet made by DollMum's Daughter (she is learning to use the sewing machine - see Mossy's outrage at Clemence's comment about the honey sandwiches was brilliant (I suspected he would react when I read the letter before we sent it). Bugs in honey sandwiches - whatever next!

    1. Ginny Loves the Dragon puppet made by the very talented Dmd :) and I am sure the others in the village will too!
      Yes Mossy is very protective about HIS honey sandwiches, I'll have to keep an eye on his answer to Clemence !! :)
      Bugs in HS ..not in this village..I hope.... :)

  5. Now wondering just where my comment, written yesterday straight after Sharon's, has disappeared to?
    So here I go again.

    Another delightful and amusing little story full of Miss Ginny and Gunther Bear 'winding up' poor Mr Mossy.... until we all begin to feel really sorry for and quite protective of him, in-spite of his own vain and rather over-rated self importance!

    I've always loved how some young children, who can't actually read as yet, do often pretend to read the written words (especially if there are accompaning illustrations.).... as Mossy is doing here!

    I must congratulate DMD on her newly acquired sewing machine skills. The little Sasha hand dragon puppet is really attractive and beautifully made. Another Sasha seamstress well underway!

    I was immediately attracted to the little white wooden bench and was just wondering from where you bought that when I realised that I have an identical one that two of my babies like to sit on on the spare room's dressing table..... BUT it doesn't look anywhere near as smart as yours does set out here on your newly weeded stone-paved circle!

    (Noticed that Ginny is still sticking with the LILAC VS front buttoned smock!!!!)

    Thanks Denise for another very amusing few minutes! You have certainly, like my late mother, been well and truly blessed with these fabulous 'making-up story-telling' genes.

    1. I answered this a couple of days back but the computer froze, so I left it and have now returned, so I totally understand how truly annoying it is when you go to the trouble of writing a comment only for it to vanish without trace!!
      So glad you enjoyed this tale of bear, Sasha's and dragon..puppets :)
      It was very kind of Dmd to give the clan a puppet which I am sure they will enjoy playing with.
      The bench, like your own , as been around for a few year getting used now and again, very handy for babies and bears.
      Ginny loves her lilac outfit and the girl's will be in them for a month or so if not longer!!!
      Thank you
      hugs Dee x

  6. Thanks Dee!
    This is so wittily! I'm happy to meet the green dragon again and of course Gunther,
    who's indeed a real german bear :)
    Knowing the hard life abroad and will never die of hunger!

    1. Thank you for Gunther Anne :) he appears to be a bear of good humour who likes to tease the other bears !
      Yes I am sure he will make sure NO bears go hungry while he can add to the stores with his bugs ;)