Friday, 13 February 2015


Today I went to Gill's for lunch and also to have her daughter Zoe, cut and high light my hair.

I only took a couple of girl's with me as it was not really a Sasha meet and took a couple of photo's of Gill's girls.

 Gill's only boy Harry was wearing his sailor outfit.

I found The Three Degree's practising their singing out in the conservatory.

Some of Gill's girls were ready to go off to a brownie meeting.

Agnes and Simone were telling the girls that a Brownie troop was going to be opening in the Village and they'd already signed up! They were just waiting for their uniforms.

Nancy was talking Singing with the Three Degrees who said they were looking for a lead singer if she was any good but Nancy was too shy to sing for them, so they had to turn her down, no good having a lead singer who does not like to sing in public!!

Two of Gill's girls were watching all the goings on!

Two more who were listening in to our conversation!

The girls all gathered together to see us off !


Well due to being out for the day, the clearing was out on hold but I do have a couple of boxes I am sorting through to list!


  1. Lovely visit to Gill's house. Her sailor boy is very handsome and it is so nice to see her beautiful girls. I especially love her brownie girls! Thank you for sharing! :) xxx

    1. It was Ginger. The two matching Brownie outfits are by Ginny, with all the hats and socks by Gill, plus Gill found all the badges etc.:)xx

  2. Looks like there was still a lot of dolly talk going on, even for a 'non dolly' meet :) Well it was nice for us as you had your hair done and we saw lovely dolls :) Win win situation really!
    I love those brownie outfits and the sailor boy, so cute. I think I need to have a little chat with a certain seamstress because I'm sure some of my girls would enjoy the brownies too :)
    Big hugs Sharon xx