Sunday 30 May 2021


 Yes that is correct ! The sun is here and it's staying at least for the next week! I thought I would share this photo I took of the Lewisia that is flowering and is such a gorgeous colour.

I have spent the week pottering and cleaning. Paul started on the leaded light windows for the Gazebo.

So the far right hand corner one is in just needs the putty to set then can be cleaned.

You can see we have picked up elements of the original to pull them together ,without having to try and match in the stained glass blue.

So just the left hand window to make and put in. Then another small thing to add, then it's all finished. Well if you don't count the bit of painting and preserving that still needs doing !

On the doll front another doll did arrive this week, a Natterer boy Pierre. Yes I know I'm downsizing !

Pierre's been around for a few years and I noticed that they have a new boy coming out,so decided I'd best get him while I could, having admired him for a good while. I do like having at least one boy, if available , out of any doll range I collect.

So also this week I did finally sort out the girl baby sasha clothes and put them on the sales page, just need to sort out a link on FB sales bazaar to get them sold.

I still have two big boxes of non sasha dolls clothes to go through and reduce to one box. I have some things I really must get round to sewing plus I need to start using up my yarn for various projects , however at present I'm in a reading mood, so am catching up on some books that I've had sitting about waiting to be read.

So on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy doll filled week ahead.


Friday 28 May 2021


 "Hello Auntie Mops , It's me Lucas ! I am hiding from Mum because I did eat her last rollo! Well I did eat all the rollo's and the m&m's and so now I'm hiding with the Pansys but I don't feel to good my tummy is making funny noises..... I think I need to go now and hide in the bathroom ! Bye "


Tuesday 25 May 2021


Yes it is true I have been clearing out Sasha clothes etc recently, however when you see something that sings out to you ... well you just have to take the plunge !

I saw this beautiful dress on ebay and was so pleased when I won it. Naturally I was drawn to the gorgeous William Morris print.

Georgie was happy to get first dibs and was soon outside showing Igor her new dress.

Strike a pose ! Igor's not impressed

So Georgia takes herself off out to the front wall to strut her stuff!

I do love this brown and navy colourway and I'm not really a great fan of brown but with this navy it just sings.

Well Georgie's is off to find some better socks she tells me !
So on that note I'm off for a cuppa.


Sunday 23 May 2021


 Well that week whizzed past ! Started with me getting by second jab , next day hygenist and then next day doctors, so a busy week appointment wise and a wet one weather wise !

I have been buying some old used terracotta garden pots, they look so much nicer with some wear and tear and age to them plus they are eviromentally better than plastic. The Auriculars especially look good in the old pots. Well these pots can be quite pricy especially when you add in postage. So I found some on auction on ebay that was being sold by someone who lived not far away.

I won the three lots I bid on for their maiden bids, so Paul and I went to pick them up on Saturday. We arrived at the lady's lock up and we were chatting about the pots etc and she said she had some more if I was interested, of course I said yes, could I see them. 

Well I made an offer for all the ones in the two photos shown and she countered and we settled in the middle. So I walked away with over a 115 old terracotta pots for around 50 p each ! Result !

Today I have spent over three hours outside scrubbing some of the pots, letting them dry and then potting up some of the larger ones.

So on the doll front I sold another doll, which was good , I can now look at who else can now move on and also try and get back to more sorting. I have sorted out some sasha baby doll clothes since I now only have Elton Ron and no girl babies, so I'll be listing baby clothes soon on the sale page.

The twins helped out earlier in the week when I was sorting and moving plants but it was just too cold today to help with the washing of the pots but there is still plenty left to do , when the weather warms up !

Well I wish you all a lovely healthy warm week ahead and hope to see you again soon.


Monday 17 May 2021


 Well this week's been wet! Yes it appears that after that very dry April, the rain that did not arrive then decided to arrive this week ! At first it was sunshine and showers, which was fine as one could carry on working outside.

But then it was showers with plenty of cloud, so much cooler and wetter ! It's only knowing how much the ground really needs the rain that stops the complaints!

A plan I had to clear a path around the side of the formal box garden only got half completed. Although the rains but been so prominent today, Sunday, it's been quite cold. However I did get outside to repot some Auricula's and tidy up some of the patio and will probably head out again later.

However on the doll front things did pick up with the sale of another non sasha doll and the missing doll finally starting to move, after two months of sitting still in Chicago ! So hoping he will arrive at his new home soon. My sorting out and listing of the dolls clothes as come to nothing. Don't ask me why as I have no idea! sometimes things just seem to slip out the mix when doing other things and although there have been times when I could have and should have got on with it , well I didn't ! 

