Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I am being very cheeky and putting on this fabulous photo that I came across of Kendal's
boy's all wearing their DD's last winter.

It is worthy of a nice long look.Hope Kendal does not tell me off.....

I am hoping you can see it bigger if you click on it! I love they way they all look as if they are waiting in line either for the photo to be taken or for the cinema to open, so they can go in and watch the lastest boys own adventure!

Kendal your photo's are alway a delight, thank you.


  1. What a lovely surprise here for me especially as I haven't done a blog post this week with being 'under the weather' healthwise.

    Since this was taken I seem to have added two more lads (not sure just how that happened although one is my latest birthday Gregor!) to the line up so need to try to update next month.

    I did click onto the photo as you suggested and it become much larger showing much more detail.

    Thanks Dee for your kind and thoughtfulness.

    1. Two More Boy's Kendal! Well I cannot wait to see the next Fab line up of the Sasha Brood boys! Your boy's will be catching up with the Babies soon...
      Glad this gave you a little boost, take care.
      Sasha love Dee x

  2. Unfortunately you're quite right! The lad's numbers ARE very nearly up to the number of the babies!!!
    Will have to watch and keep a check on this!

    Apart from a very few dolls most of mine don't have their own names, though these lads actually do.
    So from left to right are....
    Luke, Ross, Matt, Sam, Fritz, PJNP (1968 NP Pyjama lad) James, Nicklas (Nick) Jon and Jac. The other two are Antony (Ant) OR Mike (haven't finally decided as both were fantastic old boyfriends) and Ronny's Spencer.

  3. Oh what a fantastic bunch of lads these are! I have seen this photo before and loved it then, love it now too!
    My favourite boy is the one 5th from right in the photo, which now I see is called PJNP....of course it is typical of me to love one of the most sought after boys!!! LOL
    And their clothes are gorgeous too. I agree they do look like they're lining up for the cinema to open!!
    Hugs Sharon x