Thursday, 17 May 2012


Rosie and Dulcie are happily playing with their toys.

What's this ! Mum gives them a new toy.

The girl's think this looks very interesting!

Poor Ellie is thrown aside and with minutes they have taken the new toy apart.

Mmm Dulcie is wondering if it's a hat!

The girl's think it looks different from when they started.....

They take it apart and try to remember what it looked like.......

Dulcie decides she'd rather just play with the green ring !

Dulcie I hope you are not chewing that ring?..

What's Rosie up to!

No I don't think it's meant to go on Ellie's trunk, do you?

Rosie is on the move! Where is she going now.....

 Oh Rosie you little tinker! I'm sure Dulcie does not want it on her leg!!

It's gone very quiet................

Well it looks like all that playing has worn them out and they have gone to sleep...I'm sure they'll be up to mischief again soon.


  1. What a cute post!a And this coming from the person who doesn't like Sasha babies :)

  2. Absolutely adorable. Many thanks for this delightful 'Sasha Baby' post. I can just SEE it happening in real life.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Gorgeous, and I love how they fell asleep like that, just like babies do sometimes. Real cuties.

  4. Hi Dee, again, really enjoyed your Sasha story. So cute! Look forward to the printed version, so that I can show these to my grandchildren! They are not 'allowed' to use computers - yet!

  5. lovely babys, i enjoyed looking at them.