Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Well there are so many gorgeous smocked dresses out there in Sasha world and the good folk are sending them in for us to marvel over and enjoy.

To start us off a beautiful dress lilac. photo Ellen Church.

Love this lemon set with toning coat and hat. Photo Ellen C.

Love how the tiny blue flowers are matched to the stitching and coat colour. Photo Ellen C.

Here we have two similar but different dresses.Photo Ellen C.

This one is smocked around the neck and sleeve Photo Ellen C.

Another smocked dress where the stitching on the jacket picks up with the flowers on the dress. Photo Ellen C.

Two of Chris Taylor's girls in two different smock styles. Photo Chris Taylor.

Love the colour of this dress simple but very effective smocking. Photo Ellen C

I love how the longer smocking flares the skirt out more. Photo Ellen C.

These works of art can be displayed on a dress stand while awaiting a wearer!. Photo Ellen C.

A small but sweet smocking adding that little extra to a dress. Photo Ellen C.

Another small but effective smocked dress. photo Ellen C.

Here we have a beautiful range of smocked dresses on this family of Sasha's belonging to Rosie and Lora Laird. Photo Rosie Laird.

The deeper blue of the smocking contrasting with the white and pale blue of the dress. Photo Ellen C.

Just love this red haired no navel in this blue elephant print dress with beautiful smocking. Photo Ellen C.

Another young lady from Rosie and Lora in a beautiful white dress with pink smocking.Photo Rosie L.

Beautiful smocking with the layers changing colour from pale to deep down the pattern. Photo Ellen C.

Love this red dress with the bold contrasting smocking. Photo Ellen C.

Three young ladies in very different smocked designed dresses.Photo Ellen C.

 The double spaced rows of this smocking give another dimension to this dress. Photo Chris T.

A beautiful smocked dress by Catherine French. Photo Gill Nash.

Three very different patterns. Photo Ellen C.

Beautiful cherry dress. Photo Ellen C.

Classic gingham smocked dress. Photo Chris T.

Dresses by Ruth Hartley. Photo Gill N.

Beautiful long pink smocking adds to the brightness of this dress. Photo Ellen C.

Another close up of a smocking patter. Photo Ellen C.

Two same fabric dresses but different styles in make and smocking. Photo Ellen C.

Another lovely smocked dress. Photo Ellen C.

Love this photo of Gill's slate eyed girls in Ruth Hartley's double smocked dresses. photo Gill N.
Don't know why I left this one to last because it is so lovely with all the girl's in their different coloured dresses, I can see a trip to Ruth's on the cards!!

Bailey wearing a smocked dress by Ruth Hartley. Photo Sharon H.

Mase in her lovely summer smocked dress and she also sent in a photo of the back.Photo Julie

Such a pretty smocked dress. photo Julie.

Well what a beautiful set of photo's of both beautiful smocked dresses and Sasha's. Thank you to everyone who has sent in photo's to share and it's still not too late to have yours added to this post.
Please remember all the photo's on this blog belong to the person who took them, so please do not use without their permission.BUT enjoy them.



  1. Awww another beautifully colourful post....such gorgeous dresses and girls wearing them! I was thinking that apart from a couple of not so great ones that I made myself, I didn't have any smocked dresses, but I do in fact have just the's by Ruth of Ruthsdolls and came with my Bailey when she arrived from Shelly! However, I don't really have a great closeup photo like the ones above, but will send you a copy all the same. Don't feel obliged to add it though, I'm only sending it in case Bailey thinks I don't love her!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thank Sharon, It's surprising what clothes our Sasha's have that we forget about!! lol
      I have added Bailey to this post, don't want her thinking you don't love her!
      Hugs Dee xx

  2. the post. The dresses are amazing! They are all so different with the pale colours looking so delicate & the bright colours looking so strong. Love them all. The outfits look smart with matching hair ribbons, socks & shoes. The jackets look like lovely soft wool complete with matching embroidery. Such attention to detail. Everything coordinated & immaculately presented. The workmanship in the dresses is outstanding. Do these dresses come up for sale? Does Catherine French have a wait list a mile long? Makes me laugh to think that my Bronwyn is wearing sparkly high tops - something that my granddaughter would do. I do have white leather shoes she could have worn however, I was in fun mode. This is a post that I shall revisit from time to time with serious smock envy...sigh...Carol

    1. I agree they are amazing these outfits, so gorgeous, definitely worth a second, third ,forth look!
      Most of the dresses if you keep an eye open you may be able to snap one up but Catherine French....well....Hen's teeth as I have need to be in the right car park with some paper money watch for the light to fade the car lights to flash once twice, then cross pass over your cash accept the small paper bag ,be careful not to get run over as the car speeds past then hope in side the bag is a Catherine French couture smocked dress and not a half eaten pasty!!!
      Hattie loves Bronwyn's sparkly high tops!! She only wished I would have let her wear her union jack festival ones!!

  3. A lovely post Dee, i must say that smocking is an art i have yet to conquer, but one day when i have lots of time i will give it a go, until then i shall drool over the ones on your blog xxx

    1. You sound like me Theresa! So many plans of things to do when we have the time!! lol
      So until then I'll join you drooling over these ones! xx