Sunday 28 February 2021


 Well I know February is a short month but even so this one has just shot by!

This was taken on Saturday , a gloriously sunny day. However it was not my intention to take a photo of the blue sky but if you can see that tiny dot ? That is one of the birds that fly over the house every day and also over the recreation ground at the end of the garden.

Now they always chose to fly overhead nice and low so I can see their feather detail , they are Kite's , however for some reason they almost always make sure my camera is not at hand and by the time I find it and rush back outside they are faraway or too high ! Lindsey did manage to get a couple of photos last year but they are now on the memory stick.

Every time I try for a decent photo I'm convinced they know and swoop in , see me rushing about and then hit the thermals into the heights ! I can hear them laughing to each other as they fly off ! But I will get that photo ... someday.... maybe I need Paul to build me a bird hide?  Paul.......

The warmer, brighter , longer days are making the knowledge that spring is just round the corner so enticing ! But for me it also starts that urge to change things around and clean/clear things up.

I have plans for changing the layout in my studio, taking the double unit that pushes out into the centre and putting it under the worktops where the kitchen meets the living room. Then either using the worktop that sat on it as a fold down unit that I can put up when needed or bringing an old oak drop leaf table I have and keep that to the side for when I need extra surface.

This will mean I will have a big area of floor space and hopefully it will then stay clear and enable me to start using the studio for what It was put up for.. blogging photos. The electrician will be back in March or April to put in the power and he will need some space to work.

I'm also going to sort out all my props and move some on, along with quite a few dolls, mainly non Sasha but also a few of the Sasha's. So keep an eye on my sales page and the bazaar for any Sasha related items. Since I am meant to be shielding for all of March , I need to work out how I get things posted as we no longer have a printer , maybe I'll need to sort that first ! 

I am at heart a doll collector, not just Sasha, but all sorts of dolls. I do prefer the older dolls but like some of the newer one's too. This is a photo of who is sitting on the sideboard in the living room, a couple of Zwergnase , a Kathe Kruse, two Pongratz and a girl for all time.

But although I have often fallen for a pretty face, I'm pleased to say the house is not full to bursting with every doll I have liked the look of ! 

I remember when I first got into Sasha , I was never going to buy a doll costing hundreds of pounds......and we can all see how that went ! 

So I am revising my doll collection, which seems to happen every couple of years and usually around spring time! 

There are some dolls I want to get a small collection of , so there will be a very few dolls arriving over time.

On the home front, it's warmed up, so we have been outside moving the pots of tulips into place from where they were stored over winter. The gazebo's been cleared and swept out of all the items we left undercover but still more to do.  Our next door neighbour's removed his old shed and all the rubbish he had stacked beside it and against our fence, so we also need to replace our fence panels along that stretch while there is space and before everything starts growing.

Which will mean that everything indoors will go on the back burner ! With only the odd thing happening now and then. Although hopefully some things will get done, the display for the Chat n Snap for example.

Peter here is going on the adoption list ! along with a few other Sasha/ Gregor dolls, so keep checking the sales page and the bazaar and if there is a doll of mine you would love, please ask, he/she may just be on the maybe list!

So I need to get sorting and listing these adoptions, so I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


Friday 26 February 2021



The button nosed kids are all still standing around on the dresser but Alexander is talking to Magda and Margo and at the other end Ginny is standing near the sunshine. Lucas is now earing his coat ready for going out to play.

A pair of white boots and Hugo the smallest bear on the shelf above.

A jack in a box and a dolls house trolly and below a bear and a Hedgehog !

A close up view of the tea trolly and Jack in a box.

I really need to think about getting my dolls house finished this year, so all the little treasures I have packed away or like these sitting around, can finally have a home.

Wednesday 24 February 2021



Back when the snow was melting Ragnor and Maude May were out in the garden,

"It's still quite icy !" Say Maude

"Allow me to help you down " offers Ragnor reaching out

"That's very kind of you Ragnor but I think I'll just stay here and admire the garden for a while "

Worried Maude may slip on the ice, Ragnor decides to stay close by just in case !

Maude is quietly excited to be outside, this is the first time she's been changed since she arrives ages ago, because she was one of the Gertie girls, so stayed in her long dress and pinefore, But finally mum decided she could be like all the others.

 Meanwhile Ragnor is happy just to wait around with Maude since none of his brothers are around.

It's not too cold without his coat but he may have to start stamping his feet soon if Maude stays out much longer !

