Sunday 28 January 2018


This has been one of those weeks where the mind clears for a few minutes and you see what you need to do if you want to achieve your goals!
This happened to me while driving home from work on Monday. I realised if I ever wanted to get my new bigger doll studio, I'd need to sell a few dolls to achieve it.

I was going to get Paul to remove the existing gazebo and totally rebuild it but this would be a lot of work for him , and he does already have loads to do and probably would not save much in the long run.

So I've gone back to the idea of buying a log cabin, which comes all ready to assemble. Which means I can help Paul with construction, it will go together quicker and come with a guarantee. Mind you if Paul builds it I have an automatic guarantee! ;)

This is the one I am considering it's lovely and big and would have lots of light when I need it.It can be insulated top and bottom and I would only need to do the walls if I really wanted to, so again more time and cost saving.

So to that end I listed a couple of dolls on ebay, one which sold to a friend off ebay , so I replaced it with another.

I have put this Ochre eyed blonde up for adoption, as much as I love her, she arrived and then after photos as been in the cupboard. I've not had time to give her a personality so it's easier to let go.

Her gorgeous sister went on to and was snapped up almost straight away, again I've not got round to bonding with her so it's easier to say good bye, except for when you see them again you think Oh she's lovely should I keep her! But this week I've had my hard hat on!

Now she was replaced on ebay by this slate eyed Gotz, who I have had for years. I was torn about putting her on but considered if no one bought her she could stay.... so of course someones bought her!  Which is good because it's more funds towards the studio but a little sad as she is a gorgeous doll. But needs must and I've still to decide on a couple more to go.

Well this weeks been a bit of a nightmare because my virus returned ( I don't think it actually left!) and I felt so unwell I had to come home from work! Which is not like me!, I'll usually dose myself up and get through the days until I have a day off or it's the weekend.!
I have never been so unwell on and off for so long! I had the flu jab this year and I'm wondering if that's got anything to do with it ! Anyway I took myself off to Dr's and found out the virus had set off another problem and was given tablets for that and I am now feeling much better than I was. In truth I did not realise just how bad I was feeling until I started taking the tablets and felt so much brighter!

But because of all this I've not got on with the blog posts for granny but will try and get this moved forward over the coming week. I seem to be faffing about all the time when I am feeling better instead of getting my act together.

Just like with the need to put a couple more dolls up for sale, one's I hope will go quickly and not sit about or I decide I need to keep them!

This is the view into my Kitchen from a couple of weeks back! Not only have I taken over the side beneath the boiler, I've now taken over a massive part of the kitchen table! So I need to get Granny's tale done and dusted , so she can have her bedroom removed  and I can go back to just using the worktop.
This is also another reason I decide I need to fund my new studio the quick way , as in buying something ready to build rather than poor Paul spending weeks or weekends getting all the wood etc and having to cut and fit it all. These log cabins can be put up in a weekend !

Of course I did tell you I have a doll or two in the pipeline and one of them arrived this week.

This is Gaku, A Wichtel Michal,his is a face sculpt and skin tone I have wanted for a year of so, so when I saw him, just before Christmas, I just had to put a deposit down.
I have a small Wichtel girl to come and then that's it for these dolls, I will have all the one's I want.

This is the lovely Ashley taking part in my Rainbow colour challenge, I've added the rhyme and photos to my dolly dreaming blog which you can find on the side bar.

Ashley's always looked good in yellow and she was already wearing the dress and boots , so I just added the cloak.

This is their Telescope, that was featured in the previous post.

I can see they'll be having lots of fun with this over the coming year.

So that's been my week I hope yours has been healthy and enjoyable. I cannot believe that it will be the first of February during next week ! A potentially exciting month for my family.
Remember the Doll 'shelf' photos will be posted on the 5th, so get snapping and send in one or two to share.

Have a great week.

PS I forgot to add this photo..

It was very windy here and this pot keeps getting blown over but this time it cracked and broke the pot!

