Sunday, 22 June 2014



Cora and Lonely were dressed for the Birthday party when the postman brought a box for Lora.
'I hear buzzing, coming from that box. Whatever can it be?'
'I think we'd better open it and see what's inside'

Carefully Cora opened the box and out flew some tiny bees. They lit on the side for a moment before buzzing away.

There was another noise from the box - a sticky slurping kind of noise.
'Oh excuse me' said a bear. 'I was just finishing off the honey my friends the bees left me'
'Hello bear' said Cora 'Who are you and what are you doing here?'
'I'm Dougie, I'm a Bumble Bee Bear. Mossy told me to wait in this box for a bit but I was hoping to get to Lora's house for her Birthday, I don't want to be late!'
'Not to worry, you're here, at Lora's house and just in time for the party'.

'I'm not dressed for a party, do you think I could borrow some ribbon? A bear does need to be properly dressed, you know'
'That won't be a problem, Mum has lots of ribbon, help yourself'

You know' said Cora 'Lora loves Mossy but I think she's going to love you too, come here and give me a cuddle - yes that's what bears do best!'

Thank you to Rosie and Lora for letting us know that Dougie arrived safe and well and none the worse for not being sent off properly!
It looks like he will be happy in his new home.



  1. Oh what a relief that the postman got it right and Lora won't be disappointed (Happy Birthday Lora). So good to see Lonely wearing a very pretty party dress in her new home and Cora looks very well dressed too.

    1. Yes The postman did a great job! Lonely looks very pretty with Cora, ready to help Lora celebrate her birthday.

  2. A very happy birthday, Lora. I hope that you have a wonderful day enjoying every minute of it with your family, friends, school mates and of course Sashas and this new little bear.
    Have a great party when you get home from school.
    (How super to see Little Lonely looking so angelic and happy.)

    1. Lora shares her Birthday with my daughter Courtney, what a small world! and luckily Dougie did not miss the day!
      lonely looks very happy in her new home.

  3. Thank you all for the good wishes - Lora had a lovely Birthday, made all the more special by the arrival of a certain little bear. Thank you again Dee for your kindness it's very much appreciated. :)

  4. Awww what a happy ending and a Happy Birthday too to Lora!!!! I am glad that the little bear didn't come out of the box covered in stings from those bees, he must have been incredibly well behaved on the journey....not only did he arrive 'sting free' but he was given honey to keep him fed on the journey! What a lucky little bear!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Bears and Bee's get along as long as the bear waits to bee invited to dine!! :)
      Dougie looks like he is going to love living with Lora and her family.
      hugs Dee

  5. Happy Birthday Lora! And special Enjoy Your New Home wishes toDougie, too!
    Sorry this is late Dee. Blogger hates me, so I'm moving my rading list to Word Press. This post never appeared in my reading list.
    J xx

    1. Hi J, It's only showing most recent and only one on my listing too! So must be a big problem that they should resolve, hopefully soon !
      Dee xx

  6. Happy belated birthday Lora! Adorable post Dee! :) xx