Sunday, 21 April 2013



This is this morning after yesterdays post...fireplace still blocking kitchen larder cupboard!!

A bench of Teddies waiting for their next entrance! sitting on top of a chest of  drawers and the desk!!

A Japanese warrior very upset that he's been pushed aside so three no navels can stand and be admired!

The shelf where the Sasha/Gregor's are supposed to stand when in lounge, sometimes standing two deep!

The cupboard that is supposed to have just ONE Sasha on it  and next to it a pile of clothes from a Gregor!

the rest of the cupboard where other Sasha's wait with a pile of clothes on the shelf above that is not supposed to be there!!!

The new baby waiting to see if she's staying and Morgan who is awaiting a new mum!

And three of the girl's standing with their feet in the wool bag with Adam waiting to be returned to the shelf after being changed into his new DD outfit! and no they are not for sale at 20% off!!

So do I tidy up after I have done a post for the blog or redressed a Sasha.........eventually... :)


  1. When I first spied THIS post and quickly glanced through it I HAD to immediately phone Dee before even starting to comment.

    A good hour+ later I'm back having had a wonderful chat and realising that Dee is a mirror image in HER Sasha collecting to me.

    I'm now no longer thinking that I'm this one and only 'over the top' mad Sasha fanatic whose normal life has almost been taken over by this all absorbing and financially draining hobby.....BUT that there are indeed others out there just like us.

    It is refreshing to see things just like in this post happening at my house, especially after a Sasha seasonal clothing change or blog post.

    I am now casually wandering around the rooms with not a shread of guilt at the untidy little piles of Sasha clothing and accessories that are accumulating on an almost daily basis and which never seem to get put away because they have so much 'stuff' that there is now no longer anywhere to store it out of sight.

    Given even a few minutes warning of friends arriving I have now got it down to a fine art of grabbing two or three of the large Ikea blue plastic bags and literally racing round the bungalow grabbing and stuffing it all into those, then finally hiding these into the car boot until they have gone and they can be retrieved.

    Many thanks Dee for answering, via this post, my question from your previous one. Great to know that I am no longer somewhat of a Sasha freak!

    1. It was lovely to chat with you Kendal, well not just chat a lot of laughing was going on too!

      Show's how similar we Sashaholic's are, so intent on getting those photo's sorted for our posts that everything gets left while we cut and shape and post our 'reports', then we wonder off promising to clear away in a moment only for the moment to become one day then another and when we finally do clear all away within a day a small pair of shoes or a cardie or toy appears to soon be joined by more!

      Thanks for the tip about hiding Sasha things in the car I will have to remember that one!

      I did not show quite all.....there is the room where all the sasha boxes are stored but that's a step too far...
      sasha love Dee xx

  2. LOL, I'm like this too but of course my dolls are different types, being BJDs, as I only have the three Sashas and I tend to keep them quite nice and far....but my other dolls, oh boy, they do get in a muddle when I've been changing their clothes and shoes, eyes and wigs, my sewing table looks like a bombs hit it sometimes! No, make that 'all times'!!! Every now and then I have a big tidy up and put things away but they soon come back out again.
    I think it is part of dolly collecting!!!
    I did enjoy seeing that we're not alone though!
    Big hugs
    Sharon in Spain x

    1. Sounds Like all Doll collector's are the same then Sharon!
      it's not just us Sashaholic's then who make a mess while we change and dress our dolls!

      Dolly hugs Dee xx