It's pair , that stands the other side of the shelf area on the left, never gets knock over! The wind must in someway get trapped and pushed behind the pot by the walls of the house.

Saturday 27 January 2018


Elsewhere in the village

" Turn it this way" says a voice loudly
"Shh if mum hears us she'll be mad!" someone whispers

"Wow!" says a voice softly

"That's so cool "

"This is a great new telescope " says Zak in a whisper
" Yes we may discover a new planet!" says Toby a little loudly
" Shh!"
" Shh yourself! " says Toby " come on we'd better put it back before someone finds us!"

for once it's Toby being sense able!

" Just one last look! " whispers Zak

Sighing Toby keeps watch for any lights suddenly going on in the house !

Silence ........


Have to confess the cool photo is off the internet but we can see some great constellations from our front and back gardens. Orion , the Plough , Sirius to name but a few and at the right time both Mars and Venus. Of course tonight it was too cloudy and we only managed a photo of the moon.But on a better night the boys will have a great time star gazing with their new telescope.


Monday 22 January 2018


Granny Fortuna starts awake from a drunken.. I mean deep sleep !
"What.. what was that? whose there?... " she asks her voice quite small and gruff from her flu

It's quite dim in the bedroom and Granny's eyes not being what they once were, cannot see clearly.
" I said " cough cough " I said whose there? " she demands her voice a little louder

It is I! the ghost of Christmas past , present and future!" says a growl y voice

" You! " scoffs granny " The ghost of Christmas Past, Present and future! You cannot be all three! Where are the other two? " she demands on a cough!

"Have you not heard about the cutbacks! They cannot afford to employ three ghosts ! where one will do !"

Granny points at the ghost " Your the wolf who red riding hood killed! Imposer!" remembering the start of that tale Granny looks a little worried " And don't think you'll be eating me! I've crushed bigger things than you with my shoe!" cough cough.. sneeze!

" Okay Okay! Don't go on about it! Yes in my former life I was indeed the wolf that the evil nasty wicked sinful ........"
"Get on with it!" demands Granny stopping the wolf in mid flow
Taking a deep breath counting to ten and muttering .. don't be bitter don't be bitter , the ghost wolf finally continues "  yes I am said Wolf , you may call me Bert ( Granny giggles, the wolf gives her s stern look ) I am here to show you what the present and the future holds  "

" What about the past? " asks Granny
The wolf sighs LOUDLY... " was you not listening? or are your ears just too old? ( this time it's granny who gives the wolf a stern look , he gulps,  that granny looks one mean old woman! ) I was saying about the cut backs? so you know what happened in the past! you've been there and done that, so we will concern ourselves with the present and the future!" he says importantly

Starting to blink and yawn Granny points to the window " Well that's all very interes..ting but I have the flu... and need to .. ( yawn ) .. get my rest.. ( yawn)... so maybe tomorrow... come.b.. " she starts to snore gently

No matter how loudly Bert the wolf calls and shouts, Granny carries on sleeping, finally he gives up in disgust and leaves muttering all the way....

to be continued.....................

Sunday 21 January 2018


Well I wasn't going to do a catch up today but since it's been a proper winters day I thought why not!

So we woke up to it snowing! At first it was not settling but by mid morning it was starting to lay. I'm pleased to say that as I type this it's now raining and it's washed the snow away from the roads and paving, so as long as it does not stop and freeze overnight , and thankfully it's not forecast to, it should be fine for driving to work tomorrow! So I hope they have got their forecast correct!

I bought another item from the Maileg Kitchenware range this week, Ollie is helping to show the sizing.

It is a Bowl, Whisk, wooden spoon and tea towel .

The bowl is terracotta, glazed on the inside but not the outside.

Sizing is good but not sure If I could have done better, by sourcing the items another way.I may try it when I have time.

I received  a new , to me, Schoenhut doll on Wednesday. She'd been on layaway and then had to make her journey here from the US. I do love these bigger Schoenhut dolls, Miss Vivian is 19 inches.

