Friday, 26 April 2013


I came across this old photo of some of my girl's past and present in the Hat with Hattietude group and thought I would show it again.

Only four of these Sasha's are still in the village!! I will have to take a new photo when I have made some more hats of the new clan members in a similar pose.!

I love this photo of Hattie.


  1. Gosh! Hard to believe that over half of these girls have now moved on to other homes!

    I know that our tastes in Sashas do tend to change as the our collecting years pass and once you have a few dolls under your belt you then have the financial trading power to exchange them for the different German/English manufactures, or the years and styles that they produced.

    Although I'm not too familiar with your Sasha collection I can definitely see three of them that are still at the village, Hattie, Sofie and one of the Velvet twins.
    The fourth could be the blonde, second in from the back left or the back far right blonde.

    Am I anywhere near right with these assumptions?

    1. Yes Kendal you are right and also about second blonde in from left in the blue check, that's Liberty my first Sasha.
      I must confess I did not realise how many of the earlier Sasha's had moved on. As you say we tend to buy the later Sasha's or more inexpensive Sasha's when we start vowing never to buy the expensive ones...and then it all flies out the window when you fall in love with one!
      Plus our tastes change and one's we thought not worth a second glance are arriving to stay!

      Lord knows how many I would have now if I had not sold some to fund others!!

      Well done Kendal you have a keen Sasha eye and a very good memory!!

  2. A lovely bunch of girls though, even if some (lots?) have moved on. I have only been into Sasha since October last year and I had four, now back to three again.....but looking for number 4. It gets harder once you get to know all the different looks, doesn't it?
    Hattie looks very sweet in that photo and I always have to do a 'double take' as she reminds me so much of my redhead, Ellory!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. See Sharon, it's already started...four slip :)