Sunday 31 March 2013


Well hours ago I started getting things together for my Easter photo and I have just finished!!
The good thing about deciding to do a photo for the blog in a certain way, style or colour range is
it makes you go searching through your things.

Which in turn means you find things you have forgotten you had, things you knew you had but look totally different to what you remembered and some things you just cannot find even if you only saw them a couple of days ago!!

Using this has a good opportunity to change some of the Sasha's into Spring clothing even thought the weather people say we have another two weeks of cold weather to come!!! I set about my task.

First up is Ashley which is a bit of a cheat as she was already wearing this lovely Vintage Sasha set but it is just the right colour range I am using so she's in.

Then we have Nancy my FCP Sasha, she was delighted to finally get out of the clothes she's been wearing since Christmas. She is wearing a dress by Olive aka Hagnolly and a bolero by my sister Michelle.

Next we have Paige my dungarees girl, she also was happy to finally get out of the Christmas outfit.
She is wearing one of my favourite smocked dresses by Lesley aka Special delivery, I just love her smocked dresses, wonderful prints and great smocking what more could one ask!
I have teamed this with yellow socks and red sandals by Rosie Bloomfield, the red of the sandals picking out the red in the smocking and flower centres.

Now we have Callie, my red haired Gotz slated eyed girl, in a dress by Ginny of Passion for Sasha , in a green with little kittens on. teamed with
green sandals by Rosie Bloomfield.

Belinda, my 68 single fringe girl, is wearing a lovely white dress by Nadia Vasconi it has a lovely design on the dress but unfortunately the flash appears to have hidden most of it. Sock are by Gill and shoes By Jean Jensen.

Now we have Anastasia in a dress by Ginny of Passion for Sasha, I love this dress which is a new purchase. I have teamed it with blue socks by Gill and white sandals by Jean Jensen, I wanted to use my blue Jj sandals but could I find them?? NO not until I had finished taking all the single photo's!

My Limited edition Velvet's, Violet and Sapphire are wearing matching pinafore dress sets by Olive aka Hagnolly with lovely appliqué fronts. Both are wearing JJ sandals.

Dexter, a tiny eyed 68 Gregor, kingly said he would represent the boys, unfortunately the only single photo I took I auto corrected and it did this to his face!  But you can see his wearing a nice Lemon hoodie by Judith of Dollydoodles, white trousers by Michelle and Jj shoes.

 And for the babies we have Rosie wearing a lovely lemon fleece by Judith of DD and lemon cord dungarees by alexisophie.

Finally all were dressed and ready for photo, I then spend ages trying to get the background in place!
So below is the result , one or two came out ok and could be better, see what you think.

Unfortunately there was not enough room to include the Twins , Violet and Sapphire.

another .


In this shot I manage to get Rosie in

and the final photo.

Well they are all still standing as seen above , so I may try to improve on this photo , I did just suggest to the DH that they looked very nice standing there and I may leave them...He said no! could be to do with the fax his computer is hidden behind the backdrop and he'll need it for work on Tuesday..but there's still Monday.....


Tuesday 26 March 2013


Some of the Bears are sitting waiting for their little misses and master's to come home from school or wake up from their naps.

Gertrude and Amiee are reading a book , while Hugo is trying out a hat !  Edward is having a quick 40 winks and Mossy is daydreaming.

Suddenly Mossy jumps to his feet and staring wildly cries " There a Storm coming!! there's a Storm coming!"
"Who said that?" asks Hugo
" It's Mossy" replies Amiee
Gertrude looks over at Mossy In annoyance " I am trying to read here!"

" Mossy ! Mossy ! " calls Edward loudly " MOSSY WAKE UP!"

"That Bear " says Gertrude quietly to Amiee " Is tuppence short of a shilling"
Amiee nods in agreement.

" If this hat was just a tiny bit smaller it would be perfect" sighs Hugo from the depth's.

"There's a Storm coming " chants Mossy

Then just as quickly as it started Mossy sits back down and looks at Edward in bewilderment
" So " says Edward calmly " when is this Storm coming?"
" What Storm? " asks Mossy confused
" The Storm you just said was coming !"
" I don't know anything about no storms! I hope there's no thunder I do not like thunder!"
"But you said a Storm was coming"
"No Not me !" says Mossy indignantly
Edward gives up.

Suddenly Mossy stares straight ahead and whispers " There's a Storm coming and it's ......ICY"

Saturday 23 March 2013


Kendal asked about the blue boarding at the back of my blog post. Finding a studio space with good light and a nice even surface can be tricky, so most of my posts that have the blue boarding at the back are done in the breakfast area of my kitchen .

