Friday, 13 June 2014



Today I had a search around for some of Hatties hats so that I could take a photo of the Sashas that live in the village now wearing them.
Well one thing led to another, so you have been warned !, there are lots of photo's , so grab that beverage and maybe a small snack and hopefully enjoy.

Hattie refused to take part in the photo shoot because she was busy and was not wearing any old smock! her words not mine! So Ginny very kindly stepped to the front.

Well it's a beautiful sunny hot day today, so I had to take the photo's on the covered bench of the side still with some shade.

A closer look at some of the girls.

some more girls.

Sansa, Ginny and Claudia showing off their Hattietude!!

more of the girls.

They all got into the spirit of the shoot.

Then the girls all removed their hats apart form Ginny.

Then Ginny removed her hat for a smocked dress photo.

Quickly they line up to show off their smocked dresses as a group.

 On the far left we start with Raven then Agnetha, Callie, Winter, Sansa , Ginny, Claudia and Martha.

From the right we start with Belinda, Ashley, Simone, Martha, Claudia, Ginny, Sansa, Winter, Callie and Agnetha.

Then the girls reminded me that Arabella and Paige were also wearing smocked dress and Sophie! Well we managed to get Arabella and Paige in on the end but where to put Sophie!!

No that's no good! You cannot see her!

No that's not working either! Now we cannot see Claudia and Martha!

With a bit of squeezing Sophie tucks herself part way in at the end!

Are you all right in the corner there Raven? Yes? good girl.

What about you Paige? Are you ok? I've got too many girls! I see ! Well not everyone's here which is just as well or you would be very squashed! Oh You wouldn't ! Why? Oh because you'd refuse to take part !
( I think Paige is feeling a little hot and tired, so I had best get on!)

Right move to the sides girls1 No not you Ginny or you Callie and...

Pardon Winter? What am I doing now? I'm just going to take a few photo's of you girls in groups of colour of dress, If that's fine with you?
Yes Good now just be patient for another few minutes then we'll be done.

So here we have Agnetha, Ginny, Sansa and Callie in the green dresses. Agnetha and Sansa are wearing dresses by the lovely talented Lesley of Special delivery and Ginny and Callie by the incredibly talented Karen of Karensyarn.

Next up are Ava , Martha, Claudia and Sophie in pink with a splash of white with red.
All these dresses are by the  Karen.

Now Winter, Raven, Simone and Belinda in the lilac and Blues dresses. Winter's dress is by the lovely talented Catherine French, Raven's by the talented Ruth Harley and Simone's and Belinda's are by Karen.

And last up are Arabella, Ashley and Paige in the deep creams and yellows.
Arabella and Paige are wearing Karen's dresses and Ashley one by Lesley.

I may have another smocked dress or five laying around! I'll have to see if I can get the twins and those other girls left to change into them but it will be a fight!!

Hope you enjoyed this long photo post ! But that's the problem when you have beautiful Sashas and incredibly talented craftswomen out there making stunning dresses!Once you start you cannot stop!!



  1. I always think that there's never any need to limit your time when photographing our Sasha Dolls.... especially when you're having such fun and thoroughly enjoying yourself out there in the sunshine and fresh air with these beautiful girls in their delightful smocked dresses.

    I must admit though that I was disappointed NOT to see Hattie heading the photoshoot but have to respect her reasons for declining if she's busy and doesn't want to wear a smocked dress as such.
    (Perhaps the next time she could appear with a bill board advertising her hats in front of her so then she needn't need to 'don' an old smock! Her words NOT mine!)

    1. You are of course correct Kendal! I seem though to take about fifty photo's in a small space of time and then have to decide which to use! This was only supposed to feature Hattie's hats but then the dresses are so lovely I thought it a great opportunity to take some of them together, so the next thing you know a very photo heavy post!
      But then who knows when I'll post again!! Not me.... :)
      I need to find a change of clothes for Hattie, she is not very impressed with what's available! preferring the more colourful and off the wall attire!!

  2. Well, smocked dresses are not exactly Bonham Carter wear, but I think hattie would carry off a smocked dress with great style.
    All the girls look beautiful.
    J x

    1. Exactly but then I don't remember Helena in really bright colours!! But then Hattie does like to had her twist on things!!
      I'll tell her what you have said and see if it helps..... :)
      They do look good but when they want to play out they'll have to change yet again!!!
      Dee xx


  3. Hi Dee

    They all look great!!! I just love Simone and Sophie looks VERY sweet!

    Love Gill

    1. Thanks Gill, Simone being a slated eyed girl I'm not surprised you like her :) how many have you got :) you know being a libran you'll have to have six or eight!!! ;)
      Dee xx

  4. Wonderful post Dee! I love smocked dresses on Sashas and your beautiful girls look fabulous in these dresses. The socks, shoes, and pretty hats are just perfect too. I am glad you managed to fit them all in a row--except for sweet Hattie. Maybe we will see her soon :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I too love the Sasha's in smocked dresses, they look so pretty.
      It appears that Hattie will arrive soon!!! :) xxx

  5. WOW what a lovely feast for the eyes with this lot of lovely girls and their pretty outfits! I love them all and couldn't choose a favourite amongst them.
    Beautiful dresses Dee and gorgeous photos!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks Sharon, It's great when it all comes together! lol I have been collecting these dresses for a good while and it was nice to finally see some of them on a Sasha!!
      Hugs Dee xx