Saturday, 8 March 2014


The winners of take part in a Sasha Village Tale have arrived and after a nice rest Ginny is taking them round the rooms , so they will know their way about.

Ginny on the left is showing Laura in the centre who comes from Milton Keynes or MK as it's called and Kristie whose come all the way from Alabama in visit.

"Where are we now Sugar? " asks Kristie " who seems to have a bad memory for names "
" This is the play room, nursery, workroom well almost everything and anything can happen in here "
the girls look about.

Laura who is quite shy is just about to ask a question when a certain bear appears !
" Sorry I'm late !" puffs Mossy rushing in and leaning back to catch his breath against a toy tv.

"Mum!" he says to Ginny " I told you I would meet the visitors ! But you should have given me time to prepare!"

He uses the little toy tv to help him climb up on a chair.

After a lot of huffing and puffing , Mossy finally sits down on the chair.
" Ok I'm ready " he smiles " Now one at a time come forward and I will sign your Mossy photo and then you can have a photo taken with me" he continues " NO KISSING of the fur, it gets all wet and yucky "

" Sorry Sugar " says Kristie " I totally forgot to bring a camera with me but with my eyes it's a trial anyway"
Shy Laura is worried as she says " Oh Mr Mossy I did not think we would be allowed to take photo's in the Village so I too did not bring a camera " she thinks quickly " maybe you could give us an autograph to treasure ? " she is a very quick thinker
A slightly put out Mossy grumbles " Ok, I'll just sign the photo's you have of me then !"
" Oh sorry " says Laura " I do not have one with me !"
Mossy turns a steely glare towards Kristie and notes that her hands are also free of any image of the famous Mossy the Green!!
" If my number one fan had won this competition " He points to his fan letter ", she'd have sent her best Sasha along with a camera, photo's and most probably chocolate!! " says Mossy " Well obviously you are unprepared to meet a bear of my fame, so I will leave you to it!"
and he jumps down and heads for the door!

" MOSSY!" say Ginny horrified at his attitude " Come back here and say sorry for being so rude !"
" No!" says Mossy pausing for effect against the high chair " I am heart broken at such treatment "
" Oh Sugar!" says Kristie looking at the chair " You'll should be happy that we did not bring chocolate I'm sure it must be bad for bears!"
Laura who is watching the retreating Mossy " I bought some mini Eater eggs for all the villagers to share " she tells him kindly
" Share! Share! " he cries " Does Brad Pitt have to share his chocolate!! NO I don;t think so !" He walks out slamming the door behind him.

" Why Mossy Sugar" laughs Kristie  who is still talking to the empty chair " I'm sure with all the children that man's got I bet he's lucky to get a piece of chocolate to keep for himself "

Laura looks at Kristie " Mossy's left the room, can you not see well with them glasses? "
" My sight is real bad Sugar!" sighs Kristie  then she brightens up  " after I finish my visit in the Village I am off to see the famous eye Doctor, Professor Shelly Baxter , E.d MTc SBR , then I will be able to give up these ole bottle top glasses !"
" What does E.d MTc SBR stand for? " ask Laura confused
" Eye doctor, Make Them Cool, Shelly Baxter Rules " replies Kristie " Here " she offers Laura her glasses " have a look through these "

Laura puts the glasses on " Woah!"

" I cannot see anything !" says Laura " Just blurs of colour!" she quickly gives the glasses back to Kristie.

They are just trying to decide what to see next when Hattie arrives. " Hello Girls' how's the tour going ? enjoying yourselves? "
" Yes thank you !" chorus the girls.

" Love the beret " smiles Hattie knowing full well it's one of hers! " You are right on trend for the village,  Would you girls like to come see my studio? "

The girls agree and Hattie walks across to the door followed by the dogs " Come along then ! I have a lot to do at the moment but I'm happy to give you a quick tour before I start "

Ginny quickly whispers as the girls move to follow Hattie " If she asks if you'd like to help make a hat say no!"
" But I would like to help Hattie make a hat ! " whispers Laura back " To make a Hattie hat with Hattie " she sighs in bliss.
" That's fine " says Ginny hurriedly " If you then want to still be making hats for the rest of your stay !"

