Thursday, 12 February 2015


I thought you might like to see how Paul sometime has to work, well I say sometimes...

Yes that's Milo on the desk, Mabel on his lap and Hamish under the desk at his feet ! Oh there is more....

Archie keeping guard and Izzy getting forty winks on his other side. And yes that is an enormous Bird of Paradise Plant taking up half the window, he told me it was too cold for it in the greenhouse!!!
So are all the animals devoted to his nibs????

Saffy's not impressed she'd rather hang out on the back of the sofa by the radiator... she does not run with the crowd!!

Update on Izzy, she is making good progress , we are getting used to giving her her injections unfortunately her eye sights is not very good, she's always been a little short sighted but since she started the meds she seems to be a little confused and has bumped into a couple of things. We know she's now got cataracts but we don't know how bad her sight is, she appears to get disorientated when outside, so we call her and this helps.
It was so funny but also so sad last night when she came home from vets as she could not have any food until 8pm when she would have her injection, so when I sat to eat my dinner , she kept looking at me and gave a bark every now and then and wandering about as if to say 'where's mine ?' then when Paul arrived home she did the same to him only this time sitting watching him and staring at him and giving a bark, desperate to explain to us that she was starving!! she'd last eaten at 7.15 am. So it was a relief to give her the injection and then her dinner!.



  1. Mr Dad is obviously well loved then.... although how he can keep his mind on his work properly, never mind get up and move away from the computer when required, with all those dogs and cats on and around him, I just don't know. Perfect thigh, feet and hand warmers though,

    1. That's because he feeds them Kendal! He's learn to work round them or if they truly get in the way he'll move them. :)
      And I am sure they do keep him nice and warm.

  2. LOL this is like our house! I sit here on the sofa with my laptop and more often than not I have two Chihuahuas down my top.....then Lucy, our Min Pin, decides that she wants a piece of the action so she climbs up to my shoulder then down my top into my sleeve!!!! It's a good job I always wear my very loosest casual clothes around the house! Then I have one more each side of me. I seem to get all 5 of them in the evenings ..... tonight though I only have three, Brian has Yoda and Lucy is in her bed!!
    I'm glad to hear that Izzy is doing ok on her meds, but can imagine how unhappy she was about not getting her dinner when she expected it!!! Unfortunately the sight can go with certain types of diabetes but I'm sure she'll adapt very soon, dogs are brilliant like that. And I would say that as long as everything remains in the same place, she'll soon get used to her surroundings not being as clear to see as they were before. A good excuse NOT to get rid of lots of stuff Dee...after all, you'd not want little Izzy to get disorientated with all that extra space now, would you?
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I'm glad they are not small enough to climb inside his sweater or he won't get any work done!! lol
      Izzy seems to be doing well so far, we are just making sure will keep talking to her so if she's not sure she can follow our voices especially if she's out side and one of the other dogs is not with her.
      I'll suggest the not clearing up to Paul and see what he says!! lol
      hugs Dee xx

  3. Du liebe Zeit!
    Surrounded by the the furry family. Precious :)

    1. Only Hamish and Izzy are our dogs, Archie is my daughters and he stay for the day while she's out at work and Mabel belongs to someone down the road but she prefers to live with us due to being bullied by one of their other cats. :)

  4. So heart warming Dee. Paul is not only a very talented carpenter and a super great husband, but he is also a cat and dog whisperer too. So wonderful! :) xxx