Friday, 17 April 2015


Raven decided to have a walk round the garden and made her way down to damp garden area.

Something is  different thinks Raven

Turning round she realised what's different!

Ahead she sees that the area's now been paved and there is a bench to rest on and enjoy the garden.

Raven looks around wondering how it go there.

The wall of green behind the bench protects from the winds.

a view from above

surrounded by green and splashes of colour.

Raven sit's on the bench enjoying the quiet and spring sunshine.

Raven almost falls asleep.

But soon it's time to meet mum at the Lych gate.

She begins to make her way out of the little haven.


She'll need to tell the twins to check out their shed.

Finally Raven's taking part in a photo shoot.

Raven is wearing the dress by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha that was mislaid for the last photo shoot!

A close up.

This dress is in Moss green and teamed with green and white striped socks bought on ebay a long time back and green shoes by the late Jean Jensen.

Raven's decided to get a little wobbly so I may need to restring her.

Raven asks if it's time for tea?

Yes Raven, it's time for tea with a nice slice of cake for being so good.



  1. Beautiful! Just beautiful, Dee. Gorgeous girl & gorgeous garden!

    1. Thank you Carol, glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. What a lovely Raven post! She is so beautiful in her pretty green dress by Ginny and her JJ shoes. I especially like the nice paved area for the new bench. Very nice and tucked away like a very special niche in your lovely garden.

    Looks like the twins may have some garden work to do around their shed but that should be a fun time! Hope Raven enjoyed her tea and cake! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. It was nice to take Raven outside for a play, she's been a little neglected recently.
      I am looking forward to using the new paved area for the Sasha's through the summer and the Twins need to go check out their shed and start gardening very soon! :)xxx

  3. That great feeling when you find something that has been misplaced! :) I'd been wondering where some of my photo albums had gone off to, and was a bit worried they had accidentally been destroyed. Yesterday it turned out they were still at my cousin's house, where I had stored them a while ago. :D

    The mossy green colour looks perfect against Raven's chocolate coloured hair. She's such a pretty NN!

    1. Glad you found those album's ! it's so worrying when you lose things that cannot be replaced.

      I was pleased how well the colour suited Raven and she was in a very photogenic mood!! :)

  4. Raven is a very pretty girl, I like the dress on her and the socks and shoes, all matching and perfect colour for her. Aren't they lucky to have that little 'haven' from the wind there in the garden. The girls shed looks a bit deserted, have they not been getting ready for the summer with potting up seedlings and stuff like most gardeners at this time of year? Come on girls, you're losing precious time to get those plants in ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. I was very happy with how the colour suited her i was not sure if it would when I started but came out well!.

      Must say I am going to enjoy using the new Sasha garden over the coming months! :) Those twins have been spending to much time looking hrough their gardening books and not getting out there working..that needs to change!
      hugs Dee xxx

  5. That Moss green colour looks fab on Raven! One of my favourites of the Ginghams so far!