Friday, 24 April 2015


Anastacia had spent the morning teaching the village children to dance .

Looking into the dance room mirror she sees herself ageing.

She turns the radio from Radio two and Pink blaring out that we'd better get this party started and finds Classic fm.

It's her turn to use 'the chair' , much to Mossy's annoyance ! She settles down for a quick forty winks before the afternoon classes with the bears! She starts to drift off as Tchaikovsky's Sleeping beauty begins to play
smiling Anastacia begins to dream......

She is back in Russia teaching her favourite pupil....

"Lift your leg higher child " she calls out her words in her native Russian

" Much better !"
"Much better " a young voice mimic's
" I can hear you " Anastacia's singsong words return..

" Madam Surely it is time to stop " asks the girl
" Surely it is not!" replies Anastacia " You must work work work if you want to be the best !"

" I AM the BEST!" states the girl with confidence

She starts doing her barre exercises as Anastacia comes back with " I saw Natasha yesterday and she is looking magnificent !"

" I did not know you liked to watch cows dancing " The girl retorts stretching out

Anastacia coughs to cover the laugh that nearly erupted from her mouth " Anoushka! That's is unkind!"
"But true " mumbles the girl quietly.
Madam does not agree aloud although it is true, that Natasha still does not have the natural grace of the child before her.

"Stretch stretch Child ! " demands Anastacia
" You would have me grow to a giant! " complains the girl " I will become to big for the boy to lift me if I stretch much more!"

"Why are your ribbon's round your feet child!"
"They always fall down! It's a stupid thing to have on my slippers!"
"Enough child you can rest " Anastacia's voice begins to fade as the images in her dream begin to drift away...

Beginning to surface from her nap she becomes aware she is no longer alone.. " Is it time already? " she questions as she opens her eyes.... but it is not one of the village bears.. but a newcomer...or is it?....

Anoushka? " she sighs in bewildered delight...



  1. Oh my !!!! I am loving this story Dee and what I can see is gorgeous! But, your story is still a tease and I will enjoy this sweet journey! Thank you for a great, Russian post! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, glad you are enjoying her arrival :)xx

  2. Whilst it's alright for Ginger to enjoy being teased I'm meant to be 'stress and anxiety free' in the hope of a quicker recovery SO this sort of 'on the edge posting' is NOT so benificial.
    Have tried to view every minute detail of every image (as much as I'm able) to ascertain if this is indeed THE new lass from Sashadolluk.....(In code form she is the.....2.15.15.)

    Thanks for this wonderful 'keeping us on our (ballet) toes' post that only you know how to do. MORE please and asap or I'll be expecting you to come up here and look after me in my deteriorating 'mental' state.... or perhaps it might be better for me to come down there and recuperate in that glorious garden of yours?

    1. Kendal you have the calm cool no nonsense core of a teacher,so are more than capable of dealing with a little stress and anxiety for a day! surely it's good to get the heart pumping, saves all that exercise!! :)
      I'll put the second part on first thing tomorrow before I go off to work! You are more than welcome to come and recuperate in the garden but best to wait until it's a little warmer and more flowers are out! :)

  3. It IS a GOTZ....send her BACK to Russia :)

    1. I don't know what it is about these GOTZ but I just love them , I am sure it's not that every time you tell me not to!! I feel the need to do the opposite.... :)) x

  4. LOL Ronny does make me laugh!!!! You can't send her back, she managed to get would be cruel to return her again!
    Love this post and photos Dee.....the girl is looking good and I look forward to seeing her again tomorrow, all being well!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. She makes me buy GOTZ!! She's GOTZ the GOTZ Effect ! :))
      Thanks Sharon, glad you enjoyed it :)
      Hugs Dee xx

  5. What fun! The Russians are coming! Gotz to be one of your most teasing posts ever, Dee. Turn the chid round - a quick pirouette? No? Not a glimpse? Really you Gotz me in a real state of excitement with this post.

    Mind you - those ribbons, contrary to dolly culture, should never be crisscrossed up the leg, - neat cross on the foot and then round the ankle several times before tying and tucking the ends into the shoe instep - she'll cut off the blood flow to her legs otherwise.....reallly Madame Anastacia should know better!!!
    Actually, I love that Swan Lake style costume - every little girl's dream. Not letting my lot see it, one generation of ballet nuts above me and one below me in this family is quite enough..give me a pair of jeans any day, the Sashas aren't allowed to go to bal......

    ....WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU ARE GOING TO DANCE CLASS NOW, JACQUES???????? NO MORE BOYS IN TIGHTS IN MY FAMILY...... Darn, Dee, whathave you started here???????

    1. Glad you enjoyed the mystery Jen :) Thanks for the tip about the ribbons , it's been a long time since I did any ballet and only one of my girls did some and she was only three at the time so we did not get beyond the little practice tutu and pumps!
      I do love the look of the ballet outfits, which was why I had some made, wish I'd not sold them off now!! I may have to have a go at making some.. ( stop laughing Michelle!)
      Jacques maybe he can partner Anoushka?? ;)

  6. Try again!

    Welcome young lady, you've happened on a good home there :) x