Wednesday, 9 April 2014


On the facebook Sasha group at the moment they are having a no nose week! They have been putting on some lovely No nose's and I am beginning to think a no nose boy might be nice!!!! this from a person whose never been interested in the boys!!!

Anyway I sorted out a photo or two of Arabella my only no nose and put her on, so I thought I'd put a couple on here as she is wearing the beige Vintage Sasha button smock, so it carries on the earlier theme!!

Here she is with her little dog Fifi !

A close up of her little snub nose, they really should be called snub nosed Sasha's not no noses as you can see she does indeed have a nose.

This was Arabella's photo on Shelly's , I had Shelly send her via Alison's for a little extra re rooting around the front of her head before she arrived to live in the village.



  1. She's very pretty Dee, and I agree they have noses, they shouldn't be called No Noses, it's definitely against the Trade Descriptions Act!!! ;)
    I remember being completely confused when I joined the Sasha Mart as I got my first Sasha, as people were talking about 'no noses'...well I'd never heard of them, let alone seen a photo, so asked about it and got an explanation about how they have a tiny nose so are called no noses....and I was even more confused! Anyway, from not liking them at all, I now think they are incredibly cute!!! I don't blame you for wanting a boy to join little Arabella! (Your list never ends, does it!!!) ;)
    I love seeing her in her little Sarah outfit, the subtle colour looks really pretty with her hair colour.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Yes Sharon like all Sasha's over time they do grow on you even the ones you thought never would!! I do not like all no noses but some just appeal more!! :)
      My list is ever changing!! lol and thankfully quite short ..... ;)
      Arabella does look nice in Sarah's outfit
      hugs Dee x

  2. Luckily for my bank balances No-noses aren't for 'me!'
    I did 'try' them out once with a petite little blonde with beautifully silky-hair but she moved on after a couple of years here. Personally I much prefer to call them 'button' noses, as basically it's only the nose bridge that has been flattened to look as though it's non existent.

    Arabella though is definitely one of the prettiest of these girls around and the beige patterned VS front button smock definitely suits her colouring.... plus carrying her little dog Fifi like this puts her well into the celebrity league.
    (Love that little wrought-iron bench that the little Bramber Bear is sitting on just behind her.)

    1. I agree Button noses sounds much nicer than no nose especially as they do have a nose small though it may be!!
      I too think Arabella is a very special no nose :) and she does feel she's a cut above the rest! Fifi helping her in her 'posh' attitude!!
      The little bench I have had for a few years and is a good size for the bears and Sasha's

  3. My very first 'no nose' arrived yesterday.
    KENDAL- BEWARE!!!! I never wanted one until I saw Arabella but now Bertie is here, I'm SMITTEN. He bridges an age gap between the toddlers and the Trendon kids, looking about 6 years old.

    Bertie wishes it to be known that he has a nose, thank you very much. He prefers the term 'small nose' as he fears that, if it is known as a button nose, the other boys will keep pressing it and making silly jokes. As he says, a chap can't grow a full sized nose if other people keep pressing on it.
    Bertie seems to have very strong opinions and to be determined to, quietly and calmly, express those opinions. Take the name, for instance. He was originally to be Otto, after my brother's childhood German pen-pal, but when he arrived he introduced himself as Albert, but preferring to be called Bertie. He is now eying Arabella and looking more interested than a small boy should be.....

    This one is a keeper - I never thought I'd have one but, after a hair restyle, he has melted my heart and I feel more drawn to the early Gotz dolls generally.

    1. I love your Bertie! you just pipped me to the post for him :) I knew he'd be a boy of character, I could just tell!!
      Otto would have been a good name for him but Bertie is too and afterall they do sometimes know what their names are and you just cannot argue!
      He may well eye Arabella but you'd best tell him she's got very expensive tastes and idea's, so he'd best knuckle down to his school work if he's to impress that young miss!
      a couple of years back I would not have own a gotz but now I think they out number the Trendon's!!!!

  4. Buttonnose sounds better than Nonose ;)

    I think, there are great differences between the dolls. Some are beautiful, as your Arabella is
    and some are... some äh... looking kind of stupid.
    So I'm not against them, but looking for the first example.

    And Jenann has a precise description: they 'bridging' a gap. (I love that language:)

    1. I agree Anne, Button noses is much nicer! I also agree that some like Arabella are indeed beautiful and some do indeed look like the viallage idiot!!! lol
      and it's only when the one that calls to you that you can buy one to join your family :)
      Jeann is very clever with language :)