Saturday, 25 April 2015


I was walking round the Range a big store here in the UK, that sells lots of different household items. Amongst the many things available are decorative items.
Paul saw this and pointed it out to me and I thought Yes it was perfect, however it was not until today that I realised that it could be used for two totally different things! So this is it.

This is what Paul pointed out a small boat style shelving unit normally used for bathrooms.Cost £24.99

So today Paul adapted it for me.

Firstly Paul removed the middle shelf and that gave me the idea for the second thing I could use it for. which was.......

A covered garden bench! Here Ashley is showing you how perfect it is.

It looks quite good against the green of the hedge.

I do have plans for Paul to make me one of the covered benches but more like the ones we have in our flower garden, but this makes a good one also.

The removed shelf was cut down and two blocks added to form a bench.

 a view of the top of the bench from the top.

Put bench seat back into the Boat!

View into boat.

And there you are, Erik seating on the bench and Zak on the back of their new boat! Yes Erik did complain it was not a long boat but agreed that it was better than no boat!.

So for very little effort a perfectly sized boat or covered bench for the Sasha's and Gregor's.



  1. A wonderfully inventive idea! Like BOTH it's uses!

  2. Fantastic Dee and what a clever man Paul is :) My husband looks out for Sasha size items too and often brings things to my attention, isn't it great :) x

    1. Thanks Louise. It's great when our husbands take an interest :) x

  3. My mum shops at The Grange and is always telling me what nice things they have.
    I have always wanted one of these boat shaped shelf units for my home as I love anything nautical, but it's great what you've done with it, I think it'll prove very useful in your blog stories. Although it is indeed NOT a long boat, Erik does look perfectly at home in you need to find a 'rough sea' for him to navigate!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I think it's going to be a great prop for the Village kids ! :) Poor Erik will have to get his 'sea' legs in this little boat while he waits for something much bigger. hugs Dee xxx

  4. Gorgeous! It makes Ashley look like a real child sitting there.

    Love it as a covered seat, but can quite understand why the boys wanted it their way. Tell Erik that even Vikings might need small transport for rowing stealthily up a river to invade inland. Anyway he can use it to build his rowing muscles as a practice for when Mr Dad builds a full size longship, which I'm pretty sure Mrs Mum will manage to prevail upon him to do, one day.
    J xx

    1. Thanks Jenni. She does look good on that bench.
      I'll point out to Erik about small boats and stealthily going up small inlets and rivers, I yhink his Long boat will be a LONG time in coming! :)xx

  5. Cool! On the commute to my previous job, we used to pass an old boat that had been turned into a covered rack for mail boxes. This is how we hang them up around here. Although, most people aren't as artistic about decorating them.

    1. It's so interesting what people adapt things for and great for the plant if it can have a second, third or even forth life :) Thanks for the link:)