Monday, 31 March 2014


For April we have not one but two brunette's!

My two no navel girls Raven and Winter. If you read this blog you will know that I do love these Gotz No Navel Sasha's. For me there is just something special about them.

Raven is wearing Pink Vintage Sasha and Winter is in green. You can see that Winter is slightly smaller than Raven and also has brown eyes.Both have the eye style that is half defined. No Navel's were made only in 1969 and 1970.

Winter's hair is also darker brown than Ravens.

A close up of Raven.

and of Winter.

If I had thought about it I could have taken these photo's at the weekend in daylight but being me I forgot! so I'm sorry about the quality due to the lighting. I will if the weathers good take another when I get back from work which will hopefully give a better view of these lovely Sasha's.



  1. Raven and Winter are both gorgeous!! I think it is interesting that Winter is smaller and they both have their own look too. They look so lovely in their outfits. Thanks for showing them up close :) hugs, xxxx

  2. Gosh! The 1st of April already! This year is just flying by! 2014's first quarter already's 'been and gone and done it!'

    The pink and green smocks look really pretty together as do your two No-navel girls. Although I agree that photos taken outdoors always have 'that edge', indoor ones are certainly better than nothing.
    I'm thinking that the slight height differences are mainly due to Raven's longer head shape.

    (IF time allows and you are back from work early enough to re-take their photos as you plan out in your wonderfully large garden would it again be possible to see Raven in the green and Winter in the pink IF you and they didn't mind? I'd love to see the dusky pink with the brown eyes and the pale green with the blue.... as combinations of colours fascinate me!)

    As it's April Fool's Day until midday I thought that you might to hear of a little prank that I once played on my class. One year we were due to break up for our Easter holidays on this very day so at quarter to twelve I told the children to get out their homework note books ready to take down their homework for the holiday. I reeled off exercise after exercise, task after task amidst the growing moans and complaints of when were they expected to have a break , play and a rest ?
    Rebellion was fast growing amongst them but then just a few seconds before the stroke of twelve I said those magic words 'April Fool!' ....and smiles and laughter filled the room.
    Finally I'd 'had' them in return for all the morning's pranks that they had tried to do on me....and there was nothing that they could then do back as April Fool's time has run out for another year!)

    I shall be 'watching my back' this morning just in case my Sasha Brood lads have remembered what day it is!

  3. They're both pretty, everyone in their special colours. But together they are gorgious,
    your two brunettes of the month!

  4. What a lovely pair of No Navel Brunettes! And they look gorgeous in their Vintage Sasha outfits. I think of the two, I ever so slightly prefer Winter, only because I do love the brown eyes with the dark brown hair.....they are both very pretty and if either of them were to come knocking on my front door, I promise that I'd not turn them away! ;)
    Thankfully, as far as I'm aware, no April Fools jokes on me today!!!