Monday, 7 May 2012


Some of the girls watched the boys having fun in their Dolly doodle gear yesterday and decided that if the boys could do it so could they! There were a few disagreements about what could and could not be worn.

"You cannot wear a pink ribbon " Hattie tells Mitzi
" Why not?"
" Because if you are in a 'crew' you have to wear a beanie hat"

"But I like my pink ribbon! Why can I not wear it under the hat?"
" Because it would look silly" says Hattie " Look I'm wearing all these blue clothes when Helena would want them in black but Judith does not do black so I have to wear these! "
"Oh all right" sighs Mitzi " but I don't know why Judith cannot make pink beanies with ribbon on them!"
Hattie rolls her eyes and helps Mitzi take off her ribbon and put on her hat and pull up the hood.

"Well" says Violet " she's got the sulky look down to a T ! " the others giggle.

" YO! Judith we is your missive crew!" calls Sapphire
Hattie roars with laughter " It's Massive not missive you dolt!"
Everyone giggles at Sapphires mistake, then when they've all calmed down she tries again
" YO! Judith.." " I think you should say Aunty Judith " " Why?" " Because it's respectful"
"Ok" Say's Sapphire " YO! Aunty Judith RESPECT"

That just sends all the girls into another fit of the giggles which attracts the attention of some of the boys who are playing in the garden.

" What are you lot giggling about?" asks Zak coming up with Duncan
The girls tell them what Sapphire said.

" You cannot be a 'Crew'" says Zak " your wearing lilac! "
" Don't be silly " states Duncan " Of course they can be a Crew. It's not the colour you wear its the attitude you wear it with"

He calls the other boys playing in the garden over.

" Right lets do a Sasha Village Crew Huddle" they all quickly gather either side of the girls.

" Now " says Duncan " all together"
Their cry fills the garden frightening the birds and making Drago down his Cavern raise his head .

                                   "YO! AUNTY JUDITH RESPECT ! "


  1. Fab pictures of the kids Dee!

  2. Amusing post. Really enjoyed it but it has made me think that I have to 'update' myself with a couple of the words used here, 'Crewe and massive.' Another sign of getting too old for comfort!

    I too love my girls in Dollydoodle leisure wear but I haven't got around to buying them any of the saggy beanie hats since I have only just finished kitting out the boys with theirs. Might now wait until the Autumn as hopefully they will soon be in their Summer gear as we are heeding the old saying 'Never cast a clout until May is out!'
    Adore Mitzi!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Dee, it's great to see your Sashas and Gregors in their Dollydoodles outfits! Thank yiur for sharing. They look wonderful. What a talented lady Judith is. Being a sewer myself, I sometimes can't believe how many hours have gone into making just one small garment and Judith additionally designs her patterns, three cheers for Judith, how did we ever manage without her!

    Jill xx

  4. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your All Doodled Out and Girls Do Doodle stories … such great fun and wow all your kids are kitted out perfectly in their DD wear! I daren't show my lot, as I only have a few bits and they have to share!! LOL!

    comment from Cathy