Tuesday, 28 April 2015


A while back on the face book group for Sasha lovers they did a theme on the Gotz No Nose dolls.
Which is what set me off on buying another no nose, one, because I missed Arabella and two, because they looked so good in a group!

This is Brigitte's family of No Noses.A wonderful collection including some pale ones and I love the girl in her short wig.

Lots of others showed off their no noses but only a few had a group.

This is Steve's group.Beautifully turned out of course.These make me think I need another girl at least!

Almost at the same time as I felt the need for a No Nose a Brunette girl appeared on Shelly's so I had a good look at her and then decided yes she was very sweet, so sent Shelly an email.

This is Shelly's photo of  Anoushka .Even in the orange dress I could see her attitude!

So Anoushka was on layaway and I thought that I would love to have a little group of these no noses and that it would take some time.
However a little like buses along came the chance to get not one but two more when I found Olivia and Oliver, so suddenly I had two here and Anoushka on her way.

So now I have my own little group of these No Noses and all without even trying!

Here is Oliver out in the shaded damp garden.

He is soon joined by Anoushka.

 and now Olivia's joined the group.

Ollie is watching the camera !

You can see they are in the shaded garden beside the new Sasha garden.

The Water nymph pretends not to notice them invading her garden!

They decide maybe it's best if they go round to their garden area.

They check out the space.

The sun comes back out and throws the shadow of the trellis.To the left you can see the tiny patch of garden that's the twins, Violet and Sapphires.

I love the shadows playing over their faces.

They decide to move out of the sunlight because it's quite warm out of the wind.

Ollie wonders if there are any more boy's like him in the pipeline ...sorry Ollie at the moment it's just you!

He's not impressed , he was hoping for at least one other boy!

On the way back to the house they stop in the formal box garden for a photo on the metal bench.

Wondering if Mum knows how to take a photo that's not going down or up hill! They wander back towards the house and some tea and toast!.

I am happy to have managed to acquire these three in a short space of time. They make a lovely group and I look forward to seeing their characters appear over the coming year.



  1. They are indeed a lovely group Dee, and I too look forward to seeing how their personalities will develop. I love the girls' Vintage Sasha dresses too, they really suit them perfectly.
    Great photos, please keep 'em coming!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thank you Sharon. I do think the Sasha's look good in small groups of the different types.
      I am sure their personalities will be shown to me over the coming weeks ! :)
      I love this new style of Sarah's, she is such a talented woman!
      Hugs Dee xx

  2. Not really ever being a No-nose fan (although I did have a dear little tot some years ago!) I have to admit that seeing them in these groups here has more of an appeal for me! (Hoping that I'm not now 'sucked' into the 'No-nose' trap after seeing this post!)

    Your three look lovely out enjoying the sunshine here plus I really like Shelly's posed photo of Anouski in her bright orange dress against the plain grey background.... though your two girls look equally sweet in their new very pretty dropped-waisted VS dresses.

    Steve's 'final' four look great here after all his many years of buying and swapping until he's finally found these with their varied eye-style paintings.
    Love the different postures in Brigette's top group photo allowing their different characters to totally shine through.

    Dare I say it.... but good luck with finding your next No-nosed lad???

    1. I once was not a big fan of the No noses but like most Sasha's these have grown on me the more I have seen them.
      Shelly's photo of Anoushka is beautiful, I love Shelly's photo's, she should do a book!

      Steve's and Brigitte's groups are lovely and what made me want more than just one!

      There will be no more no noses for a while as I am quickly reaching my Limit for this year!! :)

  3. Yay, for the no noses. Love Brigites group. I think I need a couple of blonde girls now, lol. Xxxx

    1. I love your group Steve and I think a couple of blondes to join it would look good ;) I too love Brigitte's group all so different and sweet. :) xxx

  4. A wonderful no nose post Dee! I love the pretty dresses on your girls and Ollie's striped shirt is perfect for him. I can see a brother for Ollie in the future! I enjoyed the facebook no nose posts very much. Steve's dolls are always a delight to see and I love seeing how Brigette dresses her Sashas. I look forward to seeing your lovely no noses and their happy days in the Village. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. Sarah's dresses are so nice and Ollie's stripy shirt is by Ginny another talented clothes maker.
      I think Ollie will have to wait a while for a brother as it will have to be just the right one!:)
      Steve and Brigitte both have fine wonderful groups of these dolls :)xxx

  5. I'm loving the no noses Dee, they have a great appeal and knowing you there are more to come. I really love Steve's boy too x

    1. Thanks Theresa, I know you to are a fan :) Well I'd like a red haired girl if I get the chance :) xx