Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I promised to post all the beautiful photo's sent in aid of getting Hattie into a smocked dress. So here they are, if anyone wants me to add one of theirs, please email me the photo and it will be done.
Best to get a drink and a comfortable chair, lots of eye candy is coming up....

A beautiful No navel in a gorgeous dress, from Ellen Church.

This smocked dress is by Ruth Hartley , I just love this design and this fabric is so nice.From Ellen C.

This young lady is wearing a long sleeved dress with three colour smocking. photo Ellen C.

Another lovely photo from Ellen Church .

This young lady's doing some sewing of her own.Photo Ellen C.

Here we have a gorgeous set of four girls in blue with a lad at the end admiring their dresses! That or he's telling them to move up as he's getting squashed in the corner!! photo Ellen C.

Now we have a gorgeous dress and photo by Catherine French of a pretty no navel.

Another of Catherine's girls wearing one of her smocked dresses.

Now a photo of one of Jenni Lowcock's girls in a smocked dress with Apples.

Another of Jenni L's girls wearing a couple of hearts on her front.

This girl of Jenni L's is in a summer smocked dress.

Another of Ellen C's photos.

Here the smocking is around the neck of the dress and the sleeve. Photo Ellen C.

Photo from Ellen C.

Look at this beautiful no navel girl...oops I mean lovely smocking pattern! Photo Ellen C.

Another gorgeous N......smocking pattern, this dress also has extra decoration on the collar. Photo Ellen C.

Here you can see another intricate pattern. Photo Ellen C.

Here we have an unusual smocked top for a boy. being worn here by Finn and sent in by his mum Ginger.

I know we have seen this young lady but she is always worth seeing twice!! Ginger's lovely Chloe in a summer smocked dress.

Another of Catherine French's wonderful smocked dresses, I love the colour and pattern of this dress.Photo Catherine F.

Showing again this Nautical outfit by Catherine French.Photo Catherine F.

Another of Catherine French's dresses and Sasha's, again a beautiful choice of fabric and pattern. Photo Catherine F.

Here we have a group of Jenni L's girls showing of different smocking patterns.Photo Jenni L.

A twosome showing of another to variations of smocking pattern. Photo Ellen C.

This young lady is in a Christmas themed dress. photo Ellen C.

Love this fabric and smocking, suits this young Sasha perfectly. Photo Ellen C.

Another beautiful No navel in smocked dress . Photo Ellen C.

It's amazing just how many different smocking patterns are out there!Each one a masterpiece.
Photo Ellen C.

Here we have Dollmum's wonderful smocked dress. I love the fit and colour of this dress. Photo Dollmum.

Joyce Jordan's girl in a beautiful dress. Photo Joyce J.

Michelle's girl in a Special Delivery dress. Photo Michelle S.

 Gill's Poppy in Special delivery. photo Gill N.

Ginny in a smocked dress by karen W. Photo Dee O

Another Karen W smocked dress. Photo Dee O.

This dress is worth showing again along with her brother who is wearing a matching shirt. photo Ellen C.

A photo of Tricia Jackson's very first smocking effort. It's perfect I can see another smocker's been born.
Love the whole look of this dress and model. Photo Tricia J.

Myfannwy wearing a lovely smocked dress .Photo Jenni L.

And with her sister Bronwen. Photo Jenni L.

Gill's girl Emily in a Ruth Hartley smocked dress. Photo Gill N.

Four of my girls in Karen W smocks. Photo Dee O.

Well I'm going to stop here although there are so many more I could add, but I'll save them for a second post.

Hope you made it to the end!

*** I'm am going to do a second post for the next round of smocked dresses due to the fact that there are 40 photo's on these one! So if you'd like your Sasha in her smock to be added please send for her addition in Smocked Part TWO!



  1. Well, we are a smocky lot of Sasha mommas! We have more here, so perhaps I do go over-board a little too much for these dresses, especially when you realize how few girly shoes we own to go with them. In my view, this classic look is one of the best for little girls, human or Sasha, when they are going somewhere special.

    I was excited to see a boy with such a lovely top too. My lads are not looking quite so nervous now that they see masculine designs are possible.

    Is dear Hattie still smocked? Myfanwy noticed Tomos, the Gregor next door, giving her covert glances and seems to be warming to the idea of being a girl as a result. Coulld she be a convert or would Hattie view that as going over to the enemy?!

    1. I think there are a lot of smock loving Momma's out there!! :) and I agree they look good on all little girls human and doll.
      Yes Hattie is still smocked ! and I am going to try and at a few more photo's!! Well Hattie likes dress especially the Helena BC kind, so I don't think she'd think ill of Myfanwy not unless she starts giggle when she see Tomos!!

  2. I am really enjoying the smocked outfits Dee!!! I did not say dresses because of Finn :). Both Finn and Kendal are wearing smocked creations by Millie Dingham. Ellen 's photos are so wonderful and I love looking at her beautiful Sashas. Your last photo is beautiful and I love those soft pastel colors on your girls. Really just a great post with each photo bringing a special delight :) xxxx

    1. Thank you Ginger and thank Finn for being 'man' enough to show us his Millie Dingham top!
      It so lovely seeing all the different Sasha's and Gregors belonging to everyone is these wonderful creations by these talented people.
      There are so many I will have to do smocked part two!! :)xxxx

  3. Oh my goodness, what BEAUTIFUL photos of these lovely girls (and boys!) in their smocked outfits. I love smocking and have had a couple of attempts at it, but none in Sasha size. I would like to have the time to have another go at it but it'll have to wait for now!! I do love seeing all these other lovely outfits though, they're really gorgeous and I can hardly wait for the second installment of the smocking photos.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Hi Sharon, they are gorgeous these smocked dresses and top on these wonderful Sasha's and Gregor. It amazes me all the attention to detail and hard work that goes into these clothes.

      hugs Dee xx

  4. Wow - such beautiful dresses and so many talented ladies - I've a lot to learn!

    1. It least you have made a start, I'm still at the I must have a go at that.....sometime stage... :)

  5. Hi Dee...Internet has been down today. The post was worth the wait. Beautiful kids, beautiful clothes. Amazing, just amazing! All of the clothing is different and unique in its own way. Have never seen such a range of smocked clothing. All of the smocking has such attention to detail. So well presented. Think that I will be taking another look. Many thanks...Carol

    1. I Know! Where do they find all the patterns and time to craft such gorgeous dresses! These dresses do make the Sasha's look so smart and sweet!
      Always worth another look! :)

  6. Well Dee,

    You have started something here with these smocked dresses! I have really enjoyed seeing the wonderful variety of smocked dresses on your blog. It is amazing how varied and exquisite they all are. The imagination and creativity of each smocking artist leaves me in awe. Is it any wonder that we love these dresses. I think they bring out the beauty of a doll that might not be noticed otherwise.
    Ellen C.

  7. Hi Dee. I enjoyed the photos. Thank you very much for sharing. I love this pictures and I'm absolutely astonished at the dolls and the wonderful smoked dresses. I love especially Ellen's girls:) And I love the last photo with your pretty girls swathed in old rose or antique pink and I love the fabrics with tiny flowers...:)

    1. Thank you Barbara, I am glad you enjoyed all these wonderfully dressed gorgeous girls. :)

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