When I first saw her she was wearing a totally different outfit and a dark wig and I wanted her then but before I could do anything she'd vanished, so I thought her sold. Then she reappeared a few months later wearing a blonde wig and this wonderful red and white outfit. This time I got in quick !.

An old style elegance about her, with her red wide brimmed straw hat and her heart shaped satin box., flowing dress and red sash.

I knew straight away her name and who and what she was, Miss Vivian Scarlet Schoenhut, an actress and film star ,who between jobs returns to her family and friends in the small country village where she can just be a normal member of the community.

 The Vivian from Vivian Leigh the British actress from the forties , who starred in Gone with the Wind and many other films.

And even better she arrived just in time to help me with Bruno and Granny's Christmas tale!

So not much else happening here, I'm about to go and do the next post for Granny and Bruno's story which I'll put on before I leave for work tomorrow.

So have a great week ahead .


Saturday 20 January 2018


Bruno is worrying ! It's nearly time to close the shop and although trades been good , only opening after school is not enough !

He really needs to be here all day! especially on Fridays and Saturdays when it can get very busy and they can make lots of sales.

He looks at the milkshake he'd promised himself if he sold enough but now he doesn't have the heart to drink it.. he may have to give 'uncle' Alfonso a call.....

Suddenly he realises that it's gone a little dark , then senses someone watching him!

" Hello Bruno " says a cheerful voice " I hope I'm in time to get some shopping done before you close? "
Stunned Bruno stumbles over his words.. " Oh.. no.. I mean .. Yes .. of course Miss Vivian.. anything for you!" his voice ends on a near whisper.

" Oh your an Angel Bruno! I only got home about an hour ago and I just must start some Christmas shopping " the vision turns towards the inner part of the shop " I hope you have plenty of things left and how is Granny ? "

Miss Vivian stands over at the Christmas card display, sorting through the cards, while Bruno tries to find his tongue!

" I.. I..  I saw your film 19 and a half steps.. last week " says Bruno he voice just a little starstruck, even though he's known Vivian all his life, why she even baby sat him a time or two!  " Granny's got the flu, so she's up in bed at the moment "
" Oh dear!" says Miss Vivian " you must give her my love and tell her I'll send along some of the medicine they make me take on set if I start to feel a cold coming, it's wonderful stuff" Vivian says as she scans cards selecting some to take with her.

In no time at all Miss Vivian's placed a pile of goods on the counter and Bruno's totting them up. " Did you enjoy the film Bruno " asks Vivian anxiously
" Yes! " says Bruno forgetting to be shy " I loved the part in the train station with the clock! wonderful "
Miss Vivian blushes " Oh I'm so pleased " she carries on excitedly " You must see my new film when it comes out ! It's called Gone with the Bins! all about a child left out with the rubbish and saved by the binman !"
" Really!"
" Yes but when she , that's me . grows up her mother returns to try and claim her ! and only , although I don't know it, so she can get part of my plantation that's been left to me by my paternal grandfather!"
"Wow that sounds exciting ! " says Bruno getting shy again " did... did you have to get in a bin full of rubbish? "
Miss Vivian laughs, a pretty tinkling sound that makes Bruno smile " No ! thank goodness! I play the child when she's older another much younger actress did that part , although they didn't make the rubbish horrid and smelly, it was all done so it appeared to be horrid"

Taking most of her purchases Miss Vivian heads for the door asking Bruno to send the other things on later. Bruno says he'll drop them off after tea.

"and Bruno " says Miss Vivian without turning " Whatever you are worrying about it will be okay! "
" Will it? " ask Bruno wistfully

" yes it will " says Miss Vivian firmly

" After all tomorrow is another day "

 and then she's gone leaving a slightly shell shocked Bruno in her wake.

But seeing Miss Vivian had given Bruno an idea....

Could he do it?.... and if so how would he do it......

Suddenly he starts moving talking aloud  " first I must close the shop and get Granny some tea, then I need to find that old trunk... "

To be continued.....