Friday, 6 June 2014


Robin's out in the garden looking for Erik.

He comes across the twins garden shed, seeing they have left out one of their wheelbarrows , he pulls the door open to put it away.

He is surprised to find Erik inside. " What are you doing? " asks Robin
" Checking this place out!" replies Erik " I don't know why it needs to be a shed for Violet and Sapphire!" he complains " What about us! This would make a great den!"

"Yes It would !" agrees Robin " But then the twins would have nowhere to keep their tools!"

"They could keep them with Mum and Dad's things! " argues Erik " Then we could use this for a den!"
"I cannot see that happening!" says Robin " Dad made this especially for the twins.Anyway you can give me a ride in that wheelbarrow !"

They had been playing with the wheel barrow for a while when they hear someone coming along the path.

Percy and Valentine come into view.

"What are you doing with that wheelbarrow ?" calls out Percy
" Erik's been pushing me round the garden" Robin shouts back as the others get nearer.

"Why are you wearing that hat ? " asks Erik
" Because it looks stylish!" Valentine states
" It does? " questions Erik
" Yes!" says Valentine firmly
"Ok if you say so" replies Erik thinking he'd not wear a hat like that!

Robin who is now out of the wheelbarrow says " It also stops him from getting burnt skin and sun stroke!"
" It does? .. I mean yes it does!" agrees Valentine " and it's stylish!"
" I'm still not wearing that!" states Erik
"Come on!" says Percy getting impatient " Lets play with the wheelbarrow, I'll get in and one of you can push me!"

Percy gets himself comfortable in the wheelbarrow.
"Well! which one of you is going to push me!"
Valentine says " Sorry I twisted by foot on a stone and can barely walk! I cannot rush up and down the garden pushing that!"
Robin says " Sorry I fell over earlier and grazed my knee, that's why Erik was doing the pushing!"
" Great!" says Erik in disbelief " It looks like it's me again!"

Erik grabs the wheelbarrow handles and sets off down the path running, Robin and Valentine can hear Percy laughing and urging Erik to go faster!

They are gone for a while, it's a far way down all those paths to the greenhouse and back! But then Erik returns drops the handles and throws his hands up saying" That's it no more!"
Valentine's a little disappointed , he was hoping to go next! But he can see Erik's all red in the face and puffing!.
Percy offers to take Erik round in the wheelbarrow but Erik's fed up with playing with it, so says no thanks !

 Erik's tired and hot and fed up! " It's not fair that the girl's have a shed! I think Dad should make us boys something"
" Like what ?" asks Valentine
" A Castle? " suggests Percy " I could help him!" he smiles liking the idea.
" A Cave?" puts in Robin " or a caravan?" he warms to his theme " then we could get a horse to pull us round the lanes and go to the seaside and sleep in it and.."

"No " says Erik " None of them! What we need is a Viking Long ship!" he finishes with a firm nod of his head.

"Why would we want a Viking Long Ship? " says Valentine bewildered " I get seasick in the bath!"
" I'd rather have a castle or a caravan " states Robin
"Me too!" agrees Percy
" Me three!" says Valentine
"Well I'm going to ask dad first so he'll make my Long ship " states Erik turning to walk away

Suddenly Robin runs past him  shouting " Dad ! Dad ! can you build me a Caravan!"followed by Percy
who grabs the back of Robin's hood to pull him back while shouting " Dad! we want a castle! Not some old Caravan "
" Hoy ! Let go !" shouts Robin twisting ,Erik starts running to catch up " A long ship Papa ! A Long ship!"

Valentine, walking slowly at the back due to his poor foot , wonders if Dad would make him a studio so he can keep fabric and plans of his idea's for furniture and clothes!
He'll not bother shouting like the other's,  because he knows Dad just went down the garden centre to get some plant or other, no he'll have a look at that plant book Dad was studying and maybe get Mum to order a few tulip bulbs that Dad would like!.......



