Sunday, 21 April 2013


Due to finally having some sunny although not that warm weather ! I changed another of the girl's into
a nice spring dress and decided to search for a place to take some photo's.

Calico Kate my 60's slate eyed red head came to try out places for the shoot.

We liked this space in front of the miniature Japanese Cherry tree but there were a lot of bee's buzzing about , so we thought we'd not disturb them.

This was not bad but a little to dappled sun.

This pile of bricks on which a pot stands in the summer was not too bad except for the twig growing out of her head!

So we landed up back at one of our favourite spots with the gargoyles! Callie is joined by new girl Jocelyn both wearing spring dresses by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.

They are joined by Anastasia who is also wearing Passion for Sasha.

I love the blue dress that Anastasia's wearing so I asked Ginny to make me one for Storm who has joined the girl's to show it off.

Anastasia and Storm modelling their matching dresses.

All the girl's together in their lovely spring dresses.

Not wanting to leave the boy's out Adam was in the garden wearing his new Dolly Doodles spring/summer outfit so he came over so I could take his photo.

I love the colour of this outfit, the vibrant blue against the black. He is wearing Judith's new cargo style trousers with little pockets on the legs.

Here you can see the striped t shirt a prefect match to the trousers and hoodie.

The girl's all join Adam for a photo.

A final photo of them all.


  1. How lovely to be able to take a wander around your delightful garden in the sunshine with some of your Sasha Dolls in tow.

    What fabulous natural back grounds (nothing like a bit of greenery or shrubbery to offset these dolls) you have to choose from to show them off in their dainty and pretty new Spring Ginny dresses.
    Each and everyone of them looks so lovely that I'd be hard pressed to select a favourite.

    Pleased to see that Adam wasn't shy about joining the girls.
    When I saw that Dollydoodle outfit on Judith's last listing I immediately guessed that it would be YOU who would buy it. I am becoming to easily recognise other Sasha Collectors personal tastes as no doubt you all are with mine!

    1. Thanks Kendal, the garden need tidying after all this long cold winter, so it was hard to find a place that looked good enough for photo's involving more than one Sasha!

      I do love these dresses by Ginny, great fabric and patterns, I do love floral's must be the gardener in me!

      And I love blue! so as soon as I saw this DD set I had to have it! So glad I managed to get it for my boy's.

      It's true what you say , we begin to recognise who will buy certain outfit's and which ones we'll be fighting over..Lol

  2. What a wonderful set of photos of the kids!! I love the final one showing the different Sasha productions :)

    1. Thanks Ronny, did not realise until you said that there is a good selection of Sasha's in that group , I should have added a baby!! :)

  3. These are lovely sunny photos of your girls and boy Dee, and I really like their spring outfits. These sorts of colours are so perfect on Sasha's tanned skin, aren't they!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Thanks Sharon,
      these colours do go so well on the Sasha's and Gregor's, so glad we are finally getting some sun here in uk!
      hugs Dee

  4. Beautiful Spring photos of you Sashas....the garden setting is perfect.

    Winnie in Calif.

    1. Thank you Winnie, it's nice that we can finally get out in the garden :)