Thursday, 11 July 2013


Sophie Elizabeth comes across an unknown bear sitting in the dayroom.
" Hello " she smiles " Who are you?"
" About time " complains the little bear " I had to fight my way out of that box before I expired in all this heat!"
" Oh dear !" says Sophie Elizabeth shocked at the little bears words " I'm so sorry but no one was expecting you "
" That's because I am a surprise" states the bear " you can read that note " he points at the note beside his box.

"Oh how lovely " says Sophie on reading the note " You are to live with us now"

"Well " says the little bear importantly " That depends on the quality of your clan!"
" Really " asks Sophie
" Yes " states the bear " I cannot just belong to any old body you know!"
" Oh " says Sophie " Is there a certain type of Sasha you have to belong to to?"
The little bear produces a photo " Do you have one of these?" he asks excitedly

" Oh A Panda ! Yes " says Sophie
" No not a Panda ! " says the bear " A studio doll ! "

"Oh No " says Sophie " did have an NP girl, Anastasia for a while but she moved on"
 The little bear sighs deeply " No Studio doll or Np ! Just what have you got"
" Well , we have lots of nice Sasha's "
" Well Lets meet some so I can make my selection " says the bear grumpily

Sophie calls in Callico Kate for the little bear to meet.
" Hello " says Callie " I do not have a bear at the moment " she says shyly.
" Mm and you still don't  " says the little bear rudely " NEXT!"

"How rude !" says Callie turning to leave the room only to hear the little bear call after her.
" And find a brush  ! You look like you've been pulled through a hedge backwards!"

" Oh this is much better " says the little bear as Verity enters " Hello dear your a dungarees girl I believe!"
"Why yes " replies Verity
" What year? "
"69 "
" Oh dear never mind, thank you NEXT!"

"What a funny little bear !" thinks Verity as she leaves the room.Sophie tells the little bear to stop being so rude or she'll put him on a bus back to his last home!

"At last!" cries the little bear as Belinda walks into the room , he quickly stands up
" Good afternoon " he says to Belinda " It's a pleasure to meet you "

He shakes hands with Belinda " My names Reuben and I am looking for a new owner and it could be you !" he says smugly " you are a 68 single fringe? "
" Why yes " replies Belinda impressed with Reuben's knowledge.
"Well " he starts to say " today's your lucky day, you can..."
A voice asks "What is going on here ? "

Belinda turns to see that Edward the Panda's arrived " This is Reuben Edward, he's come to live here and is picking his new little miss"
" Is he now " says Edward sternly " We'll see about that !" and he hurries over to the chair where he climbs up next to Reuben.

 Reuben's not to happy to find a Panda in residence! Three times he'd tried to get rid of  Steve's studio girl's Panda and each time he'd been saved and returned to her! No one seemed to realise that it was his destiny to belong to a Studio girl or Np !
" Well " says Edward staring Reuben in the eye " In this house the Little Misses or Mrs Mum decides which bear belongs to who, NOT the bear "

"Now look here Jedward !" says Reuben " I am one of bramber bears finest and therefore must belong to only the most refined of Sasha's "
Edward was still in shock at being called Jedward! so the little bear Reuben gets to continue " do you know there is no Studio doll or NP in this place! What sort of establishment are you running here?"
Edward takes TWO deep breathes before he speaks in a low and extremely menacing voice
"This establishment is of the finest quality to be found and should you require my boot up your backside to see you on your way I will be MORE than HAPPY to oblige"
Reuben realises he is in extreme danger and keeps quiet as Edward continues " Now I suggest you park your arse and wait until you little miss PICKS YOU"
and with that Edward turns and leaves the room.

Reuben finds himself all alone and parks his ...bottom back on the chair. ' Mm ' he thinks ' I'll have to watch that little Panda he looks a bit mean ' he sighs ' no studio Np...he may have to set his sights lower....he could always spend his time following that single fringe girl what's her name about, then may be she'll pick him for her bear......suddenly he shudders what if a waif picks him! quickly he hurries off after that single fringe girl, now what was her name Yaminda? Jamima? Subinda? .....