Tuesday 23 February 2021



I was looking through the photos for something and realised that we had made a move around of the furniture from when the floor was first laid.

This photo is from when it was first refurnished.

And this is now it is now. I did like the sofa being more central to the wall but that did not allow me to put the bureau in and since that's where I am sitting writing this on my laptop, you can see it just had to move over.

The table and plant that were in the left hand corner beside sofa are now behind this Ercol chair .

The bureau which we backed in the same wallpaper as is on the walls, needed it's small sections in the desk area.

I was able to order the wood online and then I designed what I wanted and Paul made it and stained and polished it to blend in.

The sections are now back in place and I think complete the area.

A closer view. The box on the right which is in the same colourway and design as the wallpaper, I have owned for a few years and did not realise it was a match until I came across the box in an upstairs cupboard !

So now it's on the bureau looking like it's always been there and another small job done.

Sunday 21 February 2021



What little snow there was is long gone and Saturday was lovely , almost Spring like ! Yes the temperature is in double figures and you can tell Spring is not far away and it lifts the spirits. Which inspired me to have a little change with the blog background ! Not sure yet if it will stay a while but it is lovely and bright !

Mabel Lucie , now restrung completely , ventured out while there was still a few pieces of snow left , last week and I thought she would make a lovely photo in her bright purple boots to start this weeks summery post.

Well what's been happening this week. Paul had his first vaccine injection on Tuesday and is fine, his arm did ache for a while but apart from that he seems to not have had any other discomfort so far.

I was sent a letter from the Doctors to say I should be shielding until 31st March !  Nice of them to tell me now, nearly a year into the pandemic ! Luckily I had worked it out for myself , last year , and was one of the reasons I stuck to retiring in July as I planned and not working the extra couple of months , my then manager asked.

I have since made a point of avoiding all unnecessary trips out and spent most of the pandemic at home, so I am now expecting to get a letter to book my injection in this current group and not have to wait until the 60-64 age group starts. 

Because the weather has been cold before today, and Paul having his injection, we have not really done anything on the house this week. Just the usual pottering about and tidying up.

However for the first time ever I did the other week get every single Sasha and Gregor out and redress them. I did not of course then put them all back but left them standing around in the living room and on the dresser.

I had started to take their photos while the snow was still around then got side tracked and not all got photographed. So I started tidying up after myself, returning all the changed clothes to the studio along with the newly tidied sock, tights  etc boxes but still the dolls had over taken the living room. I really didn't want to have to box most of them up again, so I convinced Paul that their cabinet , which will go up into the bedroom once it's been redecorated, needed to be brought in from the studio to the house.

It's now standing in the window/door recess in the breakfast room part of the kitchen and can hold around twenty six dolls. Naturally I have more than twenty six S & G's but at least that many now have a home.

Well on the doll front things have been happening! I have seen a young lass I like the look of and she may well me coming to live in the village very soon, once I raise her adoption fee. So something to look forward too!

So on that note I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.

Stay safe


Saturday 20 February 2021


 Yet more of the village children are wearing lovely warm clothes !

The twins, Sapphire and Violet, are nice and warm in some Vintage Sasha dungaree sets and Rosie Laird sweaters.

Sapphire is wearing the sweater with the Viking boats on ! It's Erik's favourite sweater but Sapphire sked him so sweetly explaining that she needed her sweater to look almost but not quite the same as Violet's.

Erik just cannot say no to his sisters, his brothers yes , but no his sisters ! So he agreed as long as she returns it to him once she's finished with it.

So the twins go off to check all's well in the greenhouse.

NB  This post was done the week before last when the snow was still around but other posts jumped in front 

Thursday 18 February 2021


 Everyone was so glad to see Olivia back on her feet , especially her button nosed siblings, she was surprised to find she had two new sisters of the button since she'd been gone !

So after they'd all been introduced it was decided they would do a button intro and photo shoot.

First up was Ollie ( Oliver ) Olivia's twin brother, they came together a good few years back now.

He used to go and see his sister , well her head, for a chat and then would look daggers at me until dinner time, he loves his food !

Joint first with Ollie , is his twin Olivia, they came together as a pair from their previous mum,

Olivia is the older quieter twin.

She loved that Ollie came to see her ,but if she asked what he'd been happening, all he's say is not a lot!

Then tell her what he'd had for breakfast or dinner! not helpful when your stomach was sitting somewhere else !