" I heard that Ginny " says Hattie over her shoulder, laughing " I won't keep them working ! Mum's got plans for them, she says strange things are happening and she needs them to help out!" Hattie continues on her way followed closely by the dogs and Laura's Owl ! " Like there are not always strange things happening in this village " mutters Hattie " The bears here talk for a start! "...........................

To be continued....................



  1. My owl is very active, isn't he! This is so exciting! :) - Dollmums daughter.

    1. Good Evening Little Miss DmD , you noticed that your owl was getting a good look about ;) I can see I'll have to try not to give the game away when the mystery starts.... :)

  2. Oh! I had forgotten all about the competition winners and their visits. Congratulations to Laura from MK and Kirstie from Alabama.....both of whom are looking very smart in their dresses.
    How lovely for us to look forward to their Sasha Village stories. that are now about to begin.

    Good planning too if Kirstie is going to make good use of her UK visit by popping over to Shelly's for eye surgery before she flies back to the US.

    Looks like Mr Mossy is on his high horse again then....thinking himself (ever since he received some fan mail) to be a cut well above the rest of the Village Bears!

    Right I'm sitting comfortably (as I'm sure that you are too) so 'Bring it on' and let the entertainment begin!

    1. Yes the tale is about to unfold...

      I am afraid Mr Mossy thought quite a bit of himself before he got any fan mail!! But being Mossy he'll have forgotten all about it by the time he's had a few Honey Sandwiches!

      Glad you have a comfy chair and are ready for the ride to come...... :)

  3. Ooh! Kristie will be thrilled with her eye surgery. We have several ex-patients whom Dr. Shelly has worked on and they all have perfect vision and beautiful eyes now.
    I AM getting worried about Mossy - he is beginning to sound like Reuben...... What can we do to get him back to his old sweet self?
    What on earth is going on at thee Village that Mrs. Mum needs help with? I thought the girls had won a competition to spend a relaxing time at the Village, not to help out with policing the place. Lucas, Mossy and Reuben could be quite a combination if they decide to cause trouble together and I DO wonder if they are the root cause of any difficulties. Not only that,I'm not convinced that my Connor isn't lurking somewhere there and he seems to have changed character recently. Hmmm ....Trouble at t'mill perhaps? as they say where I grew up.
    Glad I'll be in hospital, out of the way.....

    1. Kristie will indeed be well served by a trip to Dr Shelly's, where she'll become one of a select band of unique sasha's.
      I would not worry about Mossy he'll be hiding under the bedcovers soon.......!!!!
      Yes just what is happening in the Vilage? There's a strange stillness in the air as if something ....bad is about to happen.........

      Just as well you'll be in hospital you may like to keep a couple of adjoining beds available...just in case!

  4. Hilarious, how on earth do you think up all these 'tales' Dee!!!! I really love how you're already showing us the visiting girls' personalities, so funny! I am delighted to hear that another girl will feel the magic of Shellys healing hands on their eyes, I have two girls who can see perfectly now since they've been to see her!
    As for Mossy, well what can I say, that was soooo funny. He is such a little character, he arrives on the scene and really takes over the whole show......I love him!!!!
    Thanks for a good laugh, I look forward to the rest of the installments of the visitors!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sharon :)
      That's our Mossy always wanting to be centre stage! even when he's not on it!!
      Part two tomorrow ... :)

  5. Much life at the village!
    Nice little ladies, cute dogs and owls. Sorry for Mr. Mossy,
    who now perhaps sits near Reuben complaining about the bad world.

    Dear Dee, this is much fun again!
    I have my cosy place here and I'm longing for the next uncoverings...

    1. Yes there is much life happening at the village!
      I hope Mossy is not sitting next to moany old Reuben!
      Glad you are enjoying the start of this tale..I'd best go sort out the next post ;)

  6. I am really looking forward to this story Dee as it unfolds! Doing some blog catch up reading since I am out of town this week! Hugs, Ginger xx