I have to thank Steve for his lovely and unexpected birthday gift, you can see Steve he is going to fit right in, shame he got a bit spoiled at yours before he arrived  :)


  1. This was absolutely HILARIOUS Dee!! I laughed so loud that my hubby thought I was having a funny turn or something. That bear is soooo rude and naughty, talk about not mincing his words.....BRILLIANT!!! I LOVED it!!!

    1. I am glad it made you laugh :) I must admit I chuckled as I wrote it!
      But that was what he said! I just put it on paper!
      I can see he'll be a handful until he hopefully settles in.

  2. Just quickly registering in before Ronny as my BIL is about to come over here to collect something for my sister. Will comment in a mo!

    1. No one would ever dare call you competitive Kendal :)

  3. What a un'BEAR'lievable gift from Steve, that is so kind but...he could have included the studio doll for you as well...maybe he is saving it for Christmas!!
    Great post Dee!! Have I beaten Kendal again???? :)

    1. Nooooooooooooooooo! kENDAL beat me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Yes it was a un BEAR'livable gift from Steve and of course should he wish to send me his Studio girl at Christmas , who am I to refuse such a gift :) but I would hold my breath :)

      and No kendal beat you by TEN SECONDS......the heat is on.....

  4. Dee, I haven't laugh so much for ages! I didn't realise Reuben had become such a snob, lol. I am sure he will fit in with your clan nicely, once his seen the rest of your hug, lol. You really do such lovely stories!
    Sorry I missed your birthday.
    Love Steve xxxxx

    1. :) I am so glad you laughed and did not think what a nerve! I know Reuben did not get his attitude from you but I think It comes from being in amongst your fabulous early Sasha's and Studio girl's as given him idea's well above his station , especially in this house!!!lol
      Thank you for a lovely gift, who I am sure will fit right in this Hug!
      Dee xxxx

  5. I'm gobsmacked! Speechless! It was what I needed having only just come in from a day of pressure washing more of my paving slabs.

    Where do these ideas come from? Are there special genes for this kind of story-telling? If so, then I can gather with certainity that don't have them!
    (You could do this as a full time job, entertaining us and get well paid for it!

    I do hope that Reuben becomes Miss Belinda's little bear BUT IF he doesn't then I guess you know what you have to another NP or a Studio Doll!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it after your day of toil! The idea's just flow from my fingers on to the page and I start and see where I finish! I have to write it , I cannot speak it into a recorder and I may start with one idea and it will develope as I write, born with it? yes, always been this way.

      Would love to be a full time writer, I did write a book years ago when the girl's were little, it's still sitting in it's folder, in it's original typed form! But I am a very bad speller which does hold me back on occasion.

      I have no idea if Reuben will manage to worm his way into Belinda's affections only time will tell, or he'll be waiting a very very long time for me to come across that np or studio doll in a second hand shop!!!

  6. Yay a new bear story - my daughter has been away on holiday and txted me to ask if she'd missed a bear story!

    But what a bear, I'm glad Edward was able to put him in his place. Can't wait to see what Mossy thinks of him!

    1. Thank Rosie, I hope your daughter enjoys reading it when she returns :)

      It is indeed good Edward was on hand to put him in his place, but for how long I wonder? and as for Mossy.....could be interesting....

  7. Dee, Kendal is right you know, you should make a book of your stories and I'm sure a publisher would love it! Then you would make loads of money and be able to buy a Studio Doll for this little bear!!!

    1. Oh If only it was so simple! I would write it tomorrow! and I bet no one would be selling a Studio doll that I would want!! lol
      Could be a worry, people might start buying Sasha's and bramber bears and we'd all be priced out the market!!!

  8. Dee, I am just laughing to myself over this story again,lol. Kendal is right you know, this story should be in a book, I would buy it, lol.
    Ask Kendal she might be able to help, as she has had some books made up of her dolls???
    Love Steve xxx
    Ps Who also loves Marci's story to! xx

    1. Glad it's still making you laugh. I may investigate about doing a book with the sasha bear stories but will depend on cost etc.
      Merci Monsieur Steve :) from Marcie :)