I am about to put on a photo that shows the surrounding, so if you do not want to lose the illusion of a little Sasha room you need to stop reading this post and wait for the next!

Yes this is where most of the village life takes place! above the washing machine and tumble dryer next to the boiler and below a shelving unit!!

A closer view showing the board I have placed to the side that blocks the larder cupboard off from the photo's and behind liberty on the right is the coffee machine which is usually blocked by the card box.

You can see where I have moved things onto the shelf above to get them out of the way when doing another post.

This view shows you the larder cupboard with the fireplace moved in front out of way of the 'studio' and the corner of the washing sitting on the kitchen table. The boiler had to be replaced which is why you can see all the pipes, it is still to be boxed in.

I hope this does not effect your view of future posts....

Now to take your mind off the above I thought I would go way off topic and tell you about my Dolls house.
Before I got into Sasha I was into miniature's and doll's houses and I owned a lovely one by Sid Cooke which was part house part store and the store I chose to have was a milliners ! and do you know it's only as  I have just typed this that the connection of that and Hattie's hats have struck me! But there is another which My DH pointed out to me the other day which is that my Milliners was called Anastasia's which is what I have called my NP girl!

Here is a photo of my dolls house, which I no longer have. It was a very big house and when we downsized It had no place to call it's own! So after a couple of years I gave in and sold it and it now lives with a lady in Yorkshire.

The side view showing the 'house' front door.

A glimpse of the hallway and stairs

The inside.

The Attic bedroom and bathroom.

All the beautiful dolls and lovely quality furniture I sold off and then this house. But when I visit a certain person's blog , she follows lots of miniaturists and I have started dipping into their blogs and seeing all the wonderful items and setting that people out there have made and it makes me wish I had kept my house and it's furniture!

Because I love miniatures and things that are small replica's of everyday items, which is why I like finding things for the Sasha's that suit their size.

Well never mind all is not lost , one day I could always get the half finished dolls house that's wrapped up and probably home to a few spider's, that's been stored out in the shed in the garden for the last 6 years......but maybe not yet....

Thursday 21 March 2013


Martha a blonde with a very bad hair cut was sent off to Spain to catch a little sun and have
her hair re rooted by the very talented Jackie Rystrom.

She arrived back at home with Gill yesterday, full of her time in Spain and very happy to now have a lovely
head of hair.

She has the lovely puddle eyes

The back view of her lovely red plaits

She looks lovely in this deep blue coat by Jadzia

She's off to take the baby for a walk and tell her all about her spainish trip.

Fabulous job by Jackie , I may have to send her one of mine to give a new look to!

Hattie! Hattie where are you ??.....

calm down I would never change a hair on Hattie;s head......

Sunday 17 March 2013


Today Hattie decided to go to the the big local garden centre and have a look at all the goodies on offer for Easter. there was so much to chose from.

She loved all the reds, pinks and blues of this display.

" These flowers are nice, I wonder if the twins would like them? "

" What an amazing display " says Hattie

" Mm I wonder if I should get one for home? all those pretty ribbons and eggs dangling from the ceiling, maybe not Toby would only try swinging from them!"

 She stopped to talk to this little Owl and his friends.

" I love this big telephone blackboard and the little post box"

" Oh if only this mini was bigger!"

"This little glass house is sweet " says Hattie getting in for a closer look.

" I wonder why they have put this box tree in a glass dome? I'll ask the Twins when I get back"

" hello!" calls Hattie to the two lambs standing in the display " Are you waiting for someone to buy you?"

" Ignore her ! " Ewen whispers to Bertie " She'll buy you and then I'll be all alone "
So they pretend they cannot hear Hattie , so Hattie shrugs her shoulders and wanders off.

 She finds another much friendlier Lamb on another display and they have a little chat.

"Hey mum ! come and look at this table , It would be great in the garden for the summer..if we get one!"

" These are a pretty colour " says Hattie on the lavender display.

"Oh Mum ! look at all this chocolate!!!" Hattie cannot decide what to buy it all looks so yummy!

She helps mum pick out a couple of pots of primroses and daffodils to buy.

" This would be a good home to put all the Sasha village props " calls Hattie from a very lovely and very expensive summer house, Mum calls back something about having to win lottery to be able to buy it!

" My goodness what a lot of dog's!" exclaims Hattie trying to get round them " they are all over the place "

Back inside Hattie finds another glass house much bigger than the first one she saw.

" look mum , this would be prefect for the twins, it's just the right size "
Mum decides to take Hattie home before there is no room in the car for either of them and no money left to live on!