My attention seems to be on the garden and getting things done there and making plans , one of my favourite pastimes, at the moment. Since it is a large garden it does take up a fair amount of time when the growing season starts but then in a month or so should calm down quite a bit ,unless things are being changed or added to! However with the heavy rain showers making the whole place wet it's hard to get on with everything !

Today , Monday, I finally changed the twins into their gardening clothes and also Ginny , shown above, got changed as well. She is standing on the patio table among all the Geraniums that still need to be planted out into the pots.

So today I had my second jab and so far only one slight dizzy moment, so hopefully that will be all.

Now I am off to the studio to take some boxes back and see what needs doing before I head back out to plant some geraniums.

Have agtreat healthy fun filled week.


Wednesday 12 May 2021



Violet and Sapphire have been outside admiring the two Auricula's that have flowered.

The girls realise that they need mum to find their gardening clothes ! There is so much to be helping with now the weather is improving.

"We need to find our dungarees !" says Violet

" Yes and get our gardening tools together , so we can start on the weeding and cutting back !" replies Sapphire.

" Come on mum " says Sapphire " Stop taking our photos we need to find our gardening clothes "

" Yes mum , we need to get outside and start weeding before it gets to overgrown! "

Well they won't stop asking until their clothes are ready for them to wear in the morning so I'd best go find them .

Sunday 9 May 2021


 Well after a few days with some rain here and there, we had a Saturday with most of the day getting a good soaking but since the ground desparately needs the water , it was worth putting up with.

We finally got to visit the grandchildren on Friday and to see my daughter's new house. The journey was fine and the roads not too busy plus Friday was a lovely dry bright day , just perfect for visiting.

Paul's had his second jab on Tuesday and apart from feeling more tired than usual the day after, he appears to not have had any other side effects which is good. He there between the rainy times as been carrying on with the gazebo's second wall. He's made two more window frames to fit either side of the old stained glass ones and once he's fitted them, he'll be ready to start on making the stained/leaded glass windows next week.

It's also now gardening time, so we are now having to spend some time doing the garden jobs, putting in wires for the climbing plants, weeding, planting up pots etc.

I am still working on reducing the amount of doll stuff I own , so am about to list a few more dolls once I decide who can go now and also what other clothes etc can be sold on. I will ,in some cases, even throw a few things out ! Yes I know ,, wasteful but I do have some things that are not Sasha related or suitable for my other dolls, so they must go !

I have a middle sized empty blue plastic box and have decided I need to fill it with all the things that can go! I have ordered some more cardboard boxes and padded envelopes , so that I will be able to post the items once they sell.

It's quite big , so should hold a fair amount of stuff, however will I be brave enough to fill it and then sell everything I put in there? When I had the other sort out , I removed at least three items because I decided that they could be used on a different doll or was too nice to sell on, even though they'd not been near nor by a doll for a good year at least!.

So I'll be listing things next week on the sale page , so keep them peeled, if you don't want to miss a nice outfit or even doll!

On the doll front I did sell a non sasha doll on Friday, so she's already in the post on her way to her new owner. I also sold another doll today, so they are slowly finding new homes.

A Gotz doll I sent to the US is still according to the tracking, sitting in the Chicago depot and not moving ! It's now been two whole months since it arrived there! I have tried everything to get them to look at it but their website just shuts down anything where it doesn't like the box ticked! So I am going to make a claim and see if it kicks them up the butt to get it delivered. I would hate for it to be lost and not arrive at it's new owners, yes I can get a refund etc but then the doll will be sold off I assume  and could land up anywhere!

I've decided that from the first of June , I will start using the studio for the doll stories, so I have a few more weeks to get my act together. 

Olivia changed into a more summery outfit , so Octavia would not feel left out by being the only button in summer clothes.

Well I have spent most of today working in the garden and now need to start looking into boxes of dolls clothes to see what more can go, so on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy dollfilled week ahead,


Wednesday 5 May 2021


 I always like to add the photos as they are received , adding more until it's time to post on the day.

So first up this month is.

Over at Ursula's Xavier is looking for bugs and insects amongst the beautiful spring flowers.

While his sister Mona is up in the Lilac tree looking down of the garden below.

Over at Gregoropolis two of the girls are doing that same but different! Even down to having teddies that match the colours of their clothes! Now that is taking it to the limit ! And one an np lass pretty in pink and a 68 dazzling in blue.

Here in the village , the button nosed girls wanted a group photo now that Octavia as joined the family Bea is enjoying being the only brunette! Or so she says at the moment.