  1. It looks like Valentine knows how to play his cards right then to get what HE wants....a designer studio.
    Wondering just what they will get in the end! I'll join my vote in for a 1st castle, 2nd acave and third a caravan.
    Great to see the lads out and about in their super DD Summer shorts and hoodies/T shirts enjoying this lovely sunny, warm weather.
    Simply ADORE Robin!

    1. Yes Valentine's no fool! :) I'm not sure what if anything they will get due to Chat n Snap commitments!! My votes for a Castle , then a Caravan , I'll skip the cave!!
      Robin is a gorgeous lad! :)

  2. Dear Auntie Dee

    Wren is typing this for me because my spelling is a bit wonky.

    I'm worried that the toddler kids at The Village are being left out. The big kids don't play with them, so I think they need a play house or a playroom where they can be safe. I think Uncle Paul should make that for them first and then a big, big castle for the boys and any of the girls that like playing outside too.

    If Uncle Paul does make a castle, may I come and try it out one day?

    Your friend in a special blue hat,
    Bertie xxxxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear Bertie
      Are you Nuts!!! Them Toddler kids have more than eouh.eot..enough! Mum's always getting them toys and things! It's us lads who are expected to go out and play with twigs and mud!!

      Have an adventure she says pushing us out the door in all kinds of weather!!

      I want a Castle but Dad says Mum's got his nose to the grindstone? for things for the Chat n Snap, so join the queue!! ( there was no one else there! think Dad needs a break )
      But Val is going to draw up plans for his studio, my Castle and Robin Van, Erik says Only he can draw plans for a long ship!! and then as soon as Dad's finished the snappy chat things, we will be ready to put them to him and he can pick!

      I have to go and sort out a cup of tea and a biscuit for Dad, got to keep on his good side!!

      You can come play in my Castle as soon as Dad's finished it!!!

      Your pal in the Village
      Percy the Valiant!! ( That's my knight name :) )
      PS had to delete first reply as Mum came along!!

  3. Sorry bout your twigs and mud, thowxx, throwxx doughxx ....Well, I quite Like twigs and mud is the BEST for rolling about in when you don't want to get in the car and go to visit a grannny or something. But I do think Father Christmas must be very mean to you if you don't get no toys.

    Sorry if I said the rongxxx wongxx wrong thing, there. It's just that I never see them toddlers so much and, we lost Connor cuz we didn't have no special safe place for the toddlers to play and he runned off.

    Me, I'd like a castle too. One with a drawbridge slide and a rope to climb up into the tower and little slitty windows to fire real arrows out of and a big flag on top ... ooooooh, and one of those bug sliding gates that drop down to stop grown ups getting in if they do get across the drawbridge. No chance though cuz Dada is better at hitting his thumb than nailing wood together and he cuts wood with curvy edges instead of straight ones. He's a great farmer though and good with tractors and stuff.

    If I come to visit your castle sometie, do you think your Dad will teach me about woodwork so I can make my own stuff?

    Bertie x

    1. Hi Bertie
      I'm sure Dad would show you how to do woodwork he is always telling mum to do it herself!! We want a castle with all the things that a castle should have!
      Dad said he was glad you knew how to spell slitty windows that could have been a disaster!! then he laughed and went off?
      Anyway, you sure can come play in our Castle if we ever get one! which according to Dad will be when Hell freezes over?
      Toby and Zak xx

  4. Lovely post Dee. Your boys are very handsome and they look great in their outfits! Love seeing them in your garden too :) xxxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. They are a nice looking bunch , don't know how long the clothes will last them being boys! :)

  5. Another lovely story Dee, with beautiful photos and handsome well dressed boys starring in it!
    I love your stories, keep them coming!
    Ooooo that Robin is such a handsome young man...if he ever needs a holiday in Spain..... ;)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love doing the stories when I have the time and the mood strikes! :) I can see I'll have to watch that Robin when you are over for the Chat N Snap, you'll be filling his head with tales of the coast and sunshine!!
      hugs Dee xx