Monday, 1 April 2013


I thought I would share a few more of the photo's I took of the girl's and the Easter items.

From the left Anastasia , Belinda, Nancy and Paige

Here we have the three in matching colours blue , white and green.

The twins finally get a chance to be in the Easter display, with Ashley, Dexter and Paige having moved up to the top.

And here we have the twins joined by Anastasia, Belinda and Nancy.

Nancy looks a lot smaller here because the box she is standing on is slightly smaller than the one the others are standing on.

Here are Ashley , Dexter and Paige in their yellows, whites and a splash of red .

Baby Rosie decided that she did not get enough photo time and so she's brought in the new big Radio wagon that we got from Judith and she's filled it with Easter goodies.

 Now she's added a pot of yellow tulips to her stash!

She's asked Sapphire to pull the trolley while she holds on to her treasure!

Now she's lost the tulips and card  but gained Ciro !

Oh now the card's back to wish everyone a Happy Easter but we have already done that Rosie!
I see this is you and Ciro wishing everyone a Happy Easter on behalf of all the babies and the bears ! I'm surprised that Mossy's not here! What he is in the first Easter post on Sunday? Id best go and check!


  1. Wonderful photos, they all look very glamorous indeed, lets hope the warmer weather is soon here! Love the twins matching pinafores, they are really cute!

    1. Lets hope the warmer weather comes soooonnn!!

  2. I spotted Mossy the little devil hiding behind the blue bunny!!
    Thank God you have taken more Easter pictures - it stops you writing your poems :)

    1. Ronny Oh now could you!
      give Mossy's game away
      And cheekily complain
      about poem's sent your way

      Perphaps I will retire
      and leave you all alone
      Spend my time knitting
      and talking on the phone

      And looking at my Sasha's
      My Gregor's and my Tots
      While counting all my Tedddies
      and others numbering lots

      Sorry Ronny dearest
      I think that it's too late
      I rather like this rhyming lark
      that puts you in your place

      So I will continue
      to write,comment and rhyme
      especially about the Ice Queen
      Whose committing all the crime

      the end...or is it.. :)

    2. Don't you dare retire!! I LOVE your poems too much! How I would miss you...nobody torments me like you do :)

    3. Dee, another FAB. poem aimed directly at the Ice Queen....though a pity that she likes them so doesn't seem to get the message!

  3. Just HAD to go back to Easter Sunday's post to find my favourite little bear, Mossy.....though it took me two views to find the little minx. Hope that you had a super Easter my little friend.

    Another wonderful extra Easter treat here today! Thank you.

    So pleased that you have been allowed to keep the display up over the whole weekend as it was really attractive and must have taken quite some time to set up.

    Great wagon full of Easter goodies. Particularly liked the Twin's little pot of tulips. Perfectly sized for the Sasha Dolls.

    Love the length of Anastasia's hair now that it has settled down from being tied up in a ponytail. Just so ME!

    1. Thank you Kendal. I must say I was surprised how well the display worked and it was nice having it up for a couple of days.

      It just shows that you never know what you have stashed away, that when brought together works really well!!
      I think the spring colours gave it that little something extra.

      Glad you spotted Mossy the litle tike! he is turning into a right handful!