The twins, Christian and Sebrina like to look the same but different ! I love the matching plaid of their clothing.

Over at RoRoPo , Rick is riding the newest mare Lefty, he is riding without a saddle as both he and the mare like this. The sun is shinning, the flowers are blooming and all is right with the world..bliss..

Halyna's girl Cora was out braving the rainy weather the other day.

When the rain stopped she look around for a puddle to walk in!

"Look mum ! My wellies work just fine !" she calls gleefully standing in the puddle.

Later Cora is resting on a tree , I have to say that is one smart raincoat and matching boot set.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos for the post, more can be added if you would like to join in.

Sunday 2 May 2021


Cast nar a clout till May is out! This old saying is living up to it's truth. Basically it's saying don't cast off anything until May is finished. 

This is because usually May would be starting of the world or atleast our side of the world warming up , Summer is just round the corner and we wouldn't be needing a cardigan never mind a coat!

However it's been pretty cold here the last few days and according to the weather forecast we are about to receive some of the rain that didn't fall in April. When nthe sun does manage to get out from behind the cloud it's lovely and warm but at present a cold breeze is normally blowing. In the last couple of days I've been thinking about buying some thick cardigans it's been that cold!

So whats been happening here in the village, well it's been carrying on with the jobs outside. Paul has been working on making the gazebo a little more comfortable, against those windy days and for that matter rainy ones too.

He built a wall across the side into which we have set some old stained glass windows , there is still a little bit to do to finish that side completely but he's now gone on to deal with the left hand side shown in this photo. Here we are also putting in a low wall and a row of long old stained glass windows, so we can still see the garden but be protected from the worst of any cold breezes that tend to come across the garden from the open fields beyond.

More photos once it's finished , which may be a while because Paul will be making two more stained glass window 's to match the two we bought to set in the centre.

This is a photo of the centre old stained glass windows and Paul will make two more but without the oval abd fancy top detail to keep it more open.

I have received my box order but in truth have not really got back inot the studio to carry on with my sorting and clearing. Which I need to do.

I have however made a few days but did also fall off the wagon and buy a doll! I was just on ebay looking to see if there were any brunette button nose lasses avaialble but came across a very cute blonde button nosed lass! Well she was too cute to just pass by, so I placed a couple of bids and wonder of wonders I won! So Octavia arrived yesterday.

I had bought this mustardy yellow outfit the other week, so Octavia being new to the family got to use it first.

This being a bank holiday weekend, the rain is heading our way ,which will may for a nightmare to get any decent photos in the next couple of days but I shall endevour! Because it will soon be the fifth and doll photo day, so please send in any photos you would like added.

So I must go and see who will be taking part in the doll photo day and also help get things put away before the heavens open.

Have a lovely healthy doll filled week ahead


Saturday 1 May 2021


Well it's the 1st of May ! And guess what or I should say who arrived this morning !You may remember that just the other week I was saying how I had a feeling that I would like to add another lovely brunette button nose to my small clan ......

Yes I know she's not a brunette but she was just sitting on ebay waiting to find a new home

and looked so cute I didn't have the heart to tell her ,Sorry I'm really in the market for a brunette not a blonde!

How could I not invite her home! So I saw her and won her in April but she's arrived on the first of May both April or May could be used therefore as her name ( There were rumbling from Olivia about not another M named Button what with Margo and Magda ) but then once she'd arrived and we had a chat and a change of clothes a name was decided on.

Octavia ! Of course Olivia is over the moon that there will be another button nose with a name starting with O! 

Octavia means Eigth ! and she is in fact the eight button nose to come and live in the family , although there are not actually eight here now. At one time there were three button lads and a different brunette button nosed girl ( who yes I do regret selling ) 

So it also solved the not another M button nose girl arguement put up by Olivia , although with Olivia's twin brother, Oliver , there are now three O's , which Olivia is quite smug about!

Octavia was nearly called Jamie Lee after Jamie Lee Curtis, because Octavia started life as a boy! But somewhere along the way she changed into a girl and Jamie Lee Curtis started life with her gender unclear , so a name was given that would work whichever way her soul took her.

Octavia was quite interested in maybe having that name , then asked the other button's names , so I said

we have Magda, Margo, Olivia, Beatice and Oliver , she decided as Jamie Lee she would stand out too much and she really wanted to become part of the button nose clan, so Octavia was agreed on , with Tavia or Tavy for short.

So she is settling in with the other children , I think she will like it here. Now I just need to find that elustive brunette button...but not quite yet!