Next is Peter, he has the lovely button boys hair with the forward curl.

You can just see his curls under his hat.

Next is the lovely Magda, she arrived from Switzerland, a few years back and as been ruling the button roost ever since.

She is so happy to see her good friend and sister Olivia back, there will be lots of catching up once in bed for the next week or two !

Then we have the sweet Margot, not as vocal has Magda but can hold her own if needed.

She is often invited to go and live up north by the sea but at present she's happy here with her bossy sister Magda.

Last ? up is Beatrice or Bea , she's not been here long, only arriving late last year but she's settled in well. Not has bossy as Magda and not as quiet as Olivia she is a calming influence when tempers flare !

The boys stand together for photo and then it's over to the girls

They have moved to the dresser so everyone can fit in.

There is some shuffling around because Ollie insists on standing next to Olivia , as its so long since he's seen her upright !

They are finally settled when Lucas arrives .
" lo Ollie what doing? " he asked Ollie
" We are having our photo taken "
"Me too!" Lucas says
" Oh you'd best ask Magda about that "

" Da !" says Lucas to Magda , when she continues staring ahead he decides to shout "DA..... M  DA"

" Oh Sorry Lucas I was daydreaming ! What's up ? "
" Me too now here " he points to the line up
" Sorry sweetheart but it just for us button nosed kids "
Lucas looks confused So Magda does her best to explain what she means by a button nose 
"But  on !" Lucas insists but Magda shakes her head
Lucas lip starts to tremble ,then stops and a steely glint fills his eyes

He stamps off growling under his breath as he passes the others.

They carry on having photos taken and chatting, when there is a noise down the end of the line up 

Lucas is walking back up the line poking his tongue out at everyone as he passes ! While something appears stuck to his face!

He reaches Magda and is just about to stick his tongue out when she says warningly " Stick that out at me and I'll cut it off and feed it to the pigs!"
A small staring match occurs before Lucas decides she may just do it! So he smiles instead and says " But on nose !"
Trying not to laugh Magda replies " I can see , not quite what I meant but I can see where you are coming from "
Lucas confused says " sew room "
" Yes via way of mum's button box !" Magda decides he deserves a reward for effort. " Okay you can be an honorary button nose for today "

So seven button nose children appear to live here !

Or is that six and a little porker ? I do believe he may have pulled this stunt before ! But have commend his efforts

Wednesday 17 February 2021


 Not that she actually went anywhere just had the usual but not usual stringing fail!

Her arms dropped off one day probably two or more years ago! But her arms had not been attached in the usual way. She didn't have any arm fittings, someone had made small holes in the tops of her arms and twisted wire through them for the string to hold.
I decided that they needed to be repaired properly and so she was taken apart and put to one side why I decided what to do for the best.

A button placed inside the arm opening was suggested but the opening is very small, so another idea was needed, which meant that poor Olivia spent the next two or more years being moved about in pieces.

That was until last week when we finally ran a surgery to repair some dolls ! Naturally due to her problems Olivia was left until last. 
It was decided to glue a piece of metal between the holes that had been made to form a bar inside the top of the arm opening. So that was done and left over nice to dry.

Paul then filed down the outside metal to make it smooth. This was when we realised that due to just how small the opening is , we'd need to source some of the hooks. A quick look around the web and we found some on ebay. The order was placed but they'd not arrive until this week.

We had last week restrung her legs using the original string but found that it was no good. So we had to bite the bullet and remove her wooden neck ring, which meant a dip into some boiling water to soften up the vinyl to allow it to be removed.
Since we had to do that I also plunged her head into the water , as she'd always had a big and I do mean big dent in the back of her head , it could not been seen ,due to all her hair but you could feel it if you held her head, so while Paul restrung the neck ring, I softened her head and using a screwdriver, very carefully pushed the dent back out ! 
I was very pleased to find it worked and there is now only the smallest of dents in its place . So then it was a case of restringing her and she was back!

So now to dress her, I felt bad having left her so long, so I found a lovely off white dress , never been opened , that I had bought from Petrana years back, along with the white fur topped boots, again not used and a Ugg leather bag again unused till now.

So finally Olivia is back and she's strutting her stuff ! Ollie her twin brother will be over the moon that his twin is finally back even though she wasn't actually gone !

A few extra photo's just because she's looking so nice 



Olivia has been given the honour of the banner place on the FB group, so you could say she's BACK!

I feel a Button nosed reunion coming on!