Friday, 4 May 2012


It was a bit of a fight to get the twins out of their nice Dollydoodles  matching leisurewear, they said it was too cold to wear dresses and had I not seen the forecast! But when I showed them their outfits, they agreed to change.

These white dresses I have really bought for my reds but decided that the twins could wear then for now along with the matching Bolero's that I got from my friend Gill.
Of course I could not find two pairs of matching shoes but did find the green and the blue Rosie Bloom Sandals although I did have to take the blue ones off poor Sophie.

I also managed to get Duncan to agree but only for a while to take off his Dollydoodles and put on a lovely matching sweater and socks set that goes with the girls bolero's. He is wearing Dollydoodle shorts from a set that the top to , Ethan is wearing, while waiting his new Dollydoodle 'crew'outfit.

Of course because I wanted to take these photo's outside and with the iffy weather was trying to be quick, I stupidly balanced them all on this little table, Duncan decided to be awkward to stand and as soon as he was steady the wind decided to pick up from nowhere!
So I waited and then stepped back and grabbed camera only for Violet and Duncan to decide to take a backward dive off the table and into the flower bed and bushes behind!

Luckily no one was harmed although they had had a fright! But of course Violets white dress now has a mark on it ! Best not tell the reds, just hope it comes out in the wash!

Well I have to go Duncan is complaining that he wants to put his hoodie back on and its no weather to be wearing shorts when there are adventures to be had!


  1. Your twins look lovely in their new spring dresses, love the colours of their bolero's, Duncan looks great too! Cathy x

    Comment from Cathy

  2. Your Velvet twins here remind me of the words 'Girls in white dresses...' sung by Julie Andrews from one of the famous musicals and really suits this very lovely post and I'm rather wishing that I could say those words...'The last two girls now dressed for Spring' but I've hardly started on that process with the weather being so changeable, blowing hot one day and then cold the next until you just don't know where you stand.
    Luckily my Gregor lads prefer to stay in their Dollydoodle Hoodies, joggers, gilets and saggy beanies until the very last minute and luckily I already have their ten shorts and T shirt outfits together in a neat pile in the 'Dollydoodle box.' It's the girls who are the problem with their likes and dislikes and squabbles and arguments as to who gets to wear which outfit this year and the whole bungalow seems to get in such a mess with their clothing and shoes boxes wide open, overflowing and spilling out their contents in every room, apart from the kitchen and bathroom which are out of bounds to them.
    I was thrilled to see Duncan in his matching knitwear join them for the photo session and pleased that neither Violet nor he were hurt or damaged in the 'wind-fall!'
    Thanks and Sasha